Ok. Peeps from the world unless you aren't from the world but like that would be interesting Ya….I got this idea from reading The Game of Seduction Peruvian Chick‏ and by PrepGonePunk95 The Move you should seriously read her fanfics their like amazing cept she liked discontinued half of them so ya that sucked….but still. So ya.


I was on a beach with a boy he was a dark figure. Everything was blurry. He looked like really bad and had three scars. I said something then suddenly I swooped down and kissed him on his lips whoa.

I woke up as soon as my mum called me. We all seemed to do that. But before I got up I had a flashback




"Let's go out"


"Cause we can"

Sadly that's all I needed me and that dark figure went for a fly.


(Sorry if I didn't get it right I was doing it from memory and like I now it suck)

I've been having this flashbacks since the moment I set foot in the orphanage where me and my two younger siblings Angel and Zack and I call them Angel and Gazzy. I was Maxine (can anyone think of an awesome last name)or just Max. Our adopted mum had picked out our names and she had thought I needed a better name then just Max so ya.

No one knew what our past was where we came from nothing at all. All we knew was that we were three kids with wings and that some of us had more abilities then others. I walked in to Angel's room to wake her up for her first day of school. Whoop whoop. NOT. She was already ready trying to do her hair. I helped her then went to Gazzy room to.

He was asleep looking like an Angel which we sort of are but what ever. I tried waking him up. That didn't work time for plan B.


Gazzy was instantly awake. For some weird reason he and Angel were sort of scared of erasers strange right.

"Get ready" I ordered him then walked down stairs.

I went down stairs and ate the breakfast my mum had made. When we first came and I tried to cook that was so bad. She was so surprised at how much we could eat. Especially Angel. Angel and Gazzy slowly made their way down stairs. When they saw the breakfast they hurried and made their way down stairs. I hurriedly walked them to school AKA flew em.

After telling them the usual nothing funny no mind games or tricks no bombs same old. How that kid knows how to make bombs beats me. I mean he was like 9 seriously. I flew to my school. I was late. Great. I went and got my schedule from the office. I was trying to find my home room when I bumped into someone sending papers flying.

"This is exactly what I needed" I muttered

When I had gathered all my papers I got up. I finally saw who I had hit. He was a boy with longish black hair. His fringed was messy it flopped in front of one eye. He had on black jeans and a black windbreaker to match it. He was….seemed familiar

"Who are you?" I asked rudely

His response was well… "Anyone you want me t be" (I love that line I'm copywriting u guys can't copy me)

He smiled I looked in his eyes they were so intense and hypnotizing.

"The class you're looking for is over there." He said pointing crap how did I miss it. Handing me my schedule.

I walked into class. This was going to be interesting. I walked to the teacher's desk.

"Class this is our new student…."

"Maxine," I told him "Max for short"

"Be nice and help her if she gets lost. You can sit next to Monique" he said pointing to a black African girl. She had straight curly hair and was wearing clothes…well I would never get caught in. I sat down in the seat next to her near the back great I could talk to her if needed. This was going to be really interesting.

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