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This is set during Eclipse so everything up until now is the same that was in the books. Except Bella's not grounded.

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The Secret's Out

Chapter One

Bella's POV

"Good morning."

I heard the most perfect velvet voice whisper in my ear as my eyes began to open after a night's long slumber.


I replied as a slight blush brushed my cheeks. I couldn't help the smile that broke out on my face. His nose was practically touching mine. Edward moved even closer. My heartbeat began to rapidly increase, as did the red tint on my cheeks. He let out a chuckle and lightly kissed my forehead.

"What shall we do today?" he asked with his eyes locked on mine.

"I don't mind, as long as I'm with you," I replied honestly. A crooked smile stretched across his face and I couldn't help but be dazzled.

"Well…" he began "How about we go for a walk? Or we could stay and do our biology project."

We both laughed as I rolled my eyes at him.

"Okay, a walk it is then," he said through his chuckle. He then picked a curl that was sprawled across my face and placed it back into my mangled knot before caressing my warm cheek with his cool thumb. I blushed again, his smile widened.

I yawned and pulled myself from under the covers. Dragging myself over to my wardrobe, I tried to find something acceptable to go out in public in. I then headed to the bathroom as Edward waited patiently for me.

I washed my face, scrubbed my teeth and tamed my wild hair. How Edward resists not laughing at me every morning I'll never understand. I changed my clothes and sighed. I looked at my reflection. I guess that was the best I could do.

I stalked out of the bathroom to find Edward waiting at the top of the stairs for me. I looked at my watch. It read 10 o'clock so Charlie was definitely gone fishing with Billy.

I walked over to Edward and he took my hand, leading me to the kitchen down the stairs. I wasn't exactly hungry but I knew if I didn't eat now Edward would probably force feed me. I decided to go simple and have corn flakes and some orange juice. I sat at my small table and Edward sat at the other end in the chair Charlie normally sat in. His eyes never left me as I began to eat. Normally if someone was staring at me I would get uncomfortable but I never feel that way with Edward, and when I think about it its only fair as I spend every waking moment staring at him and his glorious perfection too.

To my surprise he chuckled.

"What?" I mumbled through a mouth full of cereal.

"Oh, nothing," he said through a cheeky smile. I continued eating my corn flakes and after a few spoon full's he laughed again.

"What?" I repeated irritated. He smiled.

"Someone seems to be in a bad mood this morning," he teased. I grunted and shoved another spoon full of cereal into my mouth. He chuckled again.

"I'm just a little tired I guess," I replied honestly.

Unexpectedly Edwards smile turned into a frown as he sighed. I could hear his phone vibrate. He pulled his mobile out of his jeans pocket and flipped it open.

"Hello Alice," he said sounding almost frustrated.

"Yes I was… oh okay… I'll see you then," he said as I only heard one side of the conversation. His tone seemed somewhat disappointed. He flipped his phone shut pushing it back into his jean pocket.

"Alice said that she saw us walking through the forest, soaking wet and you lying in bed with a cold all day tomorrow," he said his voice oozing with disappointment.

"Oh, I guess going for a walk is out of the picture then," I replied surprisingly disappointed myself. Though I was glad Alice rang as the last thing I wanted for was for me get a cold. I guess knowing the weather forecast is one of the perks of having a psychic best friend. Then again, it wouldn't take a miracle worker to say that it was going to rain in Forks.

"So what do you want to do instead then?" I asked as I finished my cereal and took a sip of my orange juice.

"Alice had a vision when I was talking to her. She said that we were going to head over to the mansion," he responded.

"Your house it is then. I really don't mind. It will be nice to visit your family again. It feels like ages since I seen them last," I stated as I stood and placed my bowel, spoon and glass into the sink before giving them a quick rinse. Edward chuckled.

"Bella, you spent five hours at my house yesterday," he laughed.

"Oh I know. I just miss them already," I replied, sticking my tongue out mockingly. Edward chuckled again.

"Alright, come on then," he said as he handed me my coat and the house keys. He left the house and I followed locking the front door behind me. It wasn't raining yet but you could tell that the dense clouds were ready to burst.

Since Edward ran to my house last night- as he does every night- we had to take my truck. Much to his disgust. I know to him it was a slow, beat up car, past its sell by date, but I loved the thing.

I drove and the journey seemed quick. We spent the time talking about a new book we had both just read and enjoyed. Before I knew it we were turning into Edward's long driveway. Light drops of rain began to descend upon us. Hitting the windscreen one at a time.

As I parked the car out front, I noticed Alice waiting for us at the front door. She was ecstatically excited. Obviously she saw us coming.

Edward gently took my hand and we made it to the porch before Alice had pulled me into a hug. Her refreshing enthusiasm was one of the reasons why I loved her like a sister.

As we made it inside before the heavens burst upon us, Edward took my coat and we headed for the living room. Esme was curled up in an armchair reading a gardening magazine. Emmett and Jasper were playing cards and Rosalie was flicking through the channels on the TV. It was just a normal, relaxed Sunday morning.

I said hi to everyone routinely. Everyone responded though none were as enthusiastic as Alice who was now sitting beside Jasper being dealt into a new game.

"Where's Carlisle?" Edward inquired, surprised by his absence.

"He's gone to the hospital to drop some paperwork off. He should be back in a few minutes," Esme explained. Edward nodded in response.

"Bella and I will be in my room if anyone wants us," he informed. Everyone registered it but it wasn't the most interesting news they had heard in their lives, it was extremely predictable really.

He turned and headed upstairs. My hand was still gently gripped in Edward's. When we made it to his room he dropped my hand and headed over to his CD player. I walked over and sat on the bed. I had given up complaining about Edward's oversized, unnecessary bed.

Edward put in a CD I didn't recognise and pressed play. He gracefully strolled over to me as the sound of sweeping violins filled the room.

He sat close beside me, placing his hand on top of mine. He looked me in the eyes and leaned forward slowly. I blushed an my heart rate began to increase rapidly. He smirked as he grew closer to me. He closed his eyes. He was going to kiss me. His lips brushed mine lightly before pulling away after about three seconds but it was enough for the butterflies in my stomach to explode.

As he pulled away I couldn't help feel disappointed but I knew he was just being careful with me, holding back so I wouldn't be hurt. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me more onto the bed. We laid contently in each others arms.

We lay in comfortable silence for a few minutes before Edward broke it by asking me what I thought of the CD that was playing. Our conversation continued like that as we lost track of time. We talked about everything and anything. Music, school, books, we were simply enjoying each others company.

I liked when we were like this. Relaxed like an ordinary couple not concentrating on Victoria or on my impending future as a vampire or even the Volturi's threats. We were both happy and it proved why we were in this relationship in the first place.

Edward's grip suddenly became too tight around me. It was uncomfortable. It hurt slightly. He was even growling quietly yet it still sounded furious. Unexpectedly, I heard Alice scream something undecipherable from down stairs.

Before I knew it I was on Edward's back and he was running at full speed. We landed in the living room. Everyone was gathered and Carlisle was back from the hospital. I couldn't see what made Edward or Alice react the way they did. Until I realised everyone was circle around her. I assumed Alice had a vision and due to Edward's mind reading ability he was the only one of us who knew what she saw.

Everyone was serious and on guard waiting for her to tell them what she saw. Edward let go of me before quickly running over to Alice's side.

"Alice, are you sure? Is that all you saw?" Edward asked practically yelling.

Alice simply nodded. Her eyes were wide. She was in shock. What could she have seen that was so awful that she would react like that?

Edward calmed down a little. I assumed it to be because of Jasper. Even I could feel his calm force itself upon me.

"How is that even possible? What about the Volturi?" he asked sounding quite shocked.

"I… I… don't know," she said sounding confused, almost disorientated. "I think you should call the Denalis."

Edward nodded and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He had them on speed dial. I never met the Denalis, the Cullen's extended family, but from what I was told they seemed just as lovely as the Cullen's themselves.

"Hello Kate," he began. "No, sorry, this isn't a casual call… Gather everyone and turn on the Channel Six news."

Bar Alice all the Cullen's including myself our expressions became totally bewildered. Why on earth was he asking them to watch the news?

"Okay thank you… one of us will call you when it's finished," he said before quickly hanging up.

Suddenly Alice grabbed the TV remote and put on Channel Six. The Lunch Time News was showing sports results. I recognised the team names from Charlie giving out yesterday. But why the hell would Charlie's football team losing be so important.

Everyone was now gathered around the TV. Edward pulled me to the couch where Alice and Jasper were already sitting as everyone else stood staring at the TV.

Abruptly the sport report finished and even though I knew nothing about sports I knew It wasn't finished yet. The words 'Emergency news bulletin' flashed across the screen. Edward froze beside me as the news anchor began to speak.

"Sorry to interrupt the sports bulletin but this is an emergency report. As you know the past weeks the murder rate has raised considerably in Seattle. Quickly making it one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. The culprits behind these killings are unknown and due to the fact the victims were in no way related physically or otherwise a serial murderer was ruled out. But now we have the world exclusive here at Channel Six. Here's reporter Gale Stevens live from Seattle prison."

Everyone's undivided attention was on the news report playing out in front of us as they cut to an over groomed reporter.

"We all have heard the fairytales, folklore and myths over the generations but what I'm about to reveal to you will shatter your belief systems entirely. Yes, the murders here in Seattle have been gruesome, but now we have an explanation and though it might sound unbelievable you heard it here first on Channel Six."

My heart began to race. The reporter walked passed some armed guards and entered a prison cell. Her microphone, held ready for action.

I gasped. Victoria of all people was sat at the table at the other end of the room. She was handcuffed but surly that wouldn't hold her. All the Cullens simultaneously growled. The reporter began to continue.

"In all my years as a journalist I've never experienced anything like this. This woman you see sitting before you is no ordinary woman. Not only is she claiming to be single-handedly responsible for the recent killings she's… well let her tell you for your self."

She placed the microphone in front of Victoria. I never heard Victoria speak before. She paused before saying anything.

"I'm a vampire," she stated simply yet coldly with a child like voice that didn't suit her fierce appearance.

My jaw dropped. Did she just blow the secret of vampires on national television? The reporter pulled the microphone away from her and nodded beginning to speak again.

"Ladies and gentlemen of America… no, the world! Vampires exist. This is no joke and is completely true."

The camera zoomed in on Victoria. I wonder why she was staying calmly captive for them.

"See her eyes," the reporter began. "They're a scarlet red. Her skin is pale and I can tell you- ice cold. For those of you who still don't believe her skin is also impenetrable."

The reporter paused as she picked up a sharp knife. She showed it to the camera to prove it was real I assumed and then she handed it to a tall policeman to her left. He stepped towards Victoria and slammed the knife into her hand placed flat on the table. Normally if they did that to someone the sight would have been gruesome. But not with a vampire. The knife smashed into pieces against Victoria's unbreakable, rock hard skin. Each piece of stainless steel that now lay on the table proved the reality of vampires to the world.

"Remember, you've seen this here first and exclusive. Tune in tomorrow when we will broadcast the first live interview ever with a vampire. I'm Gale Stevens and your watching Channel Six Lunch Time News. Back to studio."

Oh crap. This isn't good…