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I know it's been a very long time but instead of nothing hare's a quick short chapter. Its rubbish but I hope you enjoy. God only knows when I'll update again but hopefully it will be soon.

Also I hope everyone enjoyed Breaking Dawn part 1. I saw it last week :D

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Chapter 15

Bella's POV

"No…No…No…" I chanted as I frantically balled my eyes out and tried to reassemble my shambles of a phone. I sincerely hated myself right now, resenting my clumsiness. Typical Bella Swan strikes again.

As soon as my phone was up and running again I went straight to my call history to redial. I can't believe I just ruined an opportunity to talk to Edward and what frustrated me almost just as much was the fact the number he rang me on was now busy. So that was it. I couldn't do anything but wallow in my self loathing. No change there I guess.

However the phone call got me thinking. Edward was in the top security cell in the prison. I should know, I was there to witness it and also to witness how awful they were treating him. So how after all that how did he get his hands on a phone? Maybe they gave him that token phone call they give people in the movies. My heart fluttered at the thought that he chose me over everyone else. I kept trying to call him back and either the line was busy or I just for whatever reason I couldn't get through. I gave up after an hour mainly because my credit ran out. But after that I stared at my phone for probably far too long waiting to see if he'd call me back.

He never did…

It was passed midnight and after two long games of snake I finally gave up and nodded off to sleep. Not without first leaving my phone in the prime position next to me on my locker. I even put it on loud to make sure it would wake me up if it went off again.

Startled I woke with a fright, pulled from a naughty but hazy dream about my other half. I looked at the caller ID and my heart sprung into a gallop. It came to an unsure halt though as the number was blocked. Glancing quickly at the time it read 4:36.

"Oh my God! Edward is that you?" I answered, breathless. I felt like I was going to explode with countless emotions. I had to remind myself to breath, a common occurrence around my bronze haired lover. However this was when things got weird. There was no response. Only heavy breathing.

"Edward?" I questioned confused. It was definitely him who rang me last time as I'd recognize that voice a million miles away.

"Edward?" I repeated. I was beginning to get really creeped out, finally though I got a response.

"Bella Swan…" a deep, foreboding, unrecognizable voice snarled. Something clicked in me and it was fear.

"Who is this?" I demanded practically terrified.

"You're a disgusting freak!" I heard screamed down the line. I was in shock, frightened even and worse speechless.

"You're sick, vile. You don't deserve to live!…"

"You're disgusting! You're just like those freaks. You deserve the punishment you'll get burning in hell," the screeching man continued. I was frozen, unable to react. I couldn't even as much call my dad, who is a police man I might add.

"Better yet I'm going to burn you alive," he threatened.

"I'm going to burn your house down and kill you and all you're sick vampire, murdering monsters you call family and I'll-."

I hung up the phone. I couldn't take anymore. I was stunned. It took me a while to figure out that I was crying my eyes out and I was quivering in fear. Limply I dropped my diseased phone on my bed in front of me.

"Dad…" I eventually managed to coke out.

"Dad!" I then yelled loud enough so he could hear me.

"Dad!" I tried again. I was knelling on my bed, practically hysterical as Charlie burst through the door. He looked exhausted. I'd obviously just woke him up. He was in a old t-shirt and boxers. He practically ran across the room.

"Bella! Are you okay?" he asked frantically as he wrapped his arms protectively around me.

"What happened?"

I cried for a few moments before I could build enough strength to calm myself down.

"I… there was… someone… my phone. Someone rang my mobile. I don't know who it was. They threatened me. He said he'd kill me, kill the Cullen's," I divulged just barely. Charlie was taken aback. I could tell he didn't quite know how to deal with the situation. That and the hysterical teenage girl sat in front of him probably had him a bit stumped too.

"Okay hold on," he said letting go of me and getting off my bed.

"Would you like a glass of water or anything?" he asked as he was leaving the room. I accepted the offer.

I could hear Charlie walk around the house as first I heard his bedroom door open and close, then he began going down stairs. To get me my water I assumed. While he was gone I got out of the bed and rooted through the drawer of my desk. I remembered I left a packet of tissues in there after my last head cold and jackpot I was right. I began wiping my tears away as I began to calm down, taking deep breaths and getting back under my warm blankets. As I sat up in the bed I could see my phone glaring at me.

I picked it up and opened the call history. The number that just called me was blocked so dead end there but the number that called me earlier before I went to sleep wasn't so maybe that still was Edward who called me then. I was then hit by a wave of confusion.

Was it really Edward? Why did he call me? How did he get his hands on a phone? Will he call me again?

Then who was that man who rang me in the middle of the night threatening me? What does he want? What will he do? Will he call again? Were his threats serious?

Are these two phone calls connected?

Charlie finally returned with a large glass full of water and his notebook. It was the one he used for work.

"Here you go," he said as he handed me my glass. It might have only been a couple of simple words but I could hear the worry and affection they were laced with. I gulped down the water. It was as if I was dehydrated.

"Are you feeling okay?" he asked as he sat on my bed.

"Better, considering. It was just a shock to my system. I'll be okay. Sorry I woke you," I apologized.

"It's fine Bella though would you mind if I asked you a few questions and take notes? We can wait until the morning or if you're up for it now, while its fresh on your mind that's okay too. It's up to you and if you're able for it," he requested. I just nodded positively. He opened his notebook and began scribbling the date and time. He was in policeman mode right now. It was weird to see. He was only trying to help though.

"I don't want to cross a line or push you too hard but just try and remember as much as you can. I might be suspended but that won't stop me from going down to the station filing a police report in the morning," he added.

I then just told him all I could. I even held myself together while I did it. I also told him about Edward calling me too. He rolled his eyes at me when I told him I dropped the phone. Charlie then wrote down the information off the phone like call time and length and so on. He said the number that was supposedly Edward was a Seattle landline from the area code and Edward was in Seattle prison so that's one clue to prove that it was him. Either way I still don't know for sure but I hope it was him anyway.

We then took the sim and battery out of my phone. So one else would get through to me to threaten me. We planned that we both would pick up a new sim cards tomorrow and call our landline provider to have that number changed too. Though changing our numbers was the right and best thing to do, it did worry me though like would Edward, Jacob and the Cullen's be able to contact us. I decided to worry about that later. First we rang my mom.

It went straight to voice message thankfully. That meant her phone was off and we won't wake her up or worry her. We left a voicemail saying that she should probably change her number too and about everything else that happened and to be careful. Also it was just to explain why my phone would be off so she wouldn't throw a fit when she inevitably wouldn't be able to get through to me.

Soon dad wandered back off to bed. I groaned when I looked at the time. It was just after 6am. I was exhausted and I would have to get up in a couple of hours.

I tried to not think about anything, clear my head as I eventually drifted back off to sleep.

"Morning," Charlie greeted as I entered the kitchen. I headed straight for the coffee.

"Did you sleep okay… after… you know?" he questioned tentatively. I was tempted to look up at him and glower, saying 'what the hell do you think' but I edited for politeness. Instead I just nodded glumly. I think the exhausted bags under my eyes gave all the answers away. And even if the phone call didn't happen considering everything else that's happened in my messed up, grieving life I wouldn't of had a great night sleep anyway.

We slipped into silence as I nibbled a cold piece of toast washing it down with an amazing cup of warm coffee.

"I hope Renée is doing okay at the hotel," Charlie started out of nowhere, probably trying to get a conversation going. I felt bad about my lack of enthusiasm when I responded with just a few mumbles but I was too depressed and exhausted to even think let alone converse like a normal human being.

Soon though we had our day underway after escaping the clutches of my paparazzi captured house. We drove towards the town and our first stop was the high school and the meeting with my principle, or rather my former one. Then we had some errands to run and as well as filing the police report. Once again I tried not to think about things as we drove silently to my school.

I felt like vomiting when I saw the car park entrance to the high school. I really had no idea about what was going to happen, what was going to be said to me.

My nerves and fear churned in my stomach as we drove onto the campus. It was as if my dad was apprehensive as he moved his squad car along. I fixed my hair in the mirror and put on my jacket, ready for the bombardment of stares, whispers and taunts I was no doubt about to receive.

I held my breath as I began to step out of the car.