Chadpay story....theres not many that are full stories that last more than a chapter lol so thought i would write one....cheer up my depressing life lol its my first story on here so hope i dont mess up too much....anyway on with the story!

Sharpays new at East High and all round ice queen....Ryan is still the assistant. Chad is Troys sidekick and hates it so when Sharpay arrives and gets instant popularity (mainly because everyone scared) does Chad stay with Troy or pick popularity...and is it all about popularity?

Ryans View.

First day of new school...all because everybody turned against Sharpay at our old school....not as if its her fault though I mean did Josh honestly think he could try drug her drink....what she did was self-defence....kind of.

But now here I am waiting in the car for Sharpay to arrive....theres NO way that she is going to be popular here....surely shes learnt her lesson and I just got to help her by keeping her secret. I wonder what this new school is like....we played them in a game of basketball once and they beat us big time....just hope they dont recognise us or they could easily find out about Sharpay and Josh.

Nobodys View.

Sharpay came out of the house in a short pink skirt with knee high pink boots and a pink glittery top. Her hair down with slight curls in it. A bit more open than her brother who was just wearing jeans and a black top (i know totally not Ryan but he dont want attention).

"I thought we agreed to be a little more descreet at this school Sharpay, keep a low profile!"

"No Ryan you said that"

"After what happened at our old school you still want all the attention"

"No Ryan but I dont want to feel I have the hide who I am, trust me I wont be like I was before....Im a new Sharpay!"

With that she drove to their new school.


Chad was sat with all his classmates...including all round hottie (to the girls obviously) Troy Bolton....he annoyed Chad so much living up all the popularity....Chad was just as good of a basketball player as Troy,,,,maybe better.....he was just as good looking as Troy....yet again maybe better....but it was Troy who got all the attention. Maybe it was the fact he was more open with girls....Chad couldnt be like Troy and blantenly flirt with everybody infront of his girlfriend. Chad had respect for his girlfriend Taylor.....yeah he wasnt that in love with Taylor but she was Gabriellas best friend who was going out with Troy so him being Troys best friend it just made sense for him and Taylor to be together. Taylor didnt know he felt like this and neither did Troy.,,but besides there was nobody else for Chad to spend his time with so he might as well spend it with Taylor who was always begging for him, she loved him off big time and would do anything she could to get his attention and make him feel special.

"Yo Chad you coming?" Troy was standing a bit away now....he must have been shouting Chad for a while....Chad grabbed Taylors hand and followed Troy and Gabby to homeroom. Yet again they had Mrs Darbus.....she was completely insane but entertaining in a weird way. Chad went straight to the back with Troy while Gabby and Taylor sat at the the good girls they are.

Troy was going on about sometime but Chad really wasnt paying attention he was too busy doodling over his books. Just then Troy nudged him and Chad looked up at the door to see the most beautiful girl come in...followed by some guy.

Sharpay saw everybody stare when she walked much for keeping out the way, her and Ryan walked over to Mrs Darbus.

"Hi, Im Sharpay Evans and this is my brother Ryan...were new"

"Hello Sharpay and Ryan welcome to East High why dont you both take your seats and we will get started"

With that Sharpay and Ryan took the two last available seats....Ryan next to Taylor and Martha, Sharpay next to Troy and Jason. Troy smiled over at Sharpay....his award winning smile and she looked at him with a raised eyebrow...."That meant to be your cute smile?"

Boy this was going to be a long day if all the guys she came across were like him......

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