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To Uzumaki Naruto, time stood still, he could feel the effects of the five pronged seal eating away at his abdomen, where the seal of the nine tails was located. Now that his connection with the fox was messed up, Naruto looked at Orochimaru closely in the eye and said,

"Your stupid jutsu just made me flinch…" With that, he smirked and gave a vicious kick at the snake man's chin, forcing him to fly back, by the force flipping him in mid air, Naruto didn't stop there and continued to pursue the man, with speeds that didn't seem attainable by the blonde shinobi at first, he looked like a blur of orange with that much velocity covering him. He appeared just above the snake man and planted his fist right over his face forcing him to crash down on the forest floor below. Naruto soon gathered strange blue energy from his right hand and rolled down towards the floor gathering momentum, as soon as he was close enough, his right hand that gathered the dense blue energy ignited in flames as it surrounded the blonde's right hand with a thundering motion, he drove the burning fist straight at Orochimaru

"Nenshouken! (Burning Fist)"

The crater Orochimaru was in expanded, the ground gave away from the force of the impact making it larger and deeper. As soon as Naruto stood up, he jumped back and a visible dark blue energy was surrounding him, it looked like it was steaming out of the blonde. Naruto then gathered it at the palm of his hand, reducing it at the size of two twin orbs fitting snugly in his palm, he immediately pushed the orbs of energy down creating two huge beams of pure energy, engulfing the crater in a greater quantity of smoke and dust.

As the dust cleared, the organic mask that Orochimaru wore started to peel off, showing a paler complexion underneath it.

"That ability…" Orochimaru uttered as Naruto then concentrated the energy back into himself, increasing his speed and strength, he dashed down in a blur that even Orochimaru had trouble keeping up.

Naruto was already on him, with energy gathered at both his left hand and right foot.

"Kuuretsuken! (Air Rapid Punch)" In a blur of motion, Orochimaru could see Naruto's left hand seemed like to multiply pounding him one after another, Naruto then turned around giving Orochimaru a powerful kick sending him flying once again,

"Shippu Kyaku! (Storm Leg)" Said Naruto and a powerful crescent wave from Naruto's right foot. It tore through trees as it sped towards the snake Sannin. The Sannin grunted and gathered enough chakra to his feet as he jumped. Narrowly evading the strange technique, Naruto was already top on him, with that strange energy still activating…

"I knew it wasn't extinct…" Orochimaru chuckled silently, as he watched the blonde gather the energy from both his hands and clasped them together above his head, he shouted the name of the technique

"Kanadzuchi! (Hammer)" Said Naruto as he pounded Orochimaru who barely managed to get away by his special Kawarimi.

The piece of log was smashed to splinters, blowing it apart by the strange energy Naruto had, in a moment of weakness, a sword suddenly skyrocketed up towards Naruto's abdomen, piercing him and pushing him upwards, finally stopping at a thick branch, Naruto watched in shock as he felt his body go limp, something in his stomach was spreading throughout…

"I never would have thought that of all the possible people, you had that Kekei Genkai within you… Uzumaki Naruto…" Orochimaru said, Sasuke and Sakura widened their eyes in surprise,

"What?" Asked Sasuke, looking at Orochimaru and then to the pinned blonde on the canopy above, Orochimaru laughed ominously and said,

"Wielder of the ancient Kekei Genkai… Sasayaki no Ryuusui (The Flowing Water's Whisperings)" Orochimaru said as he let his tongue uncoil from the hilt of his sword, Kusanagi

"The ability to use energy and covert to aura of any form in battle with minimal chakra use as possible… The ultimate Taijutsu form… Such a rare gift…" Said Orochimaru as he then stretched his leg up directly to stare at Naruto's shocked expression, he looked at the boy eye to eye.

"A shame that I have no use of you, your ability would have been a great asset in my army…" He said but Naruto replied spat blood at him, his vision was getting blurry, his body was feeling limp and his heart was slowly stopping, he could feel the poison of the Kusanagi flowing into his veins, but he managed to reply to Orochimaru with a smirk

"F-Fuck you… Hebi-teme…" Naruto said as his head fell, Orochimaru distastefully grabbed Kusanagi by the handle and pulled it out from Naruto's stomach. The blonde fell from the treetops headfirst, not even much as a reaction from him as he fell down to the ground, his head hitting first.


Then, darkness claimed him…

Naruto's Psyche:

Naruto calmly walked the dim lit paths of the inner thoughts of his mind, as he stepped on the cobblestones of the sewers, he turned to his left and saw the giant cage of the Kyuubi no Youko.

He stared at it with only an unreadable reaction and said, "What are you calling me here for again, furball?"

"Say that again and I will personally see to it that I chew you from the insides once I'm out."

The creature that told the threat appeared from the cage, the only thing that can be seen from it were the blood red eyes and the sharp unruly fangs curved into a sinister smile.

"Your threats mean nothing, what are you going to mouth off now?" Asked the blonde, obviously not intimidated by the Nine Tailed Fox

"The fact that you were beaten up by that pretentious snake lover! I could not understand how he beat you! Why are you this weak!?"

"Here we go again…" Naruto said letting the fox rant on about how he can level mountains with a mere wisp of his tail, how undeserving of the treatment Naruto gets even though he still does so anyway just for him to live. To Naruto, it was the same old rant that got extremely tiring the first five times it was said, so the best thing he did was let the ramblings go from one ear and go out from the other one. Meaning, he would not listen to this two hour filled lecture again.

"Are you even listening!?" The Kyuubi griped, Naruto merely nodded absentmindedly and let him continue…

Two hours passed and Naruto was getting bored, he sat near the cage and began meditating

"If I were you I would focus more on the augmenting aspects of your bloodline."

"Isn't that what I'm doing?" Asked Naruto as he then let the flow of his chakra go to his center,

"You still haven't seen the full potential of that bloodline of yours, Sasayaki no Ryuusui as the name implies must move with the flow, it's malleable in a sense that it can be molded into different forms. Forming your aura and manipulating it is easy, letting the aura change its form in response to your emotions is another, augmenting it in you is the real ability the Kenkei Genkai is known for. Your Bloodline limit literally can transform you."

"Don't you think I know that? Augmenting my status combined with the Aura is difficult, only Alpha users were known to have done it, I can't possibly access that style this early in my career."

"What about your clones then? Don't they give you double the experience once you dispelled them?" The Kyuubi asked,

Somehow, in a surge of brilliance and understanding, Naruto felt like face palming himself for that little factor.

"Ha! You mean you haven't realized that potential yet!? Don't forget your clones have the same ability as you do! Learning to augment your aura with your clones is definitely a match made in heaven for spammers like you!" To this, the Kyuubi grunted in triumph, Naruto merely countered with a well placed 'shut up'.

"Smooth, kit, real smooth" Was the fox's reply, Kyuubi one, Naruto zero.

Two Days later:

Sakura had been diligently guarding her teammates, she didn't know how grave the situation she was in until both her teammates went down for the count. Sasuke was having a very high fever as of late and Naruto had a seizure just this morning, which Sakura knew for a fact that it was prior to the head injury that the blonde had sustained, although she was glad Naruto was still breathing after that as not too many people survive falling to the ground head first, she was intrigued just how lucky the blonde was, that or there was something behind Naruto's resiliency and the fact that the stab wound in his abdomen nor the poison in his body didn't manage to kill him.

It wondered the pink haired teammate as she stared at the blonde, who was showing feelings of discomfort in his sleep moaning and sweating,

'Must be having a nightmare…' Thought Sakura as the blonde woke up abruptly, he panted heavily and cold beads of sweat poured from his forehead…

"Where am I? How long was I out?" Asked the blonde, Sakura replied to him accordingly,

"You're safe for now, you and Sasuke-kun were out of it for the last two days, I had to take you out of action for a while."

"Damn it! Because of that I was forced to reveal it! Damn that snake!" Naruto mentioned, getting up but he soon found himself on the ground again, that fall must have done a number on him as he felt nauseous.

"Too… Dizzy…" Naruto said this time, he got up, but slower. He tried to level his head for a moment and after a while, he could feel that he was ambulatory again, he let go of the hollow wall of the tree that served as his support and walked away from the sight, but not before unfurling a scroll, and then biting his thumb, inscribing the said scroll with multiple seals and then finally grabbing an ink and then doing the same thing again, he then wrapped it up, took another scroll and then gave both to Sakura.

"The first one is a Jutsu Scroll called, Tachikaze (Severing Wind).A weapon made with chakra seals that stored up a ton of my chakra, it's a simple nodachi in nature, but unlocking the seals makes it special. The second is a reverse summoning scroll, if there's a problem here you can't solve, just spread some of your blood on this sheet of paper and apply the chakra." Naruto stretched his legs for a bit to let it warm up

"Where are you going, Naruto?" Asked Sakura

"To go look for some scrolls." With that, Naruto let the dark blue energy surround him once again and absorbed it, vanishing from Sakura's view to nothing but a blur.

Naruto though, found it impossible to face Sasuke right now, what being his anger over the Uchiha about giving up the scroll to the enemy that gave no guarantee to let them live. It made him grit his teeth.

Sakura meanwhile diligently guarded the febrile Sasuke, who was showing facial grimace in his sleep, Sakura couldn't help but worry.

Naruto was out for the moment, trying to reclaim the lost honour he had by obtaining a scroll, to which Sakura would wish that the blonde would stop, it felt like he was abandoning them. But the stuff that he gave her somehow slightly reassured her of his concern to the team. And it also showed how much she did not know about Naruto.

This Naruto showed the ability to use Fuinjutsu (Sealing Arts). Since being together with the team, Naruto showed no ability whatsoever in that field of knowledge.

This Naruto showed tremendous Taijutsu ability. Sakura knew that Naruto was more of a Ninjutsu fighter, opting to spam and make do with the Shadow Clone Technique, rather than do one jutsu at a time, like Sasuke. Naruto never showed excellent Taijutsu forms, for all he's worth, Naruto was more of a street brawler than an orthodox fighter preferring balls to the wall movements rather than subtle changes that left no openings.

So it made Sakura wonder about the blonde teammate, just what was more that is he hiding?

With Naruto:

He was jumping from treetop to treetop, keeping in mind of his stealth abilities, letting himself bask in his aura bloodline, it made an imaginary circle around him, engulfing him silently as too mix his presence in the environment.

A common trick that many people fall for was an overwhelming sense of safety and security, even the most alert of shinobi can let down their guard once they feel that nothing's going to happen to them, it made them BLISSFULLY unaware. So Naruto took advantage of that human weakness with his ability, letting the serene aura coat the inner killing intent that held inside it, like a cocoon for a poisonous moth. It would be his most devastating weapon.

Naruto immediately stopped once he saw team eight hiding behind the bushes with them viewing the Sand Genin with the gourd, viciously destroy and tear his enemies apart.

"Let's go Gaara, we need to get to the tower as soon as possible." Mentioned the one that wore the hat

"NO! Mother still wants more blood…" Gaara said, as he turned his head into the bushes that kept team eight hidden

Gaara made a sinister smile.

Hinata shuddered under the boy's malicious smile, she was scared when he raised his hands slowly and sand began to follow its motion, Kiba broke her from fear,

"Let's get out of here… Now!" Said Kiba, but Shino remained calm

"There is no use, he has already discovered us, at least one of us has to stay behind and let the others know for back up, I'll stay here as I am the only one that can withstand against a person like him." Said Shino, the Aburame raised had let the movement of his destruction bugs commence. Flowing out of the holes from his body, the swarm started to surround the area above his head

"Go!" He commanded but Gaara was quick to react.

The sand loomed from the gourd of Gaara's back as it began to form like an ash cloud, moving formlessly in midair, with a quick glance over to the two running genin, Gaara quickly reacted and yelled,

"Like you'll get away!" His sand immediately whiplashed towards the two genins.

Naruto gritted his teeth as he clasped his hands together and formed the middle index cross…

As soon as the sand lashed out, Shino was quick to react and repelled the wave of particles by covering the area around him with bugs, however, somehow, Shino knew it wouldn't be enough, but to his saving grace, a myriad of intense white beams of light penetrated around the area of the sand user, it tore through the sand like paper and watch as the stunned Genin looked surprised, who had saved them?

"I knew you were trouble the moment you slipped under Sasuke's guard…" The voice mentioned, Gaara turned his head around to find a sign of this new assailant, until he felt a powerful force on his cheek forcing him to fly back.

The attacker managed to slip through his Suna no Tate and Suna no Yoroi that easily!

"WHAT!?" Kankurou yelled in surprise, never had he thought that the armour of sand could be penetrated by a leaf nin, a genin no less!

"You try killing these guys and I'll make sure you live with a tube on your throat for the rest of your life!" The assailant yelled, Gaara looked on at the blonde, who stood before him, his right hand still balled into a fist.

"It's that obnoxious brat three days ago!" Said Kankurou, Naruto merely scoffed and replied

"yeah and what up to you make up boy. As you can see, your deranged teammate over there is trying to kill one of my friends." Naruto pointed to Gaara, the red head gave a disturbed smile and then said,

"What's your name?" Gaara asked, tilting his head, Naruto replied,

"Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto then cracked his fists and then said to the red head

"Sabaku no Gaara…"

"That's a fitting name for your technique, mind showing it to me? Or is it that specific technique is only reserved for Ichibi's Jinchuuriki?"

To this Kankurou and Temari flinched, Naruto merely grinned at his statement,

"I can tell by the marking on his eyes and the sand that he controls that he's the host to Ichibi no Shukaku." He pointed to Gaara who frowned at his deduction, Naruto had been point on

"So what if you know?" Gaara uttered, sand began to rise around him and then above Naruto who merely stared Gaara at the eye.

"It isn't as if you could take me down with that information!" Gaara yelled, a smile etched across his demented face, the sand pouring down on the blonde, compressing to thin, long and sharp stakes

"Sabaku Kasui (Desert Spikes)" Gaara then swung his hands down and crossed each arm, and a rain of Desert spikes descended on the blonde, Naruto looked up and then towards Gaara, Blue energy seeping out of him and into his right hand cradling it with his left, he concentrated thoroughly and opened his eyes, sparks of lightning became visible around the blonde balling his hand into a fist, a loud screeching sound could be heard as the lightning tour through the sand that was attacking him

"It's not that I know about you that I could bring you down…" Said Naruto as he raised his right fist up and a powerful discharge of lightning escaped from him,

"It's the knowledge that I gained that I am able to communicate with you without problem! Because kindred souls are fated to understand one another! Raikouken! (Lightning Fist)" Naruto said running towards Gaara at blinding speeds, Gaara's Suna no Tate immediately reacted to the oncoming attack as it made a sphere around the red head. But Naruto's technique being lightning in Nature, made it very hard for the earth based sand to protect him. The technique tore Naruto's right sleeve as it ate away at the sand shield, the sphere turned to glass and shattered from the high temperature of the lightning, but unlikely enough, Naruto's arm remained intact whereas it would normally melt down. The one encased in the glass was fine as well, except for the bruise on his cheek.

"Damn! That's another jacket I won't be able to use again!" The blonde mentioned, he then tore his other sleeve to make it match, now his black elbow length sleeved T-Shirt overlapped the jacket's.

He then unzipped the jacket to let the spiral ornament of the hem of his black shirt flow freely, he then viewed the red head that got up and said, "As one of the nine, you understand it, right?"

Shino had to wonder, was Naruto a member of this so called, "Nine"?

"A jinchuuriki shall never bear love." Gaara recited, Naruto then continued,

"A jinchuuriki shall never know tears." This time both continued

"And a Jinchuuriki shall never find solace even in death."

Gaara then felt his eyelids drop. In fear of Shukaku taking over, the red head, immediately opened his eyes and then saw the one tail Shukaku trashing about in his cage, a chain and a collar reminding him of his status as a sealed object.

"How did you know about the creed of the Jinchuuriki?" The one tail asked, bellowing at the child in front of him

"The Jinchuuriki from Konoha… His chakra… It felt as if it resonated with mine…" Said Gaara, looking at his hands. The one tail looked surprised at first but then realized in understanding about the person that the one tail spoke

"Only a selected few can do that… But then even I thought that those people were wiped out. It seems that even demons can make mistakes." Mentioned Shukaku

Outside, Naruto looked at the expression that the Red head had, it looked like Gaara was in a trance, his eyes were up but his iris were covered by his eyelids, signifying his conversation with the one tail. The sudden fluctuation of Youki was proof of that.

"Access the true ability of the bijuu, the giver of all Bloodline limits!" Naruto said and chakra seemed to pour out of Gaara, but Naruto became suddenly aware as if nothing was going right about the ritual, as to his surprise, the gourd from Gaara's back began to disintegrate back to sand and then surround the red head's right hand, a large claw like hand appeared and a formless tail began to form.

"Shit! It's trying to fuse!" Naruto reacted quickly, grabbing one of his trusty scrolls and unfurled it, biting his thumb, he brandished the scroll and slid his bleeding thumb on the scroll immediately performing a large seal on the ground,

"Fuinjutsu: Jakuu Hoin! (Evil Void Sealing)"

Naruto clasped his hands together, and the chakra began swirling around the gigantic seal on the ground, Gaara trashed and screamed as he felt his chakra and the tailed beast's being suppressed back to him, as he felt the chakra leaking coming to a close, Naruto sighed in relief as Gaara fell on the floor, unconscious.

"The seal must have been faulty." Said Naruto as he was about to approach the unconscious Suna nin, he had heard of faulty seals on Jinchuuriki, mostly by the cause of the sealer and the sealed, Jinchuuriki were considered super weapons, a mishandling of the sealing ceremony would be devastating to the village they come from.

Which was why many would consider them more of a dangerous liability rather than a valuable asset.

'I hate this kind of feeling!' Naruto thought disdainfully as he bawled his hands into a fist, trying to control his inner rage.

The way people were treated like they were monsters, the way they shun people who had no control over their lives, the way they discriminate others of no wrong doings. It made him sick

"Indeed, who truly is more of a demon? Us who were created by the miasma of your chakra or humans who have shunned, despised and killed their own kind? I wonder…"

The Kyuubi chuckled darkly in his cage until Naruto mentioned him to shut up, Naruto knelt in front of Gaara to help him up but was stopped when he had felt the presence of the ANBU around him,

"Uzumaki-san, that chakra we felt… Was it yours?"

The one in the tiger mask asked, Naruto replied calmly, "Don't worry, the seal's intact, but the one from sand…"

Naruto then turned his head back to the red headed Jinchuuriki, the first that he has met.

"If Suna will display and represent their village with their Jinchuuriki, then I shall do so with mine. Tora-san, tell the old man that everything's alright and that I've decided to use ' it' in the exams." Said Naruto, the ANBU merely nodded and jumped away.

"As for you two…" Naruto then turned looked at the two still able ninjas from the sand. Temari placed a scroll on the ground, it was an earth scroll.

"We don't want a confrontation as of now, so as a tribute, I'm leaving you with an extra scroll we have when we encountered one team from Ame, take it. It's yours." Temari said, Kankurou had to grit his teeth and nod, if there was someone that could defeat Gaara, then most likely he would let the person had their way. He had no other choice.

Naruto took the heaven scroll with his left hand and turned his back. He then said to the two, "You know what the two of us were talking about earlier right?"

The two nodded and Naruto asked, "Tell me, who are you to Gaara?"

Temari looked at the blonde and then replied, "His siblings…"

Naruto thought about it in melancholy and then bowed his head, to some degree, he was jealous, "I see… Siblings… Out of the bad luck he's receiving… I guess he's always had a ray of hope close to him… I'm a bit jealous…"

Naruto voiced out, and immediately he walked with team eight and said, "Okay, you guys, come along with me for a moment, I can see that you three are exhausted, I can trust you in letting you into our hideout. But in return you must protect our downed teammate for a while till he recovers."

Shino had to readjust his sunglasses, a bargain for a service? No wonder it was too good to be true for the blonde to save them.

But if it weren't for Naruto, they would have all been dead. Dead from the sand of the Red Headed Genin from Suna.

"Very well, as team leader, I accept, but be advised that once Sasuke awakens, we shall take our leave."

Kiba protested though,

"Hey! Who said you were team leader!? And why do we have to agree with Naruto's bargain for that matter!?" Asked Kiba, Shino replied with his stoic voice

"For your first, it is because I am the most level headed and logical thinker of the team, for your second, because if not for Naruto, even I am not sure of what would happen in that battle." Said Shino, Kiba just stood flabbergasted, Hinata on the other hand, was grateful

She bowed to Naruto and said, "Thank you, Naruto-kun… Y-You saved us…"

Naruto scratched the back of his head though and replied, "Think nothing of it, Hinata, was just doing my job."

Team Seven:

It had been several hours since Naruto left, Sakura had began examining the Nodachi on the scroll and looked at the intricate design for each seal, the Nodachi's handle had was scarlet red, with black letters that Sakura suspected were the seals, peppered on the Nodachi itself, there were five in all, three on the left side of the handle, and two on the right, the blade was ivory white but in the glow of the sun, it shined in blue, the guard was a rare gold, it had the design of a flowing wind, like a sword planted with the small sword itself looking like it was planted straight up to the heavens

"As the name implied…" Sakura muttered, indeed, Tachikaze was the perfect name for it, the Severing Wind.

Sakura stood up, and practiced with the said blade, trying to apply the appropriate amount of chakra on to the blade, Sakura looked at how the blade reacted at the first trial, nothing happened, but when she touched one seal with her fingertips, it began to glow, the one that she touched first, the seal for fire, began to glow a blue light, albeit small.

That was weird; there was a reaction, but nothing too major… Did the chakra she applied not enough? Knowing the old Naruto that she had hung out as a team, it was highly possible. But now, when Naruto showed that attitude of total self reliance and critical thinking, it was not much of impossibility anymore.

'I'm sure he would've put his faith in me if he gave me this, and the other scroll he gave me was a fail safe.'

Sakura then continued to practice more, unaware of the three people silently watching her from a distance.

Team 8:

"Those streams of light that you did back there… What were those?"

That question came from Kiba, Naruto was startled at that question and replied,

"Hijutsu, an ability of mine, few people know it, not even team seven are aware of that fact."

To this he averted his gaze from the Inuzuka. He looked down, and saw that they were nearing camp, as he was about to drop down, an outstretched hand stopped him,

"Stop." Shino mentioned, Naruto frowned,

"Something wrong?" was his question

Shino simply nodded and said, "Intruders."

Naruto then said, "Isn't it more of a possibility that we should appear first?"

Shino adjusted his sunglasses and said, "No, it would be best to remain in the darkness to determine the strength of the enemy, then we strike."

"Ah, so a counter ambush?" Asked Naruto and Shino nodded

"Heh, never doubt Shino about team tactics, the only guy I'll ever trust in battle plans aside from Shikamaru." Said Kiba

Hinata nodded, Naruto looked intently on the ground below


As soon as she saw the tiny squirrel, she had flung the kunai at it, scaring the little critter and running away, it shocked her for a moment, but she was glad she had thrown it, lest the little animal would have triggered her double layered trap.

A few minutes later, three sound genin appeared from the bushes, just as Shino suspected, Naruto was about to jump down, but stopped midway, maybe it was the right time to see Sakura's progress with the weapon he made, the Tachikaze.

"Haven't slept last night had you girl?" Asked the one with the bandage over his face and the sleeves overlapping his arms, he tilted his head to the side and said,

"It doesn't matter anymore because we want to fight Sasuke."

"You people! I know Orochimaru is the one behind controlling the strings, why are you requesting for a fight from Sasuke-kun now!? And what is that weird mark on his neck!?" Asked Sakura

With the word mark, Naruto's attention turned to the Uchiha, from the way chakra was starting to expel from Sasuke, Naruto deduced it quickly, frowning as he did so

"A seal…" Naruto muttered, Shino, Kiba and Hinata looked at him with a shocked expression, Naruto watched as the Oto nin began to dismantle the double layered trap Sakura had set up and then continued

"A mark that is induced by one person with chakra is a seal, that's the basic meaning, depending on the specification of a seal; it can augment and give people an extra set of abilities or could even amplify their physique, increased strength, speed, stamina etc… But a seal is also a double edged sword." Naruto said, as he crouched down and grabbed an empty scroll, he then grabbed a pen that was placed on his left pocket and began writing down countless scribbles and runic words and began to form a circle.

"A seal's primary purpose is to disrupt chakra in any form, making it the nullifying branch of the Shinobi Techs. It also means once placed on the body, the whole chakra system will be in chaos, the flow would be on stasis and activity in alternating moments that it becomes hard to control." Said Naruto finishing the writings on the scroll and then said to his teammates,

"If a seal were to do the opposite, the desired effects would double or triple than that of the normal soldier pill. If that were the case, then the leaking chakra could accelerate the work of cells within the body, causing the body to strain faster than it should be eventually decreasing the person's lifespan." Said Naruto seeing Sakura stand up, holding the Nodachi in a reverse grip and crossed her arms, she applied chakra to the handle of the blade and the five seals glowed, Sakura then touched the top seal on the left side of the handle, the seal of fire.

"Tachikaze… Help me… Please…" Sakura uttered and she was surrounded by a plume of smoke,

Kiba on the other hand was on edge, Naruto still made no move against the three Sound Genin below, the blonde made it prudent to watch for a while and assess the enemies abilities, completely siding with Shino

"So seals are that helpful and damaging to the body, but from what I've heard, there are far more abilities that a seal can do! And how do you know this much about Fuinjutsu anyway? Who taught you?" Asked Kiba

"That's just it; a seal is for storing and releasing anything that the user definitely desires, if you want to release an explosion, the seal converts the chakra into very volatile energy and combusts upon a certain amount of time. It's the basics of the basics in Fuinjutsu that the Gama sennin taught me."

Kiba couldn't believe what he was hearing though; Naruto was trained by Jiraiya of the Sannin! When? More importantly, for how LONG? It didn't seem too noticeable in the academy since they were students of the institution back then, Naruto was well, Naruto!

Hinata on the other hand though, grew her admiration for the blonde; it seemed his hard work was paying off ever since he turned genin.

Shino seemed pleased at the answer of the blonde, even if it was unreadable from him, "I am not surprised now that Naruto has such an excellent knowledge on Fuinjutsu, the best seal master in Konoha taught him."

Down below, the plume of smoke vanished, and out came Sakura, with a gloved hand on her left and the short sword on her right hand,

'That's weird, the glove smells of gun powder and a bit rough, the sword seems slippery as well…'Then it hit her, those components of the seal that she activated were perfect for this case.

Sakura dashed at the three genin, the short sword on the reverse handle, she jumped up and aimed for who seemed to be the leader of the group, she went for a stabbing motion, the one in the middle, the one wrapped in bandages, raised his right arm and a metallic sound could be heard, Sakura immediately jumped back, her footing landing on the bark of a tree, she then assessed her enemies carefully,

'By the looks of it, my speed increased somewhat, I don't know how it happened but it feels it has something to do with the sword.' She carefully climbed down, her enemies were still not moving, although Dosu was surprised by the pink haired girl's sudden speed

'The one in the middle is the close range specialist, the other two, I don't know, but I have to do something about them, they're a team so it must mean that they compliment each other well.' Thought Sakura, as she then finally made her decision, she was going to attack the one with the head and face protector.

Sakura immediately swooped in low, to cut the man's legs, but Zaku was quick to react and jumped, immediately, he set his jutsu in motion and aimed his air holes downwards, point blank range to Sakura.

'Shit…' Sakura only thought as time seemed to slow down, Sakura could only turn her gaze in shock, she was quick enough to get close, but in true combat, she was still far inexperienced…

"Konoha Senpuu! (Leaf Whirlwind)"

Immediately, a swirling green object collided with Zaku, sending him flying back. Zaku gritted his teeth and cursed loudly, someone denied him of his kill!

"I, Rock Lee, will not let you harm Sakura-san! I will protect her with my life!" Said the one in the green jumpsuit. By this time, Naruto stood up and adjusted his former jacket now turned vest.

"You three keep an eye out for Sasuke, I don't know how many more freaks are going after him, but I think I'll be joining the fray as well." Said Naruto who grinned and gave Hinata the newly finished scroll.

"If Sasuke starts to emit a weird chakra, toss it near his area and warn me beforehand." Hinata merely nodded, as Naruto took a deep breath and let the blue energy exit his system, he then gathered the flowing tendrils of energy into one spot, closing his hands together, the blue aura seemed to be vacuumed into one place as it slowly got bigger and bigger. It was time for his best technique to date

"Aura sufi-a! (Aura Sphere)" Naruto yelled, as he vanished in blue light, appearing right beside Dosu, who was surprised as well, the mummy like genin turned his head around, and could see that a large ball of pure chakra slammed into him forcing an explosion and sending him flying across the forest.

Dosu was forced through a thick trunk and was embedded in the rock behind it, Dosu expelled blood from his mouth as the stains in his bandage became visible.

"H-how!?" Zaku wondered when he could see that the pink haired genin was rushing at him like a speeding bullet, Zaku, then rushed to, head first and as Sakura got closer, Zaku prepared his jutsu, before Sakura could get her Nodachi close enough for a swipe, Zaku made a spin move and went past Sakura in a flash, Sakura was surprised as he blasted her with the air pressure from his palms sending crashing on the ground next to the female Oto Nin. Lee was surprised at first, he did not think Sakura would be on the initiative once Naruto appeared, but quickly, he had come and assaulted Zaku with a powerful knee that the Oto Nin simply ducked.

Sakura tried to stand up, as she could feel the full blast of the Air Pressure, her muscles were aching, as was her head that sported a new cut, she was now bleeding on the side of her forehead, the wounds and bruises were becoming prominent. She could feel her pain as she tried to move her fingertips and winced.

Then she felt a strong tug on her hair, she was hoisted up and she winced,

"Oh? Your hair is very pretty. Tell me, did you always tried to look cute and not act like a shinobi? I bet you let your teammates do all the dirty work for you, you spoiled brat." Said the woman


Another yell was heard, and the woman could see Naruto bulldozing through the rock and slamming through to another with Dosu in the middle

"That reckless guy is really strong, I suspect he grumbles about you staying behind and watching helplessly as they get their hands bloody."

'It's always like this…' Sakura thought, and then grinned, 'Not anymore though'

With that, she outstretched her gloved hand fast enough that Kin wasn't able to react immediately, Sakura had a powerful grip on her neck

"Sasuke and Naruto will always be stronger than me…" She said and then placed the blade resting on her gloved hand

"But that doesn't mean I'm not strong as well!" With that, she slid the blade back, she could see sparks flying from the blade and then…


The explosion sent Kin falling back first to the ground, burn marks around her neck, Sakura standing tall in front of her. The pink haired girl grabbed her pink locks and raised it.

"This hair is the symbol of my vanity and childish dreams…"

Sakura then, with her short sword, cut of her hair… She let the strands of her locks flow freely into the wind

"Not anymore. Not when I saw of what I truly needed to do."

Naruto on the other hand didn't let up on his attack on Dosu, he pummelled Dosu with punches like a berserker embedding the poor Oto Nin further and further into the rock

"How do you like my punches, Bitch!" Said the blonde laughing along the way as if enjoying himself. Dosu was already at the brink of unconsciousness, the blonde was simply dominating when it came to a very furious Taijutsu fight, Dosu was like a dancing lunatic that was having a seizure when the Uzumaki pummelled him with fists that were flung and drawn back faster than he could blink.

Dosu thought he had enough and flung his melody arm at the blonde, Naruto blocked it with his right hand, Dosu grinned inside his mask, and Naruto reacted immediately, crushing the melody arm with his bare hand.


Dosu screamed, bits and pieces of metal piercing his flesh like a knife through bread

"The moment that you used that to shatter that log that Sakura made for a trap, I instantly came to a realization that your arm either uses chakra and shatter it with brute strength."

"Or you used a vibration powerful enough to synchronize with the molecules of the log and then shatter it like glass."

Dosu was surprised, he never guessed that someone so young could discover the technique he had just by simple observation.

"H-How did you…"

"Just a hunch really, sound waves are really hard to detect especially when they are in hyper resonance. The only way you'll know is how much of your own body is vibrating." Said Naruto as he gave of gathered energy to his right fingertips the energy coating Naruto's hand and began to form claws

"Kirikorosu (Slay)" Naruto said as he was about to slash down Dosu.

"Naruto! Sasuke's up and he's emitting that chakra!"

He stopped when he felt an enormous surge of chakra, Naruto turned around in the direction of their hideout and then he saw him.

Sasuke stood, purple chakra leaking out of him, visible enough that it made the three Oto nin shudder. Naruto's hair was standing on end, he could feel the malevolence of the chakra around Sasuke and it was terrifying. The amount of killing intent was ever so present and Naruto could see the silhouette of the snake man behind Sasuke, those golden slit eyes that made him drop in cold sweat.

As soon as he saw the scroll being tossed from the bushes, Naruto instinctively dashed towards Sasuke in as much speed as possible, letting the aura dissipate from his right hand and then gathering it inside himself, he caught the scroll in midair and unfurled it slamming his hand to the paper, countless letters and runic lines began to escape the scroll crawling out on the ground and began to surround Sasuke,

"What are you doing, Naruto?" Asked Sasuke, Naruto ignored that question and began forming handseals, the ground below him glowed in blue light as Naruto continued forming the seals, and began chanting the letters began to accumulate on his left palm and began to form one letter character, Repel. Naruto's eyes glowed in blue

With his outstretched left hand, he supported it with his right hand and said, "Fuinjutsu: Kyokai no Enkei! (Sealing arts: Circle of Distortion)"

Immediately, four white circles began to surround Sasuke and Naruto, then four white pillars of light shot up from the four corners from where the two boys stood.

"Naruto… Let me go… the people that want to hurt Sakura are still alive." He said, as he turned his head around, he saw Dosu with a badly damaged right arm that was bleeding, Zaku who was still in engagement against Rock Lee and was currently on the loosing end and Kin who was already on the ground, burn marks around her neck with Sakura now on the floor panting

"Why are you stopping me?" Asked Sasuke

"What do you want?" Naruto asked, Sasuke gave a menacing smirk and said,


Naruto gritted his teeth and grabbed a scroll from his pouch

"If power is what you want then drop that hindrance from your system, it will only slow your progress." Said the blonde and again, tossing the scroll near Sasuke

"Take it; it's a gift from me. I've been experimenting on weapons and seals for two years. It's one of my finer weapons that has been stocked up with me since turning genin." Said Naruto. Sasuke grabbed the scroll and Naruto immediately clapped his hands together to a seal

"Fuuin! (Seal)" Naruto said and soon the white pillars of light began to bend, then slowly drop like rainfall to the ground, it began to creep fast towards the Uchiha, as if a countless electric currents running in to one core to power it, Sasuke's pupils constructed as the sudden surge of the seal began to take it's effect, it felt like someone was using a pincer on the base of his neck where the itch was it was painful, so painful that Sasuke dropped to the ground, screaming.

"N-Naruto… Why?" Sasuke asked

"To stop whatever that snake man implanted in you, rest assure, you won't be able to use it again. Be thankful that I even gave you Guren Zanpaku (Crimson Lotus Soul Cutter)" Naruto mentioned

In another part of the bushes, three Leaf Genin had watched the fight intently,

"Oi, I don't think it was a good idea to mess with Team Seven to begin with." Said Shikamaru

"See, I told you! Sasuke-kun is just that awesome!" Ino said, Shikamaru uttered,

"What so awesome about him? He didn't even pitch in for the fight. The way I see it, Naruto and Sakura did most of the job." Said Shikamaru earning another earful from Ino.

"Well, well, well look who do we have here?" A voice asked beside the three genin, and all of them soon panicked, a tingling sensation ran through their span as they turned around and saw Naruto right behind them

"You weren't thinking about going after OUR scroll now, were you?" Naruto asked, the three shook their heads.

"Good, because if you are…" Naruto cracked his knuckles and then said,

"Comrades or not, in this game, it's eat or be eaten." Said the blonde and soon, all three of them are gone.

All three nodded clearly, Naruto grinned

"Good! Now that you are reminded, scram!" Said the blonde and all three genins of Team Ten scattered.

Shino and his team then jumped down from the trees and said,

"Now that the threat has been eliminated, there is no use for us to guard Uchiha-san." Naruto could only hear vaguely as his vision was starting to blur, he tried to sit down, instead he flopped down on the ground and he was immediately out cold.

"He's too tired to do anything anymore, let's let him rest."

"Naruto… You did a marvellous job." Said Sakura, and Rock Lee nodded

"I cannot agree with you more, Sakura-san! Naruto has shown his springtime of youth… Youthfully! I too shall endeavour to do the same!" Lee exclaimed handing over the scroll that Zaku gave them, it was too humiliating for their defeat at the hands of a bunch of kids, but to the victor goes the spoils

"Lee-san, why are you…" Sakura asked and Lee replied,

"Without Naruto-kun, I'm sure we would have been in a more dangerous situation! That is why this is your scroll, your team has earned it!" Said Lee, as he turned his head and saw his two teammates standing over a tree branch

"Till we meet again!" Said Lee as he jumped on the branch and the three vanished leaving Sakura behind, with Naruto and Sasuke knocked out.

Twenty four hours later:

Team Seven has made a slight recovery, seeing as this was the second to the last day of the current exam, they had to hustle it. Sasuke was miffed at first, who would be when someone had denied you the use of your new power on the people that mistreated your friend?

Naruto reminded him that it would have been more risky rather than beneficial telling him that the seal was one that would lock his potential rather than unleash it. For if he had to rely on the seal, then it would mean that his improvement would stagger behind.

Sasuke had his doubts about him, Naruto told him there were no panaceas that would give Sasuke the power that he needed in a flash, reminding him that strength is gradual but not flashy. It had to be shown in subtle forms, slowly rising to the top, Sasuke did not understand Naruto's logic at best, but he would secretly thank Naruto for the new weapon that he had received,

Guren Zanpaku was an excellent Kusari Gama, the wavy crimson patterns of the Kusarigama was ornamented with a dragon coil design on the cloth wrapped handle and a black gem on the back of its arching blade, if Sasuke were to swing hard enough, there was a mechanism that fired the sickle and the black hand guard becomes a chain for wide arc attacks.

Once they had entered the tower, they were greeted by Iruka who informed them about the purpose of the second exam and what heaven and earth represented on each scroll, needless to say, Naruto found it a pointless banter and decided to go to the side to rest for a while.

Seeing as he sat down by the nearest most comfortable wall he could have, one ANBU member appeared before him, it was the one in the tiger mask again.

"Congratulations on passing the second exam, Naruto-san." The ANBU mentioned, Naruto just waved his hand and nodded

"I take it the old man wants to speak with me." Naruto said, to this the operative shook his head

"He says it is for a later time, right now, he says it should feel right to tell your teammates about yourself." Said Tora and he vanished in a plume of smoke.

Naruto just gritted his teeth and motioned for his teammates to sit with him and mentioned,

"It's not within my own pride that I'm doing this because I want to." Said Naruto as he crossed his shoulders

"But as the Hokage said, since I've done some… Special things during that exam, I guess it is time to reveal about my true identity and my lineage because as of right now, an international incident is about to occur." Said Naruto

Sakura scratched her hair in thought, 'How does it involve Naruto?'

"First, what do you know about the bloodline limits? Especially those that could theoretically transcend on what you know about ninja techniques."

"They're non-existent, rare or dead." Said Sasuke, Naruto nodded further delving into the lecture,

"That's true, most of the bloodline limits that transcends the ninja world were either mere legends, rare, or extinct. The Mangekyou Sharingan for example is a sample of an extinct bloodline limit."

To this Sasuke flinched

"A legendary bloodline limit like the Rinnegan is considered a myth. But many argue that it does actually exist, including my sensei that had said that he had encountered them on the borders of Ame." Said Naruto then grabbing his calligraphy brush and then grabbing the last of his spare scrolls he began writing another set of seals in it.

"My bloodline limit was the cause of the war between Konoha and Iwa on the Third Great Shinobi War." Said Naruto letting the ink settle first to dry and then rolling it up

"When Iwa foresaw the power of the ruling clan in a small country in Uzu no Kuni. They forced the small country into an unwilling province of Tsuchi no Kuni. The ruling in that country was none than my own clan, the Uzumaki Clan."

"The many clans that consisted of Uzu no Kuni didn't take the move of Iwa too kindly and began to form a massive rebellion. Led first by my own grandfather, Uzumaki Amakusa."

"And since Uzu was an immediate ally of Konoha, Konoha staged a massive counter attack against Iwa that drove them back to their territory."

"All for a bloodline limit that could control the Bijuu with a whisper of the mouth." Said the blonde

Sakura was first to ask the question, "So you can control any Bijuu with simple verbal commands?"

"Yes, yet among the Uzumaki clan, few people can actually do this, as the special ability that comes with the Whisperings, are the dense chakra that was in us. Because of this, we are immune to the chakra emissions of the Bijuu and our chakra is thick enough that it could actually change our body to physically augment it or use the dense chakra as a projectile or convert it to a specific element without hindrance."

"So basically, this bloodline ability of yours can let you control the bijuu without a problem?" Sasuke asked, Naruto shook his head

"No, sadly, only Alpha users can be able to do it, I'm still in the stage where I don't know my status, either I'm an Alpha, Beta or Gamma." Said the blonde as he looked down on his stomach, true, he still can't determine himself as a member of the Alpha type of the users in the Uzumaki Clan, the reason he could control the bijuu was with the help of Kyuubi himself, the Youki was potent enough to cause a resonance within the bijuu that they just had to respond to Naruto's voice.

"Now that you know about my ability, let me tell you this straight, there are people that want to get rid of me, both inside and outside the village, there are people that want me dead. I can't say that with the info I divulged with you, I can guarantee your safety. In fact, that's just one of the many secrets that Sandaime-jiji forced to be kept hidden from anyone as I manifested its ability when I was only four." Said the blonde. The two only gaped at that.

"Granted, Sasayaki no Ryuusui is a hard ability to contain, the chakra control was just a pain in the ass that I couldn't stand. By the end of the month, I finally had the ability to use the Aura ability, which was the manifestation of the dense chakra as a thick cloak around the user. It's the source of all that power that I did against Orochimaru."

After that story, Naruto and his team walked upwards and then settled to one of the rooms that was designated for them, they each gave a sigh of relief and finally, they fell asleep on each of their own beds, awaiting the arrival of the new day that is to come…

To be Continued…

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