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Stand in the Rain

May 5th will be a night Raine and Skye Woodworth will never forget. The day even starts off on a foul note; typical springtime rain that stretches into the evening. The twin girls are in their room getting ready for Skye's piano recital. Skye is sitting on a pink velvet covered bench at their vanity. Raine is standing behind her, pulling her sister's hair into a French braid.

" I can't do this, Raine. "

" Sure you can!"

" No way. It is not like playing at home. " She places her hand dramatically on her belly. " going to be sick." Then she looks at Raine with pleading eyes. " Hey! You can pretend to be me! Please !"

Raine looks into the mirror and their eyes meet in the reflection. Being identical twins, they could fool everybody by playing the old switch-er-roo.

They have played that game many times before. They both have the same waist length, light brown hair with blunt cut bangs. Their green eyes shimmered exactly the same in the center of their round faces.

" Only one problem, Sis. I can't tickle the ivories like you can."

Skye sighs defeated.

" Fine. I guess I don't have a choice. Dad would be furious if I back out."

Raine stares at the lament flooring.

" Yeah. We don't want that, " she replies in a low remorseful voice. She then looks back at her sister, the twinkle back in her eye. "Anyway. Go get 'em tiger!"

" Tiger? More like a starving, defenseless, homeless kitten."

Raine throws her head back and laughs. " You are funny. Well. I will be in the crazy one waving in the crowd. Good luck tonight!"

" Girls! Get your asses out to the truck. NOW!!!" their father, Lawrence booms from downstairs. " Don't make me come up there and get you!" he adds as an extra threat.

Raine gives her sister a quick hug before they dash down the spiraling staircase and out to their father's waiting Escalade.

" We are going to be late, " he grunts as he throws the shifter into drive. " And why do the both of you have to sit in the back. I feel like a damn chauffeur!"

Raine and Skye exchange looks and shrugs.

" I.. I guess I can sit in the front, " Raine sacrifices as she reaches for the door handle.

" Never mind. We have no time for your nonsense, " he snaps and steps on to the accelerator. The girls are thrown roughly against the back of their seats.

Everyone is quiet for the ten-minute drive to the coliseum and quieter still as they sit in the crowd waiting for Skye's turn.

" Finally, " Lawrence mutters under his breath as Skye takes the stage. She sits on to the bench and smoothes her royal blue skirt over her knees. She takes a deep breath and dives into her composition. After she strikes the final key, she pops up quickly off her bench and bows stiffly to the crowd before she practically bolts to her left, off of the stage. Lawrence claps robotically and a frown plasters his face. Raine claps wildly with the rest of the audience and whistles loudly for her sister's performance. Lawrence glares down at her, making her shrink down inside herself.

" Too bad mom had to miss this, " Raine says.

" You're mother had to work, " Lawrence answers.

Raine rolls her eyes. She is quit aware that their mother is a very busy woman working as a physician at the New York hospital.

When all the performances were done for the evening, Lawrence jumps to his feet and leads the girls out to the parking lot. Because they were late, the suv is parked to the far corner of the lot. Lawrence mutters something incomprehensible as they track through the rain.

" You were great, Skye! " Raine chirps as she skips next to her sister's side. The falling rain doesn't bother her.

" Really? I messed up half way through." Skye replies as she shields her head with her coat from the raindrops.

" I know. But you recovered like a pro!"

" Well maybe next year I will do better."

" You better, " their father snaps as he whirls around to face them. " You think I am going to throw away all that money just so you can mess up? Do you even care how much is coming out of my pocket?"

" I am sorry, " Skye whispers as she avoids his flaming eyes.

Raine speaks up.

" You don't have to be sorry."

" You! Shut up!" Lawrence bellows as he slaps her across the face and knocks her to the ground into a puddle. She raises a hand to her nose as she feels the warmth of the blood as it oozes out of her right nostril. She stares up at her father in stunned horror. Not because of what he had just done. It has happened many of times before. Actually more times than the girls want to admit. But this time they are in a parking lot with possible witnesses. Apparently, he isn't worried about protecting his title as the city's most reverend judge.
Next, Lawrence turns on Skye. He pushes on her delicate shoulders, and slams her back into the rear fender of the suv. Instinctively, she raises her arms, shielding her face with her forearms.

" Don't cower away from me, you ungrateful bitch!" He grabs her by the hair and forces her arms away from her face. " Look at me while I talk to you."

Slowly and reluctantly, Skye lowers her arms. They tremble at her side as she looks up at her father through her tears. She doesn't have the courage to fight back. She just stands there, waiting for the abuse.

" Stop!" Raine yells. She knows her pleads won't stop their father. She just hopes that maybe, somebody would hear her.

" Shut up!" He steps over to Raine, dragging Skye with him. He kicks her, sticking her lower right leg. Raine doubles over in pain.

" Oww, " she howls as she grips her ankle.

" I said, SHUT UP! That is your problem. You never listen!" He strikes her again, this time in the shoulder. Raine doesn't make a sound. She sits wordlessly in her pain, not wanting to provoke another attack. Skye looks at her sister in horror, tears stream down her cheeks.
Suddenly a movement makes Lawrence look up. He holds still as he barks out his orders to the girls. " Get in the truck."

Both girls remain in their respectful places, refusing to move. " Get in. NOW!" He yanks on Skye's hand and tries to shove her into the back seat. She makes it difficult for him.

" Get in!" He shoves her once more. Skye falls onto the seat half way. " Stubborn bitch!" He punches her lower back. Skye gasps as the pain radiates through her body.

Raine struggles to get to her feet. Suddenly, her father falls backwards and trips over a long stick that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.

" What the hell, " Lawrence yells. Surprise is etched all over his face, as he looks around frantically.

" You are not a very nice man, " taunts a voice from the darkness.

Lawrence gets back to his feet. " Get out of here, if you know what is good for you!" he yells to his unknown attacker. " Do you know who I am?"

" Yeah! A dead beat dad!" answers a rough, deep voice.

" Girls! In the truck. NOW!!"

He bends down to grab Raine. He hauls her to her feet. She gasps in pain the minute she puts pressure on her swollen ankle. He grabs her by her ponytail and starts dragging her to the truck

" Let them go!" orders an authorities voice.

" Go to hell!"

He shoves Raine against the truck and tries to shove her in beside her sister. She looks up at Skye, who looks just as confused.

" Well, I guess he wants to do this the hard way. Goodie!"

There is a flash of movement followed by quiet groans and grunts. Once more their father finds himself lying on the ground.

" I am warning you!" he shouts. Fear replaces the anger in his voice.

" Yeah, yeah, yeah...Whatever!" He is picked up off of the ground by two strong arms and is pinned against the truck.

The girls desperately try to see what is going on. But the rain and darkness makes it hard to focus.

" Come with me, " a voice says. Raine and Skye both turn to the open door and freeze. Standing on the outside is a. large turtle?
Both their mouths go slack with shock.

" What the... " Raine starts. She shakes her head in disbelief.

The turtle sighs, knowing this is a wrong way to introduce them. But what choice does he have. They didn't have a lot of time.

" If you want to be safe, please come. Trust me."

Raine studies the gentle eyes behind the blue mask. Both curious and frightened she slides over. She continues to stare at the new comer as she steps onto the pavement. Skye follows behind, trusting her sister's judgment. They are both willing to take their chances with the creature instead of their father.

" Get back in there!" their father shouts when he realizes what is going on. His face is blood red with rage. The turtle herds them away. " You bitches! Listen to me! You wait until I get my hands on you!"

Raine and Skye both cringe at his threats.

" Mikie, I think it is time to shut this one up!"

" My pleasure, " chuckles a voice. The girls look over his shoulder as they see another turtle masked in orange wrap a piece of cloth around their father's mouth.

The girls do a head count.

" There is... four?" gasps Skye. She leans against on Raine, as she starts to feel weak in the knees.

" I don't feel so good, " Raine says. " Did Dad hit me that hard that I am seeing things?" She tries to joke. There has to be a logical explanation for that they are seeing.

" I don't believe it, " Skye agrees.

Suddenly they hear sounds of approaching voices. They see a flashlight beam search the ground.

Security guards.

They must have heard the scuffle.

" We got company, guys." This one is masked in purple.

The one masked in red gives Lawrence a punch to the stomach.

" Just a friendly reminder, " he snarls in a thick New York accent, before he flees with the rest.

" You better come with us, " the one in blue encourages. " We can keep you safe for now."

The girls don't say anything as they start to follow. Raine can't keep up so their rescuer picks her up quickly and gently before they dash off into the night leaving their father behind.