Title - Insubordinate Son

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - anyone you recognize isn't mine.

E/O challenge word - splinter

AN - My protest against season 4 episode "The Rapture" ending.


The final battle was here.

All the seals were broken, demons lead by Lucifer himself crawling out of the cracks.

He gripped his blade and prepared.

With narrowed eyes, Zachariah watched one angel splinter away from the lines.

They hadn't punished him hard enough.

Wings carried him down to the earth.

Castiel came to stand behind those mud monkeys, guarding their backs.

The Failed Savior and Tainted One.

Alastair's Prodigy and Azazel's Chosen.

They had seduced one of his own.

Lead him astray.

How dare they…

No matter now.

If they survived the battle, then he would smite them himself.

-= end =-