Title - Never Again

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - not mine.

A/N - season 4, if only…

Um..., this may look familiar. I mistakenly posted this as a E/O drabble a few days ago. Opps... sorry. Made some changes though.


How dare she!?

How dare they?!

Demons, Angels, only causing trouble.

Trying to tear them apart.

Pit them against each other.

Fearing them while using them.

Like leashed circus lions.

After all, together they could take anything.

Defeat anything.

Kill anything.

How had he forgotten that?

They weren't pawns to be used.

No longer.

Not with his brother at his side.

No more bargains, deals, favors.

No more being pets, tools, soldiers.

He remembered now.

They were strongest as a family.

They were warriors to their own calling.

They would fight this war their way.

Heaven and Hell be damned.

-= end =-