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This little fic is set within the Grace and Nicki 'verse so i hope ya like it.

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"What!? WAIT! DON'T PUSH!"

"Dean? What the hell? PUSH!"

"Sammy, chill. There has to be pushing, I agree, but now ain't the time little brother."

"If there was ever a time to push, I'd say now is that right friggin' time, Dean!"

"Sam I swear to god, if you don't calm down I'm gonna knock you the hell out."

"Oh nice way to deal with the situation, Dean."

"I'm dealing with it the only way I know how, Sam."

"Really? Cos you looked as freaked as I feel."

"Didn't say I wasn't freaked. Did say I was dealing."

"Dealing or not, freaked or not, there needs to be pushing and that needs to be NOW!"


"Oh so we're going by her now are we?"

"She's the friggin midwife, SAM!"

"Well lets see what she has to say!"

"Um, sorry Sam, but your brother is right. Nicki, no pushing, not yet hon. You wait till I say. Ok babe?"

"Sure, will wait for your signal, I got it. But Michelle? When it comes time to push, I want to be holding each of their hands."

"Ahh, Nicki babe, that's so sweet."

"Dean, it ain't sweet. If pain has to be felt I intend to pass it on to you two assholes."



Twelve hours earlier:

"Dean, honey?"

"Yeah, Grace?"

"I need you and Sam to run to the store and pick me up a few bits for dinner."

Dean stood in the corner of the kitchen, his cheeks full of cookies and his heart full of love. The smell from the promised dinner was driving him mental with desire and he knew that Grace knew it.

"What do you need?"

Grace laughed and handed him a towel to wipe the crumbs that had fallen to his shirt when he'd spoken.

"A few herbs, some oil, and we've run out of potatoes."

"No problem. Not sure why I need Sam with me though."

"You need Sam with you because he's under strict instructions to pick up some things for Nicki."

"Why can't I pick up those things?"

"Because," began Nicki as she waddled into the kitchen, heavily pregnant and testy as hell. "Each time you've gone you ended up flirting with that girl Karen behind the counter. And each time you ended up flirting you ended up bringing back the wrong thing. AND each time you brought back the wrong thing that meant that I had to then go out and get the right thing. Which in turn put me in a damn bad mood which in turn put Grace in a bad mood all because you and little Dean can't behave and act like adults."



"All ya had to say was that Sam had the list. Really no need for the monologue."

"Dean. I swear to GOD I will gut you with this spoon if you utter one more word."

Grace backed away slowly from her beloved Niece, she made sure to not only back away from Nicki and her spoon but also Dean and his need to antagonise the pregnant lady. Thunder cracked overhead as the house shook slightly with the power of the impending storm. Well, either a storm, or Nicki's frustration was now affecting the weather, mused Grace.

Sam stared at his brother from the passenger seat of the Impala. Stared at him with wild eyed, honest to god disbelief.

"What?" asked Dean as Sam's eyes bored a hole into his skull.

"Why do you have to do it?" asked the younger man with patient curiosity.

"Do what?" asked Dean innocently as he manoeuvred the sleek car through the downpour that had begun not long after they'd left Grace's.

"Annoy the hell out of Nicki."

"Well its not like I mean to."


"Well, I don't think I mean to. But, well…."

"What, Dean? What is it?"

"Sam, you ain't gonna like it."

Sam sat further toward his brother, giving the older man his full attention.

"Tell me."

"Its fun."

"What!?" asked Sam in disbelief.

"Seriously, dude. I can't help it. Its like a drug. Its so much fun watching her get all annoyed and angry. She vibrates when she's really mad. Its wrong and I know it but the things that she says and the way she reacts is just so damn funny. I can't help myself, Sam."

"You have a serious problem, man."

"Dude, you gotta help me stop."

"Oh no, Dean. You're on your own with this one. You have a death wish to mess with Nicki on a normal day, let alone when she's overdue and fit to kill."

"Really thought she would have had the baby by now."

"Grace told me that Doc Jones is threatening to induce if that baby ain't here by the weekend."

"Surely when they say a baby will arrive on a certain day, then said baby should arrive on aforementioned day."

"Guess it ain't an exact science."

"Its no science if you ask me. Why give a day when it's a possibility that day won't be the right one. They should give a week instead."

Dean pulled the car up to the kerb outside the small supermarket. The brothers ran inside as the rain began to fall heavier.

"Great!" groused Dean. "On top of having a death wish need to antagonise Nicki its now raining so hard that there's no point in Jason and me going and testing out that new Chevy of his."

"Look on the bright side" started Sam. He stopped speaking as his brother searched the sky with a sarcastic look. "At least Grace is feeding you."

Dean paused by the entrance to the store and contemplated the point.

"True." He stated as he entered the dry warmth of the supermarket.




"Yeah, so what are you?" Dean leant further across the counter toward the sultry cashier.

She leaned forward carefully, resting her lips against his ear lobe. Savouring the taste of him as she allowed her tongue to brush the sensitive skin.

"I'm hot." She breathed out. And Dean swore he saw stars.

Sam sighed heavily as he waited at the other end of the counter, bag open and ready for whenever Karen the cashier felt like scanning their items.

"Maybe later we should meet up and see if we can cool you down."

Sam sighed again as he realised this quick run to the store was likely to last longer than the storm that was raging outside. He was about to protest the situation and pull Dean away when the lights over head flickered then went out.

"What the hell?" Karen backed away from her would be dessert and stared at the darkened lights above her with disdain. "Well, that's just friggin great."

"Don't worry sweetheart. I'm sure I can keep you occupied while the lights are out."

Sam sighed heavily and rubbed a hand through his hair. He was again about to protest when the lights came back on, leaving Sam wondering if maybe he was causing the power cut.


Then again, thought Sam, it could be Nicki.


"Hey, Nicki."

"Hey, Karen. How you doin?"

"Goods thanks hon, how are you?"

"About ready to pop."

"Bet you can't wait for that little treasure to decide to join the world."

"You have no idea."

Dean turned his shocked expression to Sam who simply shrugged and carried on watching as the two women became lost in conversation.

"Er, Nicki babe? We were on our way back."

"Dean you were on your way to something and it wasn't back home to Grace's."

"I got your peanut butter." Dean waved the jar in the hopes that the promise to satisfy Nicki's craving would get him off the hook and away with his life.

"Yeah, well you're a bit friggin late aren't you."

There were no exits. Nicki was standing between Dean and freedom. Sam was grinning like an idiot so he was totally alone in this. There was no escape. No promise of liberty and no one to come rescue him.

He was screwed.

So he tried for charm.

"Do not try that with me."

He attempted puppy dog eyes.

"You look like you have constipation."

With skill beyond which he ever thought he possessed, Dean made his eyes water as he pouted.

"That's…." Nicki stopped dead, stared at him through pain filled eyes and allowed her own tears to fall. Dean smiled in what he thought was victory when the sound of water from inside gave him pause.

"Karen, you got a leak in here?"

"No, Dean. No leak."

"What's that noise then?"

"Babe, that would be Nicki's water's breaking."


Dean went to take a step toward the leaking woman when a shot rang out behind him. A gravely voice drifted up the isle from the sound of the gunfire, Dean reached for his gun, Sam doing the same. They locked eyes as each realised the guns were safely tucked away in the car.

"Ya'll better get yourselves on the floor right quick. We don't want no trouble, just a little bit of ya time, and a little look see in your safe."

"Holy shit" Whispered Nicki


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