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Grace held the tiny girl in her arms and drank in her smell. She always had loved that baby smell. But this was different, this baby was a part of them. Part of her Nicki. She coo'd and ahhed and when she was sure no one was listening she whispered to her Niece (although to Grace, she was a grand daughter.).

"Ok baby, now you listen to your grandma, you've got yourself once feisty mother there, you've got one of the best men I've ever met for you daddy, there's me, but I think you know already that I'll be fussing till hell freezes over, and you've got your two uncles, Sam and Dean. Now baby you listen, there's all these people who would die for you, so no matter what life throws at you, you'll never be alone, you'll always be loved, and we will always be proud of you. You're our little precious, and I'll love you till the day I die and beyond. You're perfect. So perfect."

Nicki smiled as she listened to her Aunt talking to her daughter. Her daughter. Hers. She knew it would happen, she'd had nine months to get used to the idea. Yet when Jason placed that tiny child in her arms it was all a shock, she was a baby. As silly as it sounded, Nicki couldn't get over the fact that the perfect child in her Aunt's arms had been inside her. She'd finally gotten to meet the most beautiful person ever. She was a mother.

Damn that sounded way too grown up.

Nicki pulled Jason into a hug, they were both so overwhelmed but also so proud of one another.

Sam took the small child from Grace, if you can call being forced to hold a baby you were trying to stay on the other side of the room from as 'taking'. He stood completely still, barely daring to breathe in case he broke the fragile child. He held her tight, amazed when one of her tiny hands wrapped around his finger. He looked up in wonder as Jason came over to once again marvel at his daughter.

"See Sam, she knows she's safe with you. She's letting you know she's ok."

"She's amazing man, really is. So what are you two gonna call her?"

Jason smiled and looked over at Nicki.

"Well, we're naming her Margaret Grace Teague, after my mother and whats-her-name there." Nicki gestured to Grace and smiled as the tears fell down her Aunt's cheeks.

"Oh honey, oh baby, I don't know what to say."

"Well, you can start by offering to feed us. I'm starving."

Sam waved goodbye to Grace , Nicki, Maggie and Jason as the new father pulled out onto the street to take his family home. The storm from the day before was a distant memory as the brilliant sun of the day slowly dipped behind the horizon. The younger Winchester made his way back to his older brother's room. As predicted Dean had woken the second time with nausea and an intense headache. Doc Jones was concerned enough to insist on staying over night with Sam to keep an eye on Dean. Usually he would leave it to the night nurse, but typical of the Winchester brothers, his fondness for them won over any plans for poker night he had. Sam made his way to the comfortable chair the doctor had put next to Dean's bed. He pulled the basin from the cabinet and was relieved to find it empty. So far Dean's nausea had kept at bay, but until the drug was completely out of his system Sam wasn't going to relax.

"Stop worrying."

"Hey, thought you were asleep."

"Almost , but you worry as loud as a cat purrs."

"You saying I purr?" Laughed Sam.

Dean smiled at his brother as he tried to roll into a more comfortable position. He reluctantly accepted Sam's help as he rolled on his right side, carefully keeping his left arm close to his body and resting his hand on his hip.

"Thanks man. Still can't believe Nicki had her baby in a supermarket."

"I know, that's pretty wild Dean. Actually, I still can't believe she's had a baby."

"She's gonna make an awesome mother."

"Did you see how proud Jason looked?" Sam smiled but a cloud moved across his face. A darkness bled through his features. Dean knew the answer, but he had to ask the question.

"Sammy? What is it?"

"You think we'll ever have that Dean? Or is that not part of the hunter's life?"

Dean seemed to consider the question, Sam searched his face in the hope that the answer would be the one he craved.

"Sammy I don't know. Its not really something I ever thought was on the cards ya know? For you maybe, before all , you know."

Sam's head fell, he knew the answer but a part of him had still wanted Dean to say 'Hell yeah Sammy, its definitely in your future'.

"Sammy? Ya know, even if it doesn't happen, and I hope to god it does for you man, but even if it doesn't, we're gonna have Maggie. We get to watch her grow up, teach her how to throw balls like a guy and not some sissy girl, we're gonna get to take her to the movies with her friends, and when she's old enough, we're gonna get to join Jason in threatening any boy that comes near her."

Sam laughed through his tears, he held eyes with his brother. Somehow, even when the answer wasn't the one he wanted, his big brother always knew what to say to make things better. In Sam's heart he wished with everything he had that Dean would be able to have the family, the wife and kids and white picket fence. God knew he'd be damn good at it. Sam ignored the other voice who spoke the truth, who knew such things were never gifted to hunters, and even when they were they were cruelly ripped away.


"Yeah Dean?"

"Puke." Sam frowned in confusion at the change of conversation but came to his senses in time to raise the small basin and rub small circles on Dean's back as he threw up the meagre contents of his stomach.


Grace baked and knitted and baked until Nicki was sure they were going to have to call the funny farm to come and take her away. So far, in the first week of her life, Maggie had a cake for each day she'd been alive and a knitted pair of socks, a hat, little coat and scarf. Even Dean had a scarf knitted for him which he wore proudly when Grace was around and hid whenever Sam was around.

The two brothers were sat on the porch, Dean holding Maggie in his lap. His left arm in a sling but thanks to Sam he'd been able to hold her without fear of her rolling off his lap. Carefully positioned pillows and blankets allowing him to bask in her sleeping beauty.

Nicki had never felt so alive, she helped Grace cook the dinner, helped Sam change the bandages on Dean's arm, helped Jason learn how to change nappies and bathe his daughter. Never had she ever thought when driving up to this small town to escape the grief of her family in texas, that her life would mirror that of her beloved aunt. She loved taking care of her family. Loved it so much that she was contemplating stealing Dean's car keys so that they could never leave. But always, as with every departure, there was promise of another visit on the horizon. They all knew the brothers would be leaving soon, but until then they would dote on them, feed them, annoy them and bully them. It was what she did best after all.

"Nicki hon?" Dean called from the porch.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Think Maggie is in need of a nappy change."

"Really? You sure? I only changed her an hour ago."

"Oh, trust me, please, trust me, she is in need of a change."

Nicki laughed as she gently picked up her daughter from Dean's lap, on which was spreading a very wet patch.

"Dean babe, you sure that was Maggie?"

"Nicki! Of course I'm friggin sure."

"Dean don't swear!" Yelled Grace from the kitchen.

"You clearly have trained your daughter to pee on me, that's the second time."

"Well, it's the second time someone has pee'd on someone. But its also the second time you've held her for an hour straight while Grace and Sam both insist you drink as much water as you can, so, you know, not sure who's pee'd on who."

Sam barely controlled a small snigger of laughter, he dodged the death look Dean dealt and stood to get his brother a cloth to wipe himself.

"Nah uh young Winchester, you are coming with me."

Sam visibly paled.


"Gonna show you how to change Maggie."

"Oh no, honestly that's ok."

"No, come on, ya'll gotta learn."

"Why can't Dean do it?"

Dean carefully raised his injured arm and Nicki just stared at Sam like he was an idiot child.

"Really? I gotta?"

"Sam, you are Maggie's uncle."

Nicki inwardly high fived herself as Sam melted and smiled at his Niece.

"I'm her Uncle, Uncle Sam."

It was Dean's turn to snigger as he mock saluted his brother.

"Come on Uncle Sam, you just need to entertain her while I change her, we'll work up to the icky stuff."

"No we won't" Mumbled Sam as he followed Nicki and Maggie inside. Grace made her way out to Dean, a bag of cookies in one hand and a pain killer in the other. Dean frowned at the second offering.

"I know you're hurting from holding that baby, so come on."

He reluctantly took the pills and leaned against Grace as she sat down beside him.

"Its been a hell of a week."

"Yes it has honey. But you know what? Its been one of the best weeks of my life."

"Pretty wild that there's a baby now huh?"

"Could have done without the hostage situation though."

"Well, yeah."

"You know Dean, there are four moments in my life that have made all the pain, all the misery of every bad thing fate see's fit to throw at me worth it. None of those moments can ever be topped."

"Oh yeah, what are those?"

"The birth of Nicki and her brother, my marriage to Stan, the birth of Maggie, and you know what the last one is?"

Dean sat quietly, barely daring to breath for fear of what he hoped to blow away on the wind.

"The other most important moment in my life, that's made everything more than worthwhile, that's the day you and Sam came to town."

Nicki came back down the stairs, she was followed by Sam who once had gotten over his fear of breaking Maggie, now wouldn't give her back. All she could hear behind her were stupid voices, funny sounds and her daughter laughing. Sam walked Maggie into the kitchen, showing her the pictures Grace had up of him and Dean, Nicki and Jason. Of all the nights, days out and meals together. She smiled fondly as Sam recounted to Maggie the many times her mother had tried to drink Dean under the table and ended up down there with him. So many memories and stories. As she gazed out of the door and onto Dean laying against Grace, both looking complete and peaceful, she realised that this was her fate. This small group of people had become her closest confidants, her beloved, her family. Through the ties that had bound them they had each found was where they were all meant to be. Whether permanently or in visits. This was home, and home now had a baby.

A baby that had just thrown up all over Sam.



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