An Honorable Daughter

An Honorable Daughter

I dedicate this story to my father who has been there for me since the day I was born. I'd like to thank the people who left a comment, thank you for your kindness and I also appreciate the notifications for misspellings. When I first typed down this story I used the notepad in my computer and well I never noticed those typing errors until I got to read the story again and I was like "Great Ancestors! That's horrible writing!" But here is the proofread and corrected version of the story.

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Chapter 1:

Ever Since

Mulan had honored her family by saving China from the Huns. Many people considered that what she did was improper for a woman to do. But for Mulan, joining the Imperial Army and fighting the Huns made her feel more useful than pleasing the matchmaker. Truth be told, she risked everything and did not care what people thought. And at the end of a hard month of training with the strict Captain of the Imperial Army, and after the battles, she became a heroin and honored her family. Not only did she save her country and won the Emperor's respect, she had also earned the affection of her former commanding officer: Captain Li Shang. It seemed as if she had cast a spell on him.

Unfortunately, Li Shang was not very gifted at expressing his feelings. It is hard to tell whether he's shy, or perhaps his he felt he needed to wait for the right moment to tell her. Or in the worst case scenario, maybe the young Captain was afraid of the subject of love.

It was a beautiful morning, everything was so peaceful, the birds flying in the sky, the fish swimming in the lakes, rivers, and oceans; flowers blooming in the magnolia trees; the chicken eating corn, until, Little Brother woke up and started to chase them, they got all freaked out, and Mulan, like always taking a long sleep until a couple of hours before noon. You can blame Little Brother for waking her up.

Mulan had not changed during the time that had gone by, she was still the same. She loved her family as much as she had always loved them; she was still lazy but managed to do her chores in the easy way.

That morning, she decided it was time for Khan to take a bath. She got all the tools she needed to clean her loyal horse, and headed towards the stable, which was Khan's little shelter.

When Mulan finished bathing Khan, her mother asked her to take the tea to her father, who was praying to their ancestors at the shrine. She waited patiently for her father to finish his prayers. "Good day, father," she said smiling as she handed a cup of tea to her father.

"Good day, Mulan," he replied.

After that, Mulan sat under the magnolia tree and remembered Shang. She really missed him, it had been a while since the last time she saw him. Mulan longed to see him again; she wondered what he was doing that precise moment. "Probably training martial arts or guarding the emperor's palace," she answered her own question. Mulan sighed and watched a little blossom falling off the tree above her. Did she have hope to win his love?

Suddenly, Mushu appeared. Mulan was happy to see him." Hello there, babe!" he screamed.

Mulan smiled and replied," Hi Mushu! What are you doing here?"

"Well, I have this warning for you ´bout some Huns that survived and they're probably advancing to the Imperial City, seeking for revenge." Mushu explained," And on their way, they will start burning houses and killing people everywhere."

"That must mean I must join the Imperial Army?" Mulan asked, Mushu could hear a little excitement in her voice. Not because of having to go to battle again, but because it was the perfect excuse to see Shang again.

"Not yet, your ancestors are not quite sure about that," Mushu said," But still, you can see Mr. Big Muscles somewhere else."

Mulan crossed her eyes and raised her eyebrow," And who's Mr. Big Muscles?" Obviously, she knew who the little red dragon meant, but she tried to act a little distracted so he would not suspect she had feelings for him.

"Oh, don't tell me you don't know baby," Mushu replied," The guy with very little sense of humor, who was your captain, which would be Shhhhhhang." Mushu started to blink his eyes as if he were flirting to someone. Mulan shook her head but laughed.

Mulan and Mushu spent a couple of hours joking and talking. They stopped when they heard someone knocking on the door. Who could it be? Maybe it was Shang, and Mulan's face brightened at the thought, but the brightness faded as soon as she thought it could be someone else. It could be Chi Fu for example, a disgusting face she would pay for avoiding its sight again.

Mulan went to open the door. She could not hide her disappointment when she saw it was not the charming red-caped captain with perfectly neat and tidy hair.. It was only Jen Wu, her husband Tang Kuo, and their little son.

Jen Wu was one of the girls who visited the matchmaker the same day Mulan did. Jen Wu's parents were old friends from Mulan's parents. A long time had gone by since the last time they saw each other; which was on Jen Wu's and Tang Kuo's wedding.

Tan Kuo had met Ping at Camp Wu Zhong; and like the rest of the soldiers he never knew it was only Fa Mulan, until the day she got wounded.

When Jen Wu saw Mulan, she screamed joyfully and hugged her, Mulan hugged her back but she wasn't excited to see her because she knew deep inside of her lived a two-faced brat, who only wanted to see her to brag and to criticize her, after all she had done for China.

"What brings you here?" asked Mulan, trying not to be rude. The thing was she could not stand that kind of people.

"Well, we came to visit you," answered Jen Wu matter-of-factly. Mulan knew that was not the only purpose of their unexpected visit to the Fa house.

Tang Kuo spoke up, "I guess you haven't met our son, Kin Shui."

A little two-year old boy walked in front of his father, he was hiding behind him before. Kim Shui looked a lot like his mother, even if he was a boy. Mulan could not hate him, after all he was just an innocent kid who had the ill fortune of being born to Jen Wu. . "He's so cute," said Mulan.

Mulan's parents were delighted to see Jen Wu, and her new family. They stayed for dinner at the Fa house, even if Mulan did not agree about it. Her parents only asked her to be nice with the guests and that there was no reason to be mean to them.

Mulan helped Granny and her mother with the cooking, she really was not enjoying Jen Wu's visit.

"How old is your son?" asked Fa Li

"He's two years old," Jen Wu answered proudly looking at her son. The little boy was blushing.

"He will honor our family someday," Tang Kuo added, " it is the greatest honor to have a son."

Mulan certainly did not agree with his comment and said," If I ever become a mother, I would rather have a daughter. What is the big difference anyway?"

Everyone at the table stopped making noise with the chopsticks and stared at Mulan for a couple of seconds which did seem like ages to Mulan. Even little Kim Shui dropped his bowl of rice and it crashed so hard that it turned into pieces. Mulan bent down to pick the broken pieces and the rice to put them away. She walked out of the dinning room to throw the trash away. Then, everyone quietly continued eating their dinner.

When they finished eating dinner, Jen Wu and Mulan went to chat outside. She knew it would not be the smartest conversation, nor the most interesting one. Mulan felt clumsy every time she was around girls like Jen Wu, who always bragged that they were married and honored their families and lived happily ever after with their stupid husbands who did not even care for them. Those girls would just make them happy by feeding them with delicious food, and filling their personal needs.

"Are you betrothed yet?" Jen Wu asked.

Mulan was so ashamed to admit the truth, that her cheeks turned pink before she could answer the question," Not yet." She knew she did not need a husband, but it made her uncomfortable that she had to fulfill cultural expectations.

Jen Wu nodded silently and raised her eyebrows. Indeed it was getting late for Mulan to go find some man to marry her, but it usually never bugged her, only when she was with the girls her age who were married or betrothed. Perfect little maidens, she could never dream to match.

"Well, I'm happy with the life I live, with my husband and my son. Thank heavens he was a boy because you know it's better to give your husband a son," bragged Jen Wu.

Mulan narrowed her eyes for a moment. Then she snapped a little irritated," What makes a man worth more than a woman?"

Jen Wu did not answer but she thought carefully about the question. Mulan laughed at the thought of Jen Wu having a hard time thinking, it was probably a question Jen Wu never bother to ask herself, and surely she would answer with a sentence in favor of men's superiority. Nevertheless, Mulan was right; men and women are the same, although people do not like the idea. She had proved women could succeed at battles. "Why since the beginning of history men had been the ones who had been considered superior creatures? Which is the reason?" demanded Mulan. Jen Wu never answered, instead, she just said nothing and went to say goodbye to Mulan's parents. Somehow Mulan was pleased with the fact she had hurried Jen Wu's departure by making her such improper questions.

So Jen Wu, Kim Shui, and Tang Kuo left. It was because Mulan had tried to put in some reason in Jen Wu's empty head.

When Mulan was falling asleep, Mushu appeared saying," Boy you did teach a good lesson to that girl."

Mulan just smiled and told Mushu she was tired. "OK , sweet dreams,babe. I'll be seeing you soon," said Mushu and Mulan replied," See you soon, Goodnight, my favorite guardian."

Mulan and her family slept peacefully, they had slept like that since Mulan had returned from the Imperial Army.

Peace was not around everywhere; meanwhile, as Mulan was sleeping so sound, Shang was in a battle against some barbarians

Some Huns that survived the avalanche had reached Camp Wu Zhong that night. Shang was in charge of training men some martial arts right there at Camp Wu Zhong. Everything was going on fine until that night.

All the soldiers had finished their training and they were going to have some sleep. Shang got a migraine so he went to bed early that night. Suddenly, some tents had been fired, including Shang's.

No one else, but the Huns did that: shooting arrows with fire, that was their own particular technique to kill, those were their weapons.

After burning a couple of tents, the Huns charged against the unaware Chinese soldiers. They gathered the cannons to finish them off, and soon, Camp Wu Zhong had turned into cinder and ashes. No one got killed that night, but many people had really serious burns and injuries. Yao, Ling, and Chien Po, as well as Shang, did not get harmed, but other soldiers did.

After hours of fighting, the Huns disappeared, leaving no trace. Probably, there were more Huns attacking villages to gain more power. Their new leader was Meng Tsu. He was strong, like their now dead leader, Shan Yu, maybe it was because he was the one who trained him before he died to take his place leading the troops of cruel barbarians, with no heart at all.

Shang informed the emperor about last night's battle. The emperor got upset when he heard the bad news. "Chi Fu, you must tell the villagers to join the Imperial Army to protect their country, and the lives of innocent woman and children," the emperor commanded," See if Fa Mulan can join the army too."

Shang found himself smiling when he heard the name Mulan. Even if there was too many pressure ahead the thought of Mulan brought some peace into Shang's troubled being.

The emperor decided to give them a new place to train the warriors. It was much closer to Mulan's village than Camp Wu Zhong; its name was Bai Tao Base. Besides, a new place for the training, the emperor gave them more cannons just in case.

When Mulan gave her father the morning tea, she asked him," Father, did I dishonor you yesterday?"

Fa Zhou was puzzled by his daughter's question, but he guessed what she meant about saying she would rather have a daughter when she becomes a mother. He told her," No, I know lots people feel more joy when they have a son, but I think daughters are even more wonderful, and I am lucky to have the best daughter in the whole world. You honored me so much when you took my place in the army and saved China. What else could I ask for? I don't think I deserve to have you as a daughter."

Mulan smiled at her father, he always had comforting words to say every time she was feeling down.

"Daughters are the most precious creatures that could ever exist" Fa Zhou added.

Just then, the warning drums were heard and, Chi Fu was riding to Mulan's neighborhood. He started to call the families to attend the Bai Tao Base.

"Fa Mulan!" he screamed in his squeaky little voice, "His Majesty, wants you to serve your country, but he does not expect you to destroy his palace once again." Mulan narrowed her eyes at the Emperor's messenger. She walked towards him silently; then, she frowned and snatched off the scroll he was handing to her.

"How dare you!" Chi Fu exclaimed, but Mulan ignored him and went inside to her house. She couldn't stand another word coming out of Chi Fu's mouth, especially if he was to say another of his rude comments. He hated Mulan and her feelings for him were quite the same. Chi Fu thought that girls were worth nothing, which possibly was the reason why he never got married.

Fa Zhou knew what was his daughter going to do, and he was worried about it.

"I must uphold the honor of our family," Mulan said, "It will be fine"

Fa Zhou nodded and smiled lopsidedly at his daughter. He could not be calm knowing that his precious child was going to go to war, what if she never returned home? It would be torture for him, torture for the rest of his days, just missing Mulan.

Mulan went to pray to the shrine so her ancestors would protect her from any danger at war, and at her training. When, she finished her prayer, Mushu and Cri-kee appeared." See, I told 'ya," said Mushu.

Mulan shook her head, there was no time to be wasted in discussions of I told you so. "We must leave by tomorrow," she announced.

Mushu never missed the chance to tease her, "Can't wait to see your captain?" Mulan's cheeks turned bright pink, every time she heard something about him, she felt her emotions all mixed up inside, from joy to embarrassment. "No," she answered," I am serious."

"Bla, bla, bla," said Mushu, nonchalantly. He wasn't very worried about the war issue, indeed. He only cared if Mulan war flirting to Shang. Mulan ignored the little dragon.

Mulan entered the room in which her family placed her father's armor, Shan Yu's sword, and the crest that the emperor gave to Mulan just right after her heroic deed. She remembered that stormy night she left her house to join the Imperial Army, she was so afraid, yet she managed to get some courage to face all the things she had to get through to become a heroin.

"What are you thinking babe?" Mushu interrupted her thoughts.

"I was just wondering what waits for me. . ." Mulan could not finish because her father got inside the room.

"Who are you talking to?" Mushu went to hide behind the armor.

"I was just thinking out loud, that's all Baba." Mulan answered as she stood up.

Fa Zhou noticed she was nostalgic to leave her home once again to honor her family fighting for her country with honor." You know you can stay if you do not wish to go," said Fa Zhou.

Mulan smiled at her father and assured," Everything's going to be ok, daddy."

Fa Zhou smiled back at his daughter and said, "Ok, but you must go to sleep now, you'll leave early tomorrow."

Mulan nodded and started to prepare her stuff. She packed the armor, the sword, her robe, her shoes, a dress, etc. She took everything with her to her room, so it would not take her so long to get ready to leave in the morning. Her mother, Fa Li, followed her and asked her," Do you want me to wake you up?" Mulan stayed thoughtful for a moment, she really needed someone to wake her up so she would not leave at noon, but she did not want her mother to bother. Anyways, she decided it would be fine if her mother helped her a bit," If you don't wake me up, you can count that I will not leave very early," Mulan joked. Fa Li shook her head and smiled at Mulan; she was very worried, her daughter was risking her dear life again, she was going to miss her around just laughing around the house.

Mulan was a very happy person; it was really hard to make her mad, once you were close to her.

Mulan lied on her bed and looked around her room to see if Mushu was there; she saw Cri-Kee next to her pillow chirping. She smiled at the cute little cricket. Where was Mushu right now?

A few minutes later, he climbed up to Mulan's bed carrying a bowl filled with rice. Mulan looked at him as if he was the strangest thing on earth and asked," Where did you get that?"

Mushu answered," Just leftovers, babe. You didn't save dinner for Mushu."

The dragon made a sad face trying to make Mulan to feel sorry for him, but it did not work out. Instead, Mulan just laughed out of breath and said," Sorry, Mushu, but you were the one who disappeared."

Mushu crossed his arms and said, "Ok, I'll forgive you this time, baby."

Mulan was tired and it was not hard for her to fall asleep a few moments later after she closed her beautiful dark eyes. Little Brother cradled right next to Mulan's feet.

A peaceful sleep was all she needed in that moment. Mulan did not know what waited for her in war. She was quite certain that she was meeting Shang, but she did not know if she would sleep again in her bed, or if she would ever return home to her dear family.

Mulan's family was worried , they wanted her to stay instead of risking her precious life once again, but Mulan was a stubborn daughter, and she wanted to honor them all.

Granny prayed to their ancestors for the safety of her granddaughter, besides, she said a little prayer so she would return from war betrothed to Shang. Granny Fa thought he was perfect for Mulan; he was strong, handsome, intelligent, comprehensive, he was exactly the kind of man Mulan needed.

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