Chapter 12:

Truly, Madly, Deeply


Mulan was taken to the Bai Tao Base instead of reamaining in the cold. Shang holed her in his arms the whole way to the base as he rode his horse. Fa Zhou rode on Khan, next to the young Captain. Mulan was still unconcious. Hours that seemed like an eternity had gone by very slowly.

As soon as they reached the base, Shang placed Mulan´s unconcious and limp body on the bed she had been using at the base this time around. He removed the hairs that were on Mulan´s face gently with his hand and walked out of the room to get some fresh air.

Fa Zhou knelt next to his daughter beside the bed and prayed their ancestors to allow Mulan to keep going with her life.

Mushu and Cri-kee were standing by the door with gloomy faces, and Shang was pacing back and forth nervously outside the room waiting for the final news. Also, he was praying silently again; begging his ancestors to save Mulan from death, he promised them that if the gods allowed her to live he was going to show her that he really cared about her by protecting her for eternity.

Even if Fa Zhou knew his daughter couldn´t listen to him, he was telling her things, recalling memories from long ago. " You are the best daughter I could ever ask for and I know you are fighting to live this very moment and you will succeed." He gently caressed Mulan´s pale face and squeezed her hand softly. " I love you," he muttered.

Shang entered the room. He had these big eyecups under his eyes, since he hadn´t slept at all. He was looking down at his feet and looked more serious than he usually did.

Fa Zhou stood up and allowed him to kneel next to Mulan. Shang walked to her. He simply gazed at the young lady, he saw her with loving eyes, a way he never saw anyone before. Shang gently took Mulan´s hand , he didn´t care if Mulan´s father was there and he caressed Mulan´s hand gently. Indeed, touching a woman´s hand was a sign of affection among the chinese. Fa Zhou didn´t protest, instead, he just kept his eyes on the young man.

A few moments later, Mulan opened her eyes and found herself inside the room. She saw Shang and her father there with her, and then, she spotted Mushu and Cri-kee by the door with astonished faces. A beautiful smile drew upon her featues; she didn´t look as lifeless as the day before. Shang and Fa Zhou corresponded her with smiles too.

"My precious," said Fa Zhou walking towards Mulan and hugging her.

When Mulan and her father pulled away Shang asked," Are you feeling better?" He hoped the answer would be yes. Shang was finally determined to confess all the love he felt for her truly, madly, and deeply. Shang had learned a lesson; probably the most valuable one. He learned that he should say things before it was too late and there was no chance to say anything; besides, the longer it took him to say them the more he was going to feel this heavy load inside his concience.

Mulan coughed a little, then she replied," I´m much more better."

For a moment silence prevailed between them. Shang was seeking for the correct words to show that he truly loved her and he really cared so much about her. There was just this little detail, he was feeling very nervous with Fa Zhou´s presence.

Fa Zhou understood Shang wanted to talk to Mulan in private so he stepped out the room for a while. The caressing of his daughter´s hand had told him everything.

Shang cleared his throat and started," I´ve been longing to tell you something since..." He got stuck and he was talking nervously.

Mulan grinned and said," Continue."

Shang holded Mulan´s hand with his. Then, he smiled at her and went on," I feel something special when I´m around you." Now, the confession was much more easy to say.

Mulan could feel the wonderful tickles in her stomach once again.

"Mulan I lov..."

Shang was cut off when Chi Fu entered the room without excussing himself and saying, "The emperor wants to see you immediately."

Shang let go the grip on Mulan´s hand, rolled his eyes and turned to face Chi Fu.

"I´m busy right now," Shang said firmly.

Chi Fu made a surprised face probably thinking a couple of filthy thoughts which weren´t true at all.

"His majesty cannot wait for you," Chi Fu went on," I thought you had more sense of honor. You´re being disrespectful to the emperor and to me."

Shang got to his feet and said, " I´m talking to Mulan, ok? If you don´t mind."

Chi Fu started to write the gossip on his sheets. He surely wasn´t keeping this to himself and had all the intentions of giving those papers to the emperor.

Mulan spoke up," Shang, go with the emperor, it certainly is about something more important." She sounded disapointed, Chi Fu had to ruin that moment, she was almost sure Shang was going to say that he loved her. Mulan was impatient to know the truth. Unfortunately, she had to wait until Shang came back from the emperor´s palace.

Shang nodded and followed the scrawny old fool... I mean Chi Fu. Of course Mulan was much more important to him that whatever the emperor wanted to tell him. Honestly Shang was kinda surprised the emperor didn´t ask to see Mulan.

Mushu and Cri-kee jumped to Mulan´s bed after the men left.

"I hate that weirdo," said Mushu. Mulan and Cri-kee burst into chuckles. "Always spoling the fun."

When they stopped laughing, Mushu spoke up," You almost gave me a heart attack babe."

"I never meant to," Mulan apologized.

"It´s alright babe, now you´re ok."

Mulan smiled.

Fa Zhou went back to Mulan´s room. The first thing he asked was," Mulan, would you like to go home?"

Mulan nodded, but deep inside she had the desiere to wait at the base until Shang went back there. On the other side, she really wanted to go home and never place a foot at anything that had to do with war. Surely, her bed at home will be much more comfortable than the one at the base.

Because of her wound and the ache on her back, Mulan couldn´t walk by herself without losing balance and falling; so her father had to help her out. She said goodbye to Yao, Ling and Chien Po. Her father helped her up Khan then, he mounted Khan behind Mulan. Mushu and Cri-kee went with her too.

Before Mulan left the Bai Tao Base she made sure that Shang knew where was she going to be. She left a note on the bed she used at the base. It said:

"Dear Shang,

I´m feeling ok now, so I´ll go home. I´m really going to miss you.


Fa Mulan."

Mulan couldn´t believe she had the guts to write love. On her way home, Mulan was blushing with the memory of the letter she wrote. Anyway, she decided to at least give Shang a little clue about her feelings so he would open to her.

When they got home, Fa Li and Granny Fa greeted Mulan and her father. After a long time of not seeing each other, the Fa Family was in peace finally. Fa Li cried when she was told about what happened to Mulan, and Granny Fa felt proud of her brave grandaughter.

**************************************************************************** ******

The emperor had been waiting patiently for Shang to arrive to his palace. The reason why he wanted to see the young captain was that he was about to make him a general. Indeed, Shang had always dreamed of becoming a general just like his father to honor their name and to make him proud. He wanted to follow his father´s footsteps since he was very young. But Shang needed madly to make Mulan his wife; it had become his first priority since the glorious day she saved China from the mighty Shan Yu.

Shang bowed when he saw the emperor. The emperor said," Come on, you are a true hero and heroes don´t have to bow at me." The emperor patted Shang´s wounded arm not knowing he had an injury on it. Shang made a painful look when the emperor did that.

After having some tea, the emperor lead Shang into a room in which the emperor keeped lots of golden jewels, treasures, and ornaments. The emperor carried a wooden box and handed it to Shang. "This is for you."

Shang thanked the emperor and opened the box; it had a golden helmet similar to the one his father had used, and a new uniform made of silk.

"You are a general now,son."

Shang would´ve like to share this moment with Mulan and his father. His father would´ve been very proud of him if he were alive. Shang felt satisfied knowing that he had finally had got what he wanted after all those years of hard work, but still he felt his heart empty. Shang spoke up," This wouldn´t be possible without the help of a wonderful woman."

The emperor nodded and replied,"Indeed, she deserves a reward too, but grander than any treasure any rank. She deserves to be happy for eternity."

Shang nodded and asked," Can I leave now, I´m in a hurry."

The emperor let out a laugh and asked him," Is it a matter of love?"

Shang turned red and nodded. The emperor allowed him to leave with the excuse.

Shang mounted his horse and headed to Mulan´s home. The journey was long since he wanted badly to talk to Mulan. He swore to himself that whenever he wanted to say something he would just say it no matter the concequences ahead.

Save Me

(by Hanson)

Loving you like I never had before,

I´m needing you, just to open up the door.

If begging you might somehow turn the tides,

Then tell me to, I´ve gotta get this off my mind.

I never thought I´d be speaking this words,

I never thought I´d need to say

Another day alone is more that I can take.

Won´t you save me?

´cause saving´s what I need

I just wanna be by your side.

Won´t you save me?

I don´t wanna be

just drifting through the sea of life.

Listen please, baby don´t walk out the door,

I´m on my knees, you´re all I´m living for.

I never thought I´d be speaking this words

Heaven thought I´d find a way,

Another day alone is more than I can take.

Won´t you save me?

´cause saving´s what I need

I just wanna be by your side.

Won´t you save me?

I don´t wanna be

just drifting through the sea of life.

Suddenly the sky is falling

could it be it´s too late for me?

If I never said I´m sorry, then I´m wrong yes I´m wrong.

Then I hear my spirit calling

wondering if she´s longing for me

and then, I know I can´t live without her.

Won´t you save me?

´cause saving´s what I need

I just wanna be by your side.

Won´t you save me?

I don´t wanna be

just drifting through the sea of life.

**************************************************************************** ******

Mushu got inside Mulan´s room. She was sitting on her bed drawing a landscape filled with beautiful flowers, plants and a little panda. It looked like the forest she and Shang had visited a few days ago.

"Feeling better?" asked Mushu.

Mulan nodded and asked," Where have you been?"

Mushu answered ," I´ve been eating since no one fed me the past days."

Mulan giggled covering her mouth and dropping the brush she was holding.

Mushu cleared his throat and said," Ok , never mind... see I told ya Shang loves ya."

Mulan just kept giggling.

**************************************************************************** ******

When he reached Mulan´s home, Shang could feel his heartbeart rising; he was nervous but determined to confess his love. Shang took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Fa Li opened the door and invited him to come in.

Mulan was still laughing then, she heard a voice say," May I come in?"


Mushu grabbed Cri-kee by his antennae and hid under Mulan´s blankets to spy them.

"Hello," said Shang handing a beautiful flower he picked on the way to Mulan´s house to her.

Mulan got the flower and smiled. "It´s beautiful." She smelled the sweet scent of the flower, it felt so good to be alive.

"Just like you," Shang added. Mulan started to blush(that was one of the things Shang missed the most about her when she was unconcious).

Mulan told him to take a seat next to her on her bed and Shang, didn´t think twice to obey Mulan.

"By the way, why did the emperor want to see you?" asked Mulan.

Shang didn´t want to sound presumtuos or anything of the sort, and less infront of Mulan. " Well, thanks to you, Fa Mulan I´m a general," he replied.

Mulan made a puzzled look on her face and asked," Me? What did I do?"

Shang grinned and said," Everything Mulan, everything."

**************************************************************************** ******

"Can´t he just say what´s really on his mind quickly?" asked Mushu impatient.

Cri-kee shook his head and told his dragon friend to be patient.

**************************************************************************** ******

Shang continued," Mulan I owe it all to you so thank you so much."

Mulan looked into Shang´s eyes and said," Shang, you are a great teacher, where do you think I learned everything from?"

Shang shook his head and replied," Yes, but you are the one with the brilliant ideas."

Shang inched closer to Mulan, closed his eyes and bowed his head to kiss Mulan´s forehead. Mulan closed her eyes too and enjoyed the brief moment of his kiss. Then, he bent his head more and his mouth made the way to Mulan´s lips. Her lips welcomed him with any kind of rejections. Definately the mouth kiss was much better, filled with love and passion. They kissed for a long time and none of them wanted to pull away. This what they both were waiting for, for so long now. After they separated, Shang swallowed hard and said," I´m in love with you." Mulan giggled sweetly and replied," I love you too."

"Really?" asked Shang. He simply couldn´t believe what he had just heard.

Mulan pulled him closer to her and kissed Shang´s lips passionately. Then she pulled away to get some air and say," I really do." Her cheeks were like red cherries and her eyes sparkled mischieviously.

Shang stood up, and started to pace back and forth.

"Mulan, would you marry me?"

Mulan smiled and replied," Why would I refuse your proposal?"

Shang sat back again and started to say nonsense," Because you´re witty, beautiful, and I don´t deserve all that."

"Yeah right," Mulan said," And I guess I don´t deserve such an honorable husband."

Shang let out a laugh. He felt relieved after knowing Mulan loved him back; in all his life he hadn´t feel so joyful. Mulan had opened her pure heart to him and that was all he could wish for in life. No treasure, nor no highest rank could ever be compared to having such gift as Mulan´s love.

Shang caressed Mulan´s face and kissed her mouth once again.

"That was about time!" Mushu exclaimed as he uncovered himself from his hiding place," But could you guys just leave the kisses for a while?"

Mulan on purpose kept kissing Shang.

Later on, Mulan and Shang told Fa Zhou about their plans for the future and he gave them his blessing.

In the end, Mulan had saved her father´s life and brought back peace to China with the help of her guardian and his sidekick. As a reward for being an honorable daughter and a brave soldier, her dreams of marrying the wise young now general Li Shang came true. Both lived wonderful moments together from that day on although there were hardships too, but the love they felt for each other was strong enough to overcome the obstacles.


(But you all know the end is always the beggining of something new)

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