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Chapter 6 - Lauren

I was woken that night by some one throwing small stones at my window. I opened it to see Danny standing underneath.

"Lauren!" he said quietly and I began to shut my window. "No, wait Lauren! I want you to see something! Get dressed and come down! Please come down!" the pleading look on his face and his puppy dog eyes as he said this were impossible to say no to so I quickly pulled on a pair of jeans, a tee shirt and a jacket and hurried down stairs, careful not to wake Claudine. When I got to the door I slipped on a pair of shoes and went outside into the cold night air. "Lauren!" Danny said flinging his arms around me.

"Just show me what you want to show me, and do it quickly I'm cold." I said bluntly peeling Danny of from around me and scowling at him. He took my hand and lead me into Claudine's enormous garden. Suddenly I felt his hand slip from mine and I was left alone in the dark. "Danny…" I said quietly, not wanting to be with him but equally, not wanting to be all alone in the middle of the night.

"Wait there," I heard his voice say in the dark. I heard a click and suddenly, the entire garden lit up. I squinted and looked around for Danny, unable to find him at first, but as my eyes adjusted to the new level of light I could see he was sitting on an ornate bench and beaconing me over. I rushed over and sat next to him. On seeing that I was shivering, he took of his jacket and put it around my shoulders along with his arm as he pulled me close.

"Look," he said and he pointed up at the sky. I looked up to a million stars shining above us.

"It's just stars Danny," I said quietly.

"No, not that," he pointed again and looked closer.

"Danny, this is ridiculous! It's freezing cold, the middle of the night and you've got me looking at a load of stars!" I began to stand up but he pulled me back.

"Wait," he whispered. All of a sudden, a light shot across the sky. It was a shooting star.

"Make a wish," I said quietly.

"I don't need to," he said "I have everything I could ever want sitting on this bench. I have you Lauren," he continued, placing his hand on my stomach. "I have you and I have the baby." I pulled him into a hug as tears flooded from my eyes.

"But what about…" I began

"Never again." he whispered in my ear and I smiled. As I looked over his shoulder I could see the fountain in the middle of Claudine's pond was spurting out water that, under the light of the stars, looked more like glitter. I knew that just saying "Never again," and lighting Claudine's garden up with a load of fairy lights wasn't exactly a very conventional method of proving to you wife that the affair you've been having for three years was at an end but it suited me just fine. I had known from the moment I met him that Danny was never going to be completely loyal, but that never stopped me loving him and it never will. As he held me in his arms I felt more at home and happy then I had done in a while. Finally he let go and looked me in the eyes.

"We have to make this work this time Lauren… for the baby." he placed him hand on my stomach again and I gave him a soft smile.

"It will work, I know it." I leaned in and began to kiss him. He kissed me back and I put my arms around him. After a few minutes, we stopped kissing and we began to watch the stars again. Every so often, the two tiny blinking lights that aeroplanes have on their wings would move slowly across the sky and we would silently wonder where they were going, or where they were coming from. We sat together until morning, when he took my hand and lead me up to my bedroom. We lay down on the bed and fell asleep. It was a light sleep, but it was the best I had slept in years.