Hi guys! Here it is! First chapter of the Christian/Swagger story. I've written a rough plot outline and so far these two seem like they go surprisingly well together. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry it's a long first chapter!
Oh and someone requested more Mark/Matt involvement so don't sorry they will be in here too. Kane and Punk are a given though :P

PS how great was Smackdown last week? Punk owned! Edge and Jericho were great too.

PPS - Jay and Jake are very similar names so if it gets confusing and you'd rather I called him Christian in this story let me know :)



It was the night after his first Smackdown appearance and Phil was still pumped. He'd changed out of his ring gear and was waiting for Glen to finish changing so they could head back to the hotel. He sat on one of the trunks of gear near the exit in his "tough guys wear pink" shirt and some black baggy cargo's paired with his usual sneakers and bears cap.

Chewing gum whilst he listened to music on his ipod he couldn't be happier than he was at this moment. The promo had gone down really well and his match with Edge had been great. He loved teasing the crowd into thinking he was going to cash in the briefcase. Overall he felt he was finally getting a push into the main even status and was enjoying every moment.

Suddenly Nick Nemeth aka Dolph Ziggler came walking over, still in his ring gear. That guy lived and breathed that stupid gimmick. He'd gone a little nutty. "Hey cutie. Dolph Ziggler and you are?"

"Nick I'm Phil Jacobs. You already know that. And don't call me 'cutie'" Phil said, rolling his eyes.

"So cutie… When can I take you out for dinner?" Nick asked, ignoring Phil's reply.

Phil looked up to see Glen standing behind Nick and smiled brightly. For a moment Nick puffed up his chest thinking he'd put that smile on Phil's face before he realised Phil was looking at someone behind him and he turned around to find Glen standing there. Glen grabbed Nick by the throat in a chokehold and growled "How about never? If you ever look… no if you even THINK about my husband again I'll put you in the ground do you hear me?" Dolph nodded frantically and when Glen released him he went running off.

"Well, that was a little harsh" Phil commented with amusement.

Glen looked at his husband – that long silky black hair, those bright hazel-brown eyes that always looked at him with love, his sexy scruffy beard - and replied "No… I don't think I was harsh enough. If it was legal I'd probably kill anyone that looked at you"

Phil giggled "You're so possessive"

"I have to be. If I wasn't so territorial I guarantee you half the guys in the locker room would try to steal you away" Glen grumbled. Phil wrapped his arms around Glen's neck and pulled him close. "It would be a waste of time since I've only got eyes for you"

"Hmmph!" Glen replied. He wasn't in a good mood after having to lose his match tonight coming off a strong win against Punk at Backlash.

"You looked so cute tonight stomping around… throwing stuff like a big gorilla," Phil teased referring to the way Glen had carried on after his match.

"Hey!" Glen cried, insulted by the gorilla comment.

"But you're my big gorilla" Phil said sweetly before he stole a kiss.

Pacified, Glen smiled and kissed his husband back. He could never get enough of him.

Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) had been waiting by the door of his locker room waiting for Tommy Laughlin (Tommy Dreamer) to finish up so they could head home after the taping. He'd seen the whole Nick/Glen incident and was now watching Phil and Glen make out like they'd forgotten where they were. He sighed. Those two were obviously so in love. Why couldn't he find something special like that? He thought sadly of Jay Reso and then pushed that thought aside. But then the very man he was thinking of walked by. "Perving on the love birds now? You some kind of voyeur?" Jay teased.

"I'm waiting to catch a lift from Tommy actually. Not my fault they decided to make out in front of me" Jake replied coldly and turned to look away from Jay. He couldn't even look at him right now he was still hurting too much.

"For god's sake kid. Get over it. It was a one-time thing stop sulking like a kid who lost his goddamn teddy bear or something," Jay said, rolling his eyes before he walked away.

Yeah, easy for him to say Jake thought bitterly. He had totally idolised Jay before he met him. Thought he was an awesome wrestler and when he'd finally gotten to work with him… Well it was like all his dreams come true. Every time they got in the ring together they were so in tune. It was like they'd wrestled each other a thousand times. There was incredible chemistry between them and after Backlash it had carried out of the ring and into the locker room showers when they'd been alone, and then later back at his hotel room. Jay could deny it all he wanted but there had been something special between them that night and he'd never forget it, even though he knew there was no future with Jay. He'd made that painfully clear.

Tuning out to the goings-on around him he became lost in the memory of that night.

He remembered the way he'd been so full of energy after the match. Vince had been really impressed and he'd gotten a lot of compliments from the other wrestlers too. He'd headed for the showers not hearing Jay enter just behind him until the shower beside him turned on. He looked sideways to see it was Jay and quickly turned away before Jay could see him blush. He had such a crush on the older man and felt like a virgin school boy every time he was around him. For a while neither said anything and the only sound in the room was the sound of the water hitting the shower floor. "Great match tonight Jake. You were really great out there" Jay said finally, turning to Jake to give him a friendly shove.

"Oh uh thanks *ahem* thanks Jay that means a lot coming from you. You were really good too."

"Thanks man. Hey what was with all that bear hugging action though? You sweet?" Jay asked with a grin, not being serious but looking for a reaction out of the rookie.

"What? Uh No! Why would you think that?" Jake blushed and looked away, turning the shower off to make a quick getaway.

"Hey wait a minute. It's cool. I don't normally mess around with rookies but for you I'll make an exception since you're pretty fucking hot" Jay replied before he pulled Jake under the spray of his shower and kissed him.

Jake closed his eyes and moaned, opening his eyes when he heard Jay sniggering.

"Cute" Jay said, pinching Jake's nose playfully but then kissing him again when Jake tried to turn away in embarrassment.

Jake soon forgot all about his shyness and kissed Jay back hungrily. It was all his fantasies come to life. Panting now Jay pulled away, remembering where they were and that anyone could come in.

"What's your room number rookie?"

"3.. 316" Jake stuttered.

"Got a spare key?"


Jake stood there staring at Jay dreamily before Jake coughed and said "Are you going to give it to me?"

"Oh! I'll just grab it from my bag" Jake replied, blushing and hurrying over to his gear. He grabbed the spare key with shaky hands and passed it to Jay.

"I'll meet you there in an hour blondie" Jay replied, slapping Jake on the ass as he walked past wrapped in a towel to where he'd placed his own gear.

Jay had knocked on the door just under an hour later and Jake had been waiting up, pacing the room in a t-shirt and boxers still not really believing that Jay would turn up. But then there he was, swaggering in and sweeping Jake into his arms as the door closed behind him. Jay kissed him and Jake melted into his arms. They quickly removed each others clothing and fell to the bed, Jake shuddering as Jay's beard rasped against his skin while Jay licked and sucked at his nipples causing him to moan out loud.

He clung to Jay as he was expertly brought to full arousal by Jay's teasing lips and hands before Jay moved back up to kiss him once again on the lips, Jay's tongue plundering his mouth.

He was quickly prepared and then Jay entered him in one smooth stroke and Jake gasped into Jay's mouth at the intense feeling of Jay inside him. Their lips met again and again in a passionate frenzy as Jay started to move inside him. Jake wrapped his legs around Jay and looked up into his eyes. He grabbed Jay's face in his hands to force Jay to look back at him and for a moment their eyes met and held as Jay moved within him. Jake had never felt so connected to someone as he did in that moment. But then Jay closed his eyes and groaned, starting a harder, faster rhythm to bring them both closer to completion. He grabbed Jake's hands in his own and Jake could do nothing but cling to Jay and cry out in ecstasy as he went over the edge, his head spinning with the intensity of it. He heard Jay cry out his name and collapse above him as he came a moment later and then they both lay there for a moment trying to catch their breath, staring into each others eyes.

And then it was over. Jay rolled out of bed and started dressing. Looking at Jay he smiled and said "Thanks for the good time kid! I'll see you around".

Jake sat up with shock. "You're… you're just leaving. Just like that. Like I'm nothing but a cheap whore?"

"Oh what? You thought this was what? The start of a relationship or something? Geez kid I never made you any promises. It was just a bit of fun. I thought you realised that"

"A bit of fun. That's what you're calling what just happened?" Jake asked with a raised brow. He couldn't believe Jay was standing there acting as if they hadn't just had an incredible moment together.

"That's all it was kid. You're fooling yourself if you think it was anything more"

"There's a connection between us Jay and YOU'RE the fool if you can't see that"

"Connection? Geez see now this is why I don't sleep with rookies. They always get the wrong idea" Jay laughed.

Jake grabbed Jay's face in his hands and kissed him hard on the mouth and although Jay returned the kiss for a moment he still backed away and threw on his jacket.

"Look kid, I'll.. I'll see you around." Jay said stepping backwards towards the door before turning around and leaving, the door closing with a soft "click" behind him.

Jake lay there feeling numb and let the tears he'd held back slide down his cheeks. He felt used. A beautiful moment had been cheapened because Jay couldn't admit that it was more than just sex. On Jake's part it had been love… right from the start.

Tommy suddenly appeared and placed his hand on Jake's shoulder, making the younger man jump. "Whoah sorry to interrupt your day dream but it's time to go buddy". Jake left his thoughts behind and headed out to the car with Tommy.