Okay guys here's the story. I know I said I would do Evan/Jeff… but I'm having a lot of trouble with this couple. I'm just not feeling it. And because of that no story is coming to me. However, I have some ideas if I keep them as friends and focus on Jeff this story, and then write Evan's story next. Some very interesting ideas to say the least.

And I have someone I'd like to pair with Jeff instead of Evan… and I can tell you it's not anyone that was on that poll. Someone I've never even thought of writing about before but I got this idea and it won't go away and let me write Jeff/Evan!!! My new muse is being very stubborn and so I'm going to go with my heart and write what's coming to me.

Sorry if this disappoints anyone but I have some good ideas planned for Evan's story, and he'll be in this story with Jeff anyway as a friend.

I hope that my new story ideas will still entertain you. Sorry to go against the poll but in the world of "Something More" I just can't see Jeff and Evan together because I consider them both bottoms and I don't really want either topping.

Feel free to comment.

I'm writing my new plot up this weekend and with luck I should have something posted for Monday, but I also have 3 other pieces I have to write for a board I'm a member of so I'm going to be busy busy busy this week!

I'll do my best to deliver though :)

In the mean time, I thought to make it up to you all I would offer a little "competition". I need a new title name for Jeff's story that keeps with the Something More theme. Whoever comes up with the best idea will have their title used and a credit to them also :) So PM me if you have an idea!