Jacob sat on the couch talking animatedly with my father about the ambush attack the whole family was putting together for the visitors coming through town next week. Mom was sitting across the room from them, staring at Dad in that weird way she did when she had nothing better to do. It always reminded me of the way Jacob looked at me, which made me feel all warm inside, and caused me to blush.

"Thanks a lot there, Mom," I thought to myself. Of all things to inherit from her, it had to be that.

Dad smiled a little and shook with quiet laughter.

I was running around the kitchen fixing Jake his second lunch today; two barbeque sandwiches and a bag of chips. The guy could eat an elephant at one meal.

I took him his plate and he looked up at me, you know the way Mom and Dad looked at each other, and made me blush. Again.

"Thanks, Ness. God, I'm starving!" he said before devouring the first sandwich in three bites.

"Go figure," I mumbled sarcasticly. At that he elbowed me and I laughed, stealing a chip from him and quickly popping it into my mouth.

"Hey! That was my chip!" he whined reaching for my mouth like he was going to take it back.

"Okay, okay. That's enough. Jake, now we've got to get back to this," Dad said, immediately breaking up the quarrel.

I cleared my throat and nonchalantly brushed my hand across Jake's cheek, showing him an image of me fighting alongside him, battling a vampire with glowing red eyes. Jake gave me a wary look, but continued his conversation with my father.

"Well, Edward," he stopped to clear his throat, obviously not wanting to go forward, "Um, I think we should put Nessie in the back, to the left, between Emmett and Paul, and she can flank…"

My father stood up quickly, and was suddenly standing over Jake, glowering at him.

"For the millionth time Jacob, Renesmee is NOT going to fight along with us. She isn't old enough yet. I'm tired of you bringing this up, I don't care if she is putting you up to it. The answer is no, like it is every time you ask, and that's final," he said coldly.

Jake and I stood up and started yelling at my dad at the same time.

"If you would just give her a chance! You know she's strong enough for this!" Jake bellowed at him, but my voice still overpowered his.

"Your unbelievable!" I shrieked, "I'm full grown, but I'm still not old enough?! I haven't grown a centimeter, I haven't changed at all, in two years! I am a part of this family and I will fulfill my duty as a Cullen and a Black and help protect my family and home! I have EVERY right too!"

My father looked at me, bewildered by my sudden burst of anger. I was panting and my face was burning hot.

"Nessie," he whispered, his eyes looking at me only the way a father could look at his daughter, "You know we can't let you. Your too vulnerable…"

"I am just as strong as any other vampire out there!" I breathed.

"Let me finish," he replied sternly, then softened back up, "I know that, Ness, it's just that you have blood and a beating heart, and you know what would happen if you were bitten."

His face took on a mask of pain, and I knew it hurt him to think about anything happening to me, but I still had a point to prove.

"I know, Dad, but you've just got to give me a chance! I…" I said before being interrupted.

"No," my mother, who I had completely forgotten about, stood and walked over to place a hand on mine and my father's arms after sitting quietly and watching our dispute, "Your father's right, Renesmee, we just don't know enough yet to be sure if it's safe to let you go. We'll have enough to worry about without you being attacked for mealtime by one of them," Dad and her both grimaced at the last part, but then smiled warmly at me.

"You can stay behind and wait for us like you always do. We can ask your grandmother to stay with you, or you could go over and visit Emily," she began.

"No! I don't want to spend an afternoon with Grandma or go to Emily's while all of you are off fighting vampires! I want to be there with you!" I yelled before turning around and running out of the little red house.

Billy was rolling up the driveway when I was running down it, but I hadn't broken into a full run yet so he could still see me.

"Hey, Nessie," he said cheerfully up to me. "Rough day?" he then asked.

I sighed. Billy always knew what people were thinking. He was creepier than Dad sometimes.

"Yeah. Could you tell Mom and Dad I'm going out for a run?" I asked, doing my best to smile at him.

"Sure, sure," he said.

I didn't reply, I was too eager to get out of there. I turned and ran. I couldn't hear anyone following me at first, and I was relieved and sad at the same time. Relieved because my parents were the last people I wanted to see at the moment. Sad because I wanted Jake to follow. I always wanted to be with Jake.

Then I heard his footsteps, following behind me.

"Slow down a little, Ness," he panted. I laughed at that, being competitive as usual.

"I don't think so!" I called back.

Instead of a reply, all I heard was the tearing of skin and flesh, then the sound of padded paws repeatedly hitting the ground, growing closer and closer.

"Aww, Jake, that's cheating!" I yelled at him. We were now running side by side. Neither of us had ever won a race with each other. When he was human I could outrun him, but as a wolf, we were equal. Neither could ever gain even an inch on the other, though we tried desperately.

We ran straight to a cove on the beach, our cove, and collapsed on the sand. It was a beautiful place that we had discovered on one of the many nights we explored La Push hand in hand. Those rituals started when I was about 4, with the body and mind of an eleven year old, and two months after I had turned six we stumbled upon this place and shared our first kiss. The cove was hidden underneath a huge cliff and is very hard to get to…for a human. We never told anyone about it, and it became our cove.

He rolled around onto his back and put his paws up, with his tongue hanging out of his mouth like a dog. I rolled in the sand, over to him, and jumped up on top of him, scratching his belly and making him do his cute wolfy laugh. He jumped up on his legs, knocking me into the sand. Then he started jumping around playing. I was laughing so hard my side ached.

He turned and ran into the cove. I gave him his privacy, and used the time to try and stop laughing. After I had calmed down, I stood up and walked into the water until I was about knee deep.

Jake walked out of the cove then, shirtless and grinning widely. He ran into the water too, rinsing the sand off of him. He started splashing me and I couldn't ignore the invitation. I gave him a daring, dangerous look and dove into the water. I swam around him, deep enough to where he couldn't see me. I saw his legs tense up, bracing himself for what he knew was coming.

I swam up behind him, and made a snap decision to do something a little risky. I took the very tip of one of my fingers and ran it up his leg, starting at the ankle and tracing to his mid-thigh. I saw his leg tremble and shiver, and electricity shot through me at the thought of what my touch did to Jake.

I knew that he loved me, and I had always loved him. From the beginning as my big brother, to my awkward growing stages as my secret crush, till two years ago on the day I stopped growing, my sixth birthday with the body of a fifteen year old and barely the excuse of breasts, Jake and my parents sat me down and told me about mine and Jacob's imprintation. That was when I really became so aware of Jacob; when I finally understood my lifelong fascination with him. Now we were different around each other. We flirted openly, something I had only dreamed of doing before, and there was a new energy around us. I was aware of it constantly when I was around him, which was most of the time, and I knew he was just as aware of it as I was. He tried to respect my parents, me, and himself by ignoring it. But sometimes he would slip up…

I couldn't think about that now I had to focus. I bent me knees and effortlessly pushed up from the water. I shot up from the water like a rocket, breaking the surface and in the same second flying thirty feet into the air. I swirled gracefully multiple times, pulling my body in like a figure skater, and spraying water in every direction.

Before falling back to the water, I caught a glimpse of Jake, staring up at me in awed amazement, like a blind man seeing the light for the first time, but that was how Jacob always looked at me.

I laid back in the air, falling, and landed in a pair of soft, warm arms. Jacob curled me into his body and carried me back to the beach.

I put my face into his bare chest, inhaling deeply his musky, woody scent that made my mouth water. The aroma filled my head and the air around me, making me dizzy. I felt like I was losing grip on this world, and entering a new one. One with just me and Jake.

On top of his luscious scent, I could smell his hot blood, hear it flowing through his veins. This didn't make me thirsty, I never craved Jacob's blood, but boy, was it a turn on.

I couldn't take it anymore. I took my hands and smacked them into Jake's burning chest. He started at this, and looked down at me bewildered. I gave him a hungry look and pulled myself up, pushing my right hand up his shoulder and twisting it around his neck. I eagerly moved my lips, trying to get some response out of his. I took my left hand and gripped his long hair, pulling his face in closer to mine.

He was hesitant at first, not denying me. Jake never denied me anything, and I gladly took advantage of that at moments like this.

Then, suddenly, he was as eager as I was, fiercer even, moving his lips with mine urgently, and a low moan escaped his throat.

This sent a wave of electricity through my body that made me giggle loudly. Under the weight of the whimper, he fell to the ground, landing on his back with me on his stomach. He laughed along with me and I rolled over on my back too. We through our heads to the side so we could see each other. Sometimes I wondered if I would ever get enough of looking at Jake, and every time a loud voice in my head told me that no, no I wouldn't.