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I caught his eye and he smiled, his gorgeous dimples coming into play. I smirked at him and raised my eyebrow, curling my fingers at him, daring him to make a move. He just shook his head and peeked up at me through his dark lashes.

I couldn't take it anymore, I walked up to him. I, Rosalie Swan, went up to a guy! I grabbed him by the tie and tugged him through the nearest doorway.

I don't know what made me do what I did, but having met this one guy who actually resisted me, just made him all the times more sexy than he already was. He let out a booming laugh as I slammed the door. He pushed me up against the wall and held my hands above my head. "Why didn't you come to me earlier?" I said as he grazed his free hand up the side of my body.

"I guess I was just frozen, its not everyday that Rosalie fucking Hale wants me, I can tell you that."

I smiled at him and his eyes met mine. "Well get used to it tiger." His eyes immediately turned black with lust and he scooped me up and threw me over his shoulder. I huffed and tried to straighten myself out.. "Where we going?" I moaned as he opened the door to the hallway.

"I dunno, its our own little adventure.. I opt for the room next door."

"And why is that Em?"

"I have a feeling."

"Lead the way then, I have no choice but to follow do I?"


He opened the door and I peeked up through my hair to see white marble everywhere... we were in a bathroom I think.

Emmett let me slide down his front and I smiled up at him.. "You know in all my days I have never been taken on a piggyback ride?"


"Mmm hmm...." I think my moan set him off because next thing I know, we are kissing. Kissing so ferociously and passionately we could set the room on fire. I never knew what I was missing in a guy, but now I realized it was everything that Emmett was.

His tongue traced the corner of my lips and I immediately opened up to him. His tongue was so warm compared to mine, I moaned and I felt the vibrations travel between us. His tongue won the fight for dominance and it filled my mouth. Even after all my years in the business, this little bit of foreplay was turning me on more than anything else had. Amazing...

I felt a tingling sensation rocket through out my body and a spark flow through me. I felt warm with him and quivered at the change in my body. I was so wet already, if only he knew.

His tongue roamed every part of my mouth and I was thoroughly enjoying it. We were still standing up though, which was a bit annoying, but the wall gave excellent support.

As he tilted his head in a different direction, I would eagerly follow his lead.

He placed one more chaste kiss on my lips before he started to move down, his hands were all over my body.

I felt a trail of kisses, starting at my neck and leading right down to my exposed belly button. He began to caress my breasts and that was when I realized that we were just wearing too many clothes for my liking.

I looked over his shoulder and saw a hot tub in the middle of the huge bathroom, built into the floor. I smiled and turned him over so he could see it. He seemed dazed for a second, probably day dreaming about what we would be doing in there, so I took the opportunity and began to run for it, all the while stripping off my clothes.

I started with my shoes, leaving them were I stood by the wall, next came my leggings, ripped off and chucked onto the floor, my top into the corner of the room, all that I was left in was my underwear.

I hopped into the hot tub and turned around, propping my head up onto my hands and leaning down on the marble.

I saw Emmett was a quick learner.. and a quick stripper.. in the same time as me, he had managed to get everything off and was standing in front of me in all his glory.. and wow.

If it wasn't for the fact that my mouth was shut closed my my hands, it would have dropped open in shock.

He was huge, and hard already, his chest was something only a girl dreams of.

I sat up and drifted into the middle of the water, going under and getting my whole body completely wet.

I came back up and brushed my hair back from my face with my hands.

I opened my eyes and Emmett was staring straight at my chest. I smiled and repeated my original plan, I curled my finger at him and it seemed he was in a trance, he walked over straight away, gliding into the water and wetting his perfect hair.

He lifted me up so I was sitting on the side of the tub, I felt his hardening member press against my chest and I moaned. He was so ready for me. Then without warning, his hands made their way to the front of my bra and ripped it clean off.

My bra was shredded into scrap material, shit that was one of my favorites, well I guess it went out for a good cause.

His talented mouth was on my breast shortly after the material had been forced off, again, our differences in body temperature made it all the more pleasurable.

He sucked and bit and made me shiver in delight. His mouth finally took my nipple into his mouth and I moaned loudly.

My hands dug into his dark, curly hair, as if threatening to pull out every strand. My pants were already ruined and I think he knew that too... I couldn't take the teasing for much longer.

He continued sucking and biting and massaging my breasts. He was masterful with his hands.

He licked his way back up to my lips and blew in my ear. I caught his lips in mine once again, it felt like an eternity since they were locked together.

I felt him circle my nipple with his thumb and I groaned, then suddenly he pinched it just hard enough to make me scream out in a mix of pain and pleasure. God that felt good, he repeated it a few times with both nipples and I bet you I actually had drool coming out of my mouth, he left me feeling impossibly turned on.

He brought his lips back to mine and gave me another passionate kiss that left us gasping for air. His lips then moved back to my ear. His breathing made me shiver again.

"You have no idea how much I was looking forward to getting some alone time with you." He said as he slipped his fingers through the sides of my thong, making me barely able to think. "I was hard when I first saw you standing there with your sisters and when you looked at me, that was just mean-" He bit my ear once more, I was finding it hard to keep my mouth shut "-I thought I was going to have to take you there and then in front of everyone."

"Emmett please." I practically growled.

"Please what baby?" He smirked at me. Bastard.

"Take them off, please, god..."

He abided with my wishes and caught the edges of my panties with his finger tips, straightening my legs and ripping them off in one quick motion.

He looked down and smiled, I was already shaved and ready of course, plus, I was literally dripping on the marble floor.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I arched my body up, curling my toes. "Emmett please touch me. I will do whatever you want, but right now, please.. I beg you."

He seemed to be enjoying my weakened state but decided to put my out of my pain.

The hand that had been resting on my thighs travelled down in between my legs, finally hitting and starting to massage my nub. That hand continued to massage but then he got his other hand and entered two fingers inside me to add to the effect.

I was climbing already. I was already impossibly high, I felt like I was on top of a mountain, and the way that Emmett was moving with me and digging and curling his fingers into me just made me go impossibly higher. I guess the sky is the limit eh?

We had been kissing this whole time, but I had to pull away and let myself breathe. "Ugh Emmett, keep going."

His hands made mastery of my core and I felt myself tightening in anticipation. My walls were clenching and I kept feeling lighter and lighter, like I was walking on thin air. I couldn't even keep my eyes open anymore, and I am sure if I tried, I would fail.

I was seeing those bright lights behind my eyes that you only get at those veeery special moments. This pleasure was like no other I had felt, and HE wasn't even in me yet.

His mouth travelled all over my body as I continued to moan louder and louder. He didn't leave a single place untouched.

His fingers never stopped moving in and out of me, and just as I thought I had reached my high of pleasure, he added another finger and my levels just went crazy. He went faster and if it was possible he was going deeper too.

I screamed his name out loud as I felt my walls close around his fingers. My whole body felt like it had been bent in two, and been turned inside out.

That was the point where I knew I had reached the highest point imaginable. EVER.

It was phenomenal, it felt out of this world, almost as if I was having an outer body experience. My head was still spinning and my breathing still hadn't steadied.

Emmett had slowed his masterful rubbing right down to a stop. He brought his fingers up to his lips and licked every last bit of my orgasm off. He kissed me once and I tasted myself on his tongue, yum.

I was so dizzy, but in a good way. I finally managed to catch his eyes in mine, I didn't even have to smile, just by looking at him, I knew he knew what I felt. I whimpered from missing his hand on me however and he just grinned, feeling very satisfied with himself. We kissed again, it was short but sweet, but then our hands began to roam once more...

I gracefully slipped my body back into the water, making sure I was actually still able to stand properly and I just admired him for a moment.

He was leaning back against the side of the tub, his muscly arms defined as his arms bent. He was the only man I had ever actually looked at properly. He could be a male model, he could be a porn star. He had THE look. Oh my god I just had an idea.. oh well really not the place to think about it. I would have to talk to ALice and BElla about it later.

I must have had a real smile on my face cause next thing I know, Emmett's leg is brushing up against mine. "What has you so distracted? I hope its my wondrous skills in the bedr- no wait, in the hot tub even." He said as he wiggled either eyebrows from side to side.

I laughed. "You look so goofy when you do that." I bit my lip and looked down.

"And you dear Rose, look incredibly sexy when you do that."

"Oh really?" I said as I stalked towards him.

"Yes really." He spoke in just over a whisper.

"Well thank you then, Emmett Cullen." Time to reward him for making me feel like heaven on earth.

I wrapped my fingers around his member and began to move my hand up and down. He moaned and let his head fall back, good, I wanted to make him feel just as good as he had done to me not more than a few minutes ago.

His hands travelled up to my hips and he squeezed tightly whenever I did a particularly slow and deliberate stroke.

I decided it was time to stop teasing him, it wasn't fair... I should know.

When I was finally able to slip his hands off of my waist, I let my body travel south of his body. I kissed every little important detail to me, starting with his collar bone, his abs, his chiseled chest, his belly button etc...

He stretched up onto the floor so I had clear and easy access to him.

I took him in my mouth and sucked hard. He let out a low, muffled roar that stayed in the back of his throat. I giggled at hearing it, and the vibrations travelled up his whole length, resulting in a thrust to my mouth.

He brought his hands to the back of my head, guiding me. I knew he didn't want to squeeze too hard, he could like crush my skull if e wanted to I think.

I continued to suck and then brought my hands back up to stroke whichever places my mouth couldn't reach. Making sure to keep in rhythm to the bob of my head.

I let my mouth travel up to his tip, swirling my tongue around in a circular motion, very slowly at times.

His guttural growls just grew louder and louder making me want to please him all that much more.

My free hand started to play with his full sack to help him reach the height of pleasure. He just kept getting harder and harder in my mouth as I sucked, and licked and pulled.

I bit his head several times only to suck greedily again. He tasted so good, not the normal sticky, salty taste.

I hollowed out my cheekbones and let him thrust right into my mouth, and down my throat. Of course I didn't gag, I had been trained not too, but it was hard since Emmett was just so big. I pulled out, and in, and out and well you get the idea.

Emmett was still growling and he had gone completely stiff after I had done my work. His eyes were in the back of his head and his arms were like rigid bars by his sides, his fists closed to the point that I thought they might burst.

He wanted to touch me I think.

I pushed right into him and then started to do a very fast blow, my left hand stayed with his sack, my right hand to the bottom half of his length, and my mouth on the top. He opened his eyes at the new fund pace, and groaned a "fuck" into the air.

I tormented him like this until I felt him start to pulse in my mouth. I felt it building up inside of him. He knew it too and bless him, he tried to pull out of my mouth but I just wasn't having it. I wanted to taste all of him.

With that his warms, sticky cum shot into the back of my throat. He tasted even better than before. It was my new favorite flavor.

As he continued to grunt I did a few more slow strokes on his softening member. I smiled, well done Rose, job done.

He splashed back into the tub lazily, making me get soaked in the process, normally I would have complained, but then I saw the look of determination on his face and I shut my mouth immediately.

He pulled me back up to face him and we stared at each other. "Rose, no one has ever made me feel that good before."

"Back at 'cha Emmy."

Then his hands started to feel their way all over me again.


Rose's story had left me feeling hot and bothered. "Wait a sec Rose, as much as that sounded really good, you didn't have sex?"

"No, you just haven't let me finish Bella. I went for a shower afterwards, he joined and one thing lead to another...."

"OOH tell tell tell!!!" Alice was jumping up and down hyperly, as usual.

"Nahh.. its late, I am hungry and I think we should go down to the lunch hall now for something to eat. Maybe we should join the guys when we are down there yeh?"

"Sounds like a plan I guess, ooh ooh OMG! Yeh tonight we should tell the rest of our stories, like Rose can tell us of her shower expedition, I can tell you guys about what me and Jazz were talking about earlier-"

"Just talking? BORING!"

"No, I found out some really interesting stuff actually, on how and who runs the school, which teachers are strict.. and which girls think they are better than everyone else."

"Okay nice one."

"Ooh YEH! And also, Bella can tell us what she did with Edward yeh?"

"Okay fine.."

Rose was the first to jump up, "Good, that settles it.. lets go for dinner now though before my stomach explodes with hunger."

Me and ALice looked over at her in shock. "Um Rose are you okay? Normally you are the last person on Earth that wants to get food."

"I suppose Em is rubbing off on me."


She pouted and stamped her foot, "Shut up guys, you are just as much taken by these guys than I am."

Couldn't even start to argue there... I would have lost.


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