Well, here it is! more Gin and Cherry! The kawaii-ness!

I love writing these... but sadly, I am a little short on ideas. If anyone has any, let me know!

(Would it be okay if I said that Cherry was mine? I know bleach isn't, but what about Cherry-chan?)

Anyway, this ones still with the Little Gin... Cherry breaks Aizens vase, oh no!


The priceless vase

A crash of broken glass echoes through the fifth division, followed shortly after by another of Aizen's monstrous roars.


One of Aizen's priceless vases was the latest victim of the antics of the new arrival. And Aizen was soon growing to regret his decision to let Gin keep her.

The little fox scampered away out into the corridor to escape the wrath of Sousuke, who was not amused in the slightest at the fact that one of his possessions had been broken when she had been playing around on his desk.

She quickly ran, nearly skidding across the floor and into the wall as she turned the corner before she had found her master. Then leaping into his arms and attempting to bury herself under his shihakusho, making him laugh as her bushy tail tickled him. Trying to hide from Aizen.


"Ichimaru you have five seconds to get the hell in here!"
Aizen's voice boomed out again as Gin gasped, suddenly realising what had happened. He was cursing. And Gin knew that Aizen only ever cursed when he was really mad.

"Quick Cherry-chan, ya gotta hide." Gin ushered the little white fox into the cupboard in his room, not wanting her to get thrown out if Aizen ever found out that she had broken his priceless antique vase. Gin didn't want that, she was his little one. He loved his Cherry to absolute pieces and couldn't bear the thought of having her taken away.

"Comin fukutaichou!" Gin responded after shutting the cupboard door, sprinting out into the corridor and in to the other room to meet with the livid face of Sousuke, and the pile of white broken glass that lay scattered on the floor.

"What is this?" Aizen said, unnervingly calmly as he gestured to the glass littering the floor.

"Err taichou... I can explain..." Gin started to stammer, overcome with nerves now as Aizen stared coldly down at him.
"Who did this?"

Gin thought hard, he knew that if Cherry was ever caught then Aizen would hand her over to the authorities and she would be taken away.

"Sorry Aizen-chan, that were me."

"Hm?" Aizen tilted his head slightly, raising one of his eyebrows.

"Yeah, I was cleanin the office earlier an' I knocked it over by accident"

"Well, I guess then you will have to repay your debt. That was a very expensive vase."

"Yes fukutaichou..."

Now Cherry, who had sheepishly followed her master, lurked in the doorway and watched as little Gin was handed down punishment. Taking the blame for his pet.

Aizen looked down upon hearing a noise and caught sight of the fox, carrying a large piece of the broken vase. Gin turned to look as well.

"Cherry-chan, are you trying to tell me that it wasn't Gin that broke my vase?"

And then as if on cue, Cherry placed the vase piece onto Aizen's foot and lay down next to it with her head resting on top of the piece. Her wide eyes looking pleadingly and apologetically up at him.

"I see, you didn't want to see Gin get punished for something you did. Very well Gin, you may go."

"Wha, I know yer mad fukutaichou, bu please don't take 'er away!" Gin pleaded, clutching now onto one of Aizen's arms.

"Gin." Aizen reprimanded again, "I said... you may go."

When Gin had reluctantly left the room, Aizen scooped up the little white fox in his arms and smiled.

"Hmm, you really care about your master don't you?" he asked, to which she responded by giving out one of her cute little puppy-barks and wagging her tail. Looking up at Aizen with her large imploring eyes.

"I hope Gin knows that I'm not ever going to take you away from him."