this one is a bit AU-ish... i hope nobody minds. I just started to write, and before i knew it, Gin was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, shades, house shared with Aizen in the living world somewhere in the suburbs, and Yachiru had crept through the fence from the house next door.

Anyway, enjoy. More updates will come soon.

Oh and before i forget - much, much love to All the guys who gave me Cherry fanarts. You guys are made of awesome. I love them all. And they're very motivating – they make me get off my lazy arse to write more Cherry stories, which is always a good thing.

Lazy summer afternoons

It was quite a lazy summer afternoon, and Gin was just lounging about in his garden, after having given up trying to read a book he had borrowed – or rather, stolen – from Aizen's office in the hopes of appearing to be more sophisticated. But as far as Gin was concerned, it was far too hot to be doing anything, let alone read, or work for that matter, so he just gave himself up to the lazy lassitude that descended upon him every year when the summer months came and he could sit outside in just shorts and a T-shirt with absolutely nothing on his feet.

Gin sighed contentedly to himself, lowering the sunglasses down over his eyes as he lay on the grass, looking forward to spending the entire day relaxing in his garden with his lovely pet. He smiled; paid leave was indeed a wonderful thing. Especially so when you have a baby fox to look after and prevent from eating everything in sight whether it was edible or not. It was rather exhausting, but then again, he wouldn't have it any other way. Life was so much better now with Cherry in it since he'd picked her up off the streets, and ever since then his heart had long since been in her possession. He didn't quite know how it had happened. After all, he had been ever so careful to not get attached to anyone or give his heart away for someone to give it back to him with puncture wounds in it. Because then he would be vulnerable, exposed.

But somehow that little fox had snuck in, stolen it, and was now using it as her chew toy.

After that everything had changed. Feelings long buried had come to the surface again and he was changed. He had family again. And Gin cold only assume that it was good for him to have someone to look after again after all the bullying from before. From all the jealousy and hatred he'd suffered at the hands of stupid fools who never gave a damn about making something of themselves.

He shook off his thoughts of the past and stretched out on the grass, lying on his back and taking in the warm rays of the sun. Yes, life was better now. Much better.

He smiled lightly, glancing quietly to the side of him to watch the young Cherry totter about on her little white paws and sniff the grass curiously. It was the first time she had been outside since she had been brought home from the sick ward, and it was still a little protective of her. Well, he had to be if she ate everything in sight, and he was worried she'd eat all the plants if given half the chance. So Gin knew he had to keep a watchful eye on this one. He wondered how Aizen was getting on with his pet fox, Tsuku, and if Aizen was having the same problems he was with Tsuku eating everything while they were out walking... that would be pretty funny to see...

"Oi! You be careful now, ya hear?" he called out, pulling himself out of his little reverie, noticing the fox pup intently sniffing on one of the lilies growing by the fence in a small stone pot. "I don't wan' you eatin' up all a them plants missy. Aizie will have me head off!"

Cherry turned her head to look at him, sheepishly, and then moved away to sniff a patch of grass closer to Gin. He watched her carefully for a few more moments, waiting until he was sure she wouldn't go devouring Aizen's plants before quietly falling asleep again. Quite happily oblivious to a little pink haired girl crawling through a gap in the fence. It was Yachiru, the child of his neighbour next door, and she had taken quite a liking to sneaking into Gin's back garden to play with Cherry – and to just generally make a nuisance of herself. Gin wasn't very amused to have discovered this, but Cherry rather enjoyed having someone new to play with, even if Gin found her to be slightly annoying at times. But she was generally a good kid, so Gin tolerated her visits.

She had crawled into the garden and towards the sleeping Gin, giggling as Cherry came up and sniffed her arm, the fox's cold nose tickling her skin. She was wearing a little blue sleeveless strapped dress that reached down to her ankles, and Cherry was taking a great interest in sniffing the lengths of it to find out where she's been and what she's been eating.

"Hey Cherry-chan," she said happily, bending down and stroking the little fox pup's chin, "Kenny let me come over and play today!"

the little baby fox yipped excitedly, running around the little girl and wagging her bushy little tail. Yachiru laughed; she always found the little Cherry's excitement to be quite infectious.

"Okay then, let's play!"

Cherry barked playfully as she ran around after the pink haired girl, chasing her all around the little garden, with the noise eventually waking up a very unamused Gin from his sleep. He wasn't too pleased to find out that Yachiru had snuck into his garden again.

"Aw man..." Gin groaned, slowly sitting himself up on the grass again, quietly cursing his laziness in fixing the garden fence. "Yachiru, didn' they tell ya not ta break into people's yards... I'm tryin' to sleep 'ere..."

Yachiru suddenly stopped running, along with Cherry, and looked imploringly at Gin.

"Aw, but why? I wanted to come and see Cherry."

Gin looked at her, still not quite amused with how loud they were being. He had been looking forward to spending some quality time lounging about with Cherry in his garden, but now Yachiru was here he wouldn't get a moments peace...

"Alright, fine." he sighed, somewhat resigned to his fate. "You can play with Cherry. But just be careful an' make sure she doesn' eat any plants."

Yachiru's smile widened. "Yay! Gin-chan's the best!" she squealed, smiling broadly down at Cherry standing beside her.

"We'll play nice won't we Cherry?" she said, while Cherry barked and wagged her little tail, looking at Gin innocently before running off around the garden again with Cherry chasing her, barking as they ran all about him in circles.

"Oh well." Gin sighed, "so much for a nice relaxing day in the garden..."