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Chapter 1.

"So do you want to come with me?" Steven asked. My closest friend and my boyfriend.

I smiled up at him. "Sure."

"Cool, so we leave on saturday and spend the week at my mum's place? She's really looking forward to meeting you." He confirmed.

"Port Angeles here we come." I said grinning at him and placing a quick kiss on his lips.

"Hey, Port Angeles is near La Push isn't it?" I asked him taking his hand and walking down the street.

"Yea, somewhere around there, why?" He asked.

"My aunt lives there. I'd like to see her again."

"Okay cool. It's all planned then. You sure your mum won't mind Claire?" He asked.

"She won't even notice Steven, but yea I'm sure, she might even be enthusiastic about it if she asks, we used to live there when I was younger."

It wasn't like I needed her permission either, I was eighteen now.

"I forgot about that, Well I have to go and phone my mum, I'm so glad you're coming with me, I don't think I'd be able to stand it otherwise." He said before grinning and giving me a kiss.

"See you later then." I said watching him walk away.

My mother was originally from the Makah reservation and then she moved to La Push when she met my father and had me. But then after he died when I was three we moved to San francisco and never looked back. I wished that I could remember him, I didn't even know what he looked like the only thing I knew was that he was a mechanic. My mother never had any photo's of him which I thought was strange but put it down to her grief.

The more I thought about it the more I really looked forward to going. It was going to be great. I never felt fully settled here and looked forward to going back...home.

My mother was a workaholic and when she wasn't working she spent all of her sparetime with her boyfriend Drew. So naturally after spending no time together we weren't all that close. The only time that we really talked was when we were arguing over something. Usually after she said something cryptic like...'You don't realise what I saved you from...' or '...You are so lucky you have what you do! It could have been so different...' and when I asked what she meant she only gave me her one word answers that were so infuriating!

It was the same everytime I brought my dad up, I wanted to go and visit his grave or his family, I wanted to know more about him but she always refused to allow it and wouldn't tell me anything about him. I didn't know why. When I was younger I thought that it was because she missed him but now I just thought that she was being cruel and selfish keeping him from me. She never had a reason.

The most I ever got out of her was: 'You have to accept that he won't even be a part of your life...' to which I said 'Oh like that isn't obvious, you make it sound like he's still alive...'

Her expression was filled with horror and I had never felt so sick in all my life. I doubted whether he was dead but she regained composure and snapped 'Don't be ridiculous Claire!"


Soon enough the day to leave came and we left for Port Angeles, I hadn't seen my mum since the previous tuesday so I never got a chance to tell her. I left her a note telling her I was visiting Steven's mom, and added that he was my boyfriend of 3 just in case she didn't know who he was, even though they had met a few times but she was very rude and barely acknowledged him. Steven wasn't offended, he knew how our relationship was strained and he understood it.

I had also found my aunt Emily's number and took it with me. I hoped that it was still the same.

It took us over a day to get there and we stayed in a hotel overnight.

We eventually arrived in Port Angeles and I met Steven's mother, Clarissa, for the first time. She was kind but seemed false and her smile was only kept in place when Steven was around.

The next day Clarissa was planning on holding a large dinner because he had come home. A family dinner.

She didn't want me there, she had been dropping hints all morning.

'Oh it's going to be so full today. Where will I fit everyone?' and 'I can't wait to have all the family together! It will be such a nice family occasion.'

I took the hint, the woman was nice to my face, but a bitch behind my back so I told Steven that I was going to go into town to do some shopping, visit the museum maybe.

"What do you mean? We're going to have a family dinner Claire." He groaned at me.

"Yea Steven family, I know where I'm not wanted." I replied.

"Oh for God's sake, of course you're wanted!" He was becoming angry now, somethnig I tended to avoid.

"Yea, I want to go to the Museum, find out some of my history or something. I won't have time to do it later if I'm going to go to the Makah reservation on tuesday and La Push the day after that." I sadid trying to reason with him.

"But I want you there and I thought this break was about us before we decided on where to go to college?" He stated.

"Oh now Steven, let the girl do what she wants!" His mother interrupted having obviously been listening in on our whole conversation. I smiled at her but cursed her in my head. Nosy Witch.

"Okay, Mum." He said. Wow what a mummy's boy. I thought and then he walked off. Yea he really want's me there.

I spent the day looking around the clothes shops of Port angeles but found nothing of interest. I went into a book store, a place I knew I would find something I liked. I went to a mythology section and found a book on Quillette legends. It was interesting and I sat in a cafe for almost two hours reading it after I had bought it.

I eventually went back to the house where all of the family were leaving. Most of them ignored me, those that didn't pretend I wasn't there cast me dirty looks. I had no idea what I had done to those snobs. I was glad Steven wasn't like that since he grew up with his dad.

Once everyone had cleared out I helped clean up but seemed to do everything wrong by Clarissa's standards and Steven never said anything to me. Just Great.

Just because I didn't sit through a dinner where I was constantly glared at and NOT wanted he decides to give me the cold shoulder.

The next day was much the same and I wondered what the hell had happened to the Steven I knew. He left saying he wanted to catch up with some old friends so I didn't bother staying in the house with his witch of a mother.

I went to the library to look up my dad's family, more specifically my dad but they didn't have any records on him. I guess he wasn't all that exciting or maybe I spelt his name wrong or forgot a middle name or something. Who did the records on deceased people anyway?

The day ended similar to the previous and I wondered why I bothered agreeing to come here at all.

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