Sigmund always gets his way.

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Oradian Dunes

"But Lord Sigmund, I couldn't possibly-!"

Edward snapped his mouth shut and mentally berated himself for his automatic response to his lord's request. Sigmund had barely stopped speaking before his answer flew out. Such defiance was odd coming from him, but it seemed to be happening more often since that damned look-alike had joined.

Now Sigmund was giving him "The Look." The entire Force knew "The Look" and feared it. One part disappointment and one part silent command – "The Look" wrangled obedience out of even the most stubborn of men and Edward was as stubborn as they came when it suited him.

A cold sweat broke out on the back of the teen's neck. Every ounce of self-control he had was going into resisting his lord's command. There was just no way it was happening. It would not work. Edward could not bring himself to even try to make it work. Even his lord must understand that some things could not be helped.

Silence stretched between them, but Sigmund's gaze conveyed more than the young hero ever did with his voice.

Finally, Edward broke the silence. "It would not work, my lord! His skill with a blade is beyond help."

"I'm counting on you, Edward." Sigmund broke in as if Edward's protest had been his acquiescence. Satisfied that his goal had been accomplished, Sigmund started back over the dunes to rejoin their small, but ever growing group.

Defeated, Edward sighed and turned back to his survey of the area. A cheerful tune started up behind him, deepening his frown. It was all that stupid kid's fault. A smirk creased his lips as a sudden thought occurred to him. He would listen to Sigmund and train with the little wimp, but that did not mean he would go easy on Capell. By the end of their first training session, he would have the boy begging to never train with him again.

Maybe it would not be too bad after all.

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