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Oradian Mountains

The wind whistling through the labyrinth like Oradian Mountains created an eerie melody. Sleeping soundly, the members of the Force were not bothered at all by the noise. Even Vesplume Tower looming over them did not keep them awake, except for one, who silently watched over them all.

Sigmund sat stiffly in the cold wind with his gaze locked onto Vesplume Tower. Though he was careful not to show it, he was worried. Since the lunar rite that had restored his memories, his priorities had changed greatly. He had thought there would be no way to make up for his sins, but then he had found Capell. His son…

No, Volsung's son… but he was also Volsung, was he not? The line between Sigmund and Volsung was blurring, or perhaps it had never existed in the first place.

"My dear Sigmund, what are you doing awake?"

Startled, Sigmund jerked his gaze from the tower to the one who had disturbed him. He ended up with a eye full of chest before finally meeting Michelle's eyes. Soft brown eyes stared down at him with a fond yet worried look.


Tucking her legs underneath her, the healer made herself comfortable beside him. A warm hand intertwined with his own, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

"You should have woken someone up. You're always taking extra watch unless someone wakes up themselves and relieves you," she scolded gently. A tiny smile fought to curve his lips. "Please rest, Sigmund… for me?"

"All right," Sigmund acquiesced. He could never say no to her. Her gentleness soothed something in him. A bright smile rewarded him for his answer.

"I'll keep watch while you rest," she said, in a gentle coaxing voice. "Just lay your head here."

The Liberator found himself pillowing his head in her lap as a blanket was draped over his body. Her hands carded through his hair and his eyes drooped as the day's toil finally began to catch up to him.

"Rest well, Sigmund dear."

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