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(Knock Knock)

"Let me in" Dylan begs his brother. The lock clicks open, and he sees him.

"Do you want to talk about it" Dylan asks Gabriel.

Gabriel ignores him ,as he takes a sit back down on his desk.. .

"Wow, it's really that serious" Dylan mocks.

"What do you mean" Gabriel replies.

"You only sit at your desk, when your really pissed or really depressed. Which is it?"

Gabriel quickly shoots Dylan a look of annoyance.

"What do you expect ?"

"You saw what she did, she willingly gave her blood,and lied to me."

"I get it" Dylan tells his brother.

Trying to give him some sort of comfort.

"No , you don't" Gabriel snaps back.

"I asked her to marry me last night"

Dylan tries to react accordingly, but is unsuccessful.

"Did you ask Dad?"

Gabriel waves his hand in disgust.

"I don't give a crap, what he thinks, its my life"

Dylan prepares for the usual "He Doesn't own us speech" .

"Did she say yes?"


"She said, Yes."

Dylan stays silent.

"I need to find her"

Dylan places his hand on Gabriel's shoulder, and finally speaks.

"I promise,Gabe"

"I promise, I will find Kerry?"

"You won't hurt her?"

"Never" Dylan replies.

"What time are you leaving?" Gabriel questions, as he opens his desk drawer and reaches in to grab something.

"Around 2 , when the sun is at it's strongest."

"It's 6am now, you should wake up the recon members" Gabriel suddenly pulls out a large manila envelope and pours it's contents onto the desk.

"Who is he" Dylan questions, scanning the photos in front of him.


"Why she left..."

"His also one of Maxwell heads"

"Coven Leader" Dylan adds.

Gabriel confirms.

No further explanation is needed for Dylan to know what his brother is implying.

"Consider it done"Dylan heads for the door, when Gabriel stops him.

"Dylan, make it 4"

"What" Dylan replies confused.

"4 o clock, Is a better time to head the search parties".

"If 4 works best for you" Dylan replies.

Gabriel simply nods in mutual understanding.

Dylan continues to walk out the door, when he gives his brother one last suggestions.

"Don't do anything stupid Gabe, no girl is worth dying for, especially Kerry"

Gabriel just reels in his brother caution. When he realizes his only got one option.

Gabriel walks over to his bed and reaches under it, pulling out a box.

"Its the only way to get her back"

"To trade the cure."

Kerry feels the tears stream down her face, as Violet speaks the truth. She's right,. Gabriel's her choice, in many ways his always been.

Before she could dwell to much, Kerry hears them walk in.

"Maxwell this is Kerry?"

Kerry instantly recognizes him. Maxwell was the coven leader, who had given her to Michel to feed on, the night Violet had captured her.

"So you betrayed your beloved?" Maxwell asks Kerry.

"Humans are so weak" Maxwell points out to his coven.

"Well" Maxwell coaxes her.

"I did what I thought was right" Kerry looks at Michel, and continues.

"Which is stand by the person I trust the most."

"And that person is Michel?" Maxwell tags on.

Kerry has never been good liar and she wasn't about to try to be. When Violet interrupts, and does the unthinkable, she stands up for Kerry's.

"It's Michel, Maxwell.I can assure you of that.I have seen it in her blood." Violet confirms.

Maxwell looks at Kerry, trying to sense something from her body language .

"Michel" he shouts him over.

"Yes, Maxwell."

"I don't know what you see in her,but I don't trust her, and am unaware of why you do?"

Michel catches Kerry's gaze, and moves to her side, grabbing a hold of her hand.

"We can trust her, I put my life on it."

"Then it's settled" Maxwell states to the coven.

"If she betrays us Michel, she will pay for her deceit, and you will make sure of it."

"Because you will kill her yourself"

Michel was consumed by doubts, could he trust Kerry?

She had freed Violet, and she had come back to him but something about her behavior was unsettling. As Michel lead her to their room, he couldn't help but feel a strange sensation as Kerry walk by him. An as soon as the door slammed behind him, everything came to the surface.

"Your going to betray me aren't you?"

Kerry swung around, and just stared at him dumbfounded.

"Don't act surprised, you knew Violet would tell me."

Clearly caught off guard, Kerry stumbles to react.

"I don't kno-"

Michel harshly cuts her off.


"Don't lie to me Kerry"

Michel grabs her wrists, and drags her over to him with such force, he hears her squeal in pain.

"I want you to know that if you choose to betray me, I won't kill you, I will kill him."

"So make your choice Kerry?"

"Gabriel or me, or neither, but don't lie to me again, or I will give you to Maxwell myself."

Kerry trembles in his grasp.

Michel sees it, her gaze was so telling.

He loved that, her undeniable transparency.

"Michel" Kerry chokes out.

The tone of her voice , immediately makes him soften his grip.

"I love you" She tells him. Kerry's honesty is unexpected, so much so Michel has no reaction towards it, he remains silent as she continues.

"But love is not enough, at least not for us."

"When your near, you scare me. I sense your darkness , and I want to bathe myself in it, in you."

"To do that ,I first must destroy what's left of the girl that walk away from you so many years ago, and I can't do that."

Kerry composure breaks, and she begins to speak in complete distress.

"If you care for me Michel, you will let me keep the little bit of my soul that's only part that's isn't broken from loving you." Kerry sobs uncontrollably, her words becoming barely audible.

Michel remains silent, as Kerry falls to her knees in hysteria.

He picks her up off the ground, and places her in his bed, as he wraps himself around her.

He says nothing, as Kerry cries herself to sleep, he just watches over her slumber.

He takes a moment to wipe away her tears with his touch, when he whispers his own confession.

"Kerry, I would never hurt you."

"But it's my only choice." An as the echo's of confessions linger.

Michel plunges into Kerry, and takes her life away.

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