A/N: Yeah… other OC OHSHC fic…XD yeah, I know, what about the other…I have it all written in a note book, which I left in my school… This one though!? I have an app for my ipod touch so I can write stories… Now for you people, I don't know if a lot of you know this, OC is a transmale, a transgender male, just like Ranka, whom is a crossdress/transwomen.

This definition isn't very good…

Transgender is the state of one's "gender identity(self-identification as woman, man, or neither) not matching ones "assigned sex" (identification by others as male or female based on physical/genetic sex). "Transgender" does not imply any specific form of sexual orientation; transgender people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, or asexual.

Warning: Well it's rated M… What do you think? Hentai/slash, TG hentai, major trans/les/gay/bi bashing…. Umm… yeah…


I hate to be late. Even for the littlest things like going to catch the train or meeting someone. It was something I would beat myself over, something that I would remind myself over and over what I did wrong. Staring at the different books that the club has order me to get, I look over the list to find the last book. I hate rumors, they give the Host Club ideas and then I have to do research on it. Pure annoyce on my part. I look up and down the bookself filled with ocult books on ghost and demons, trying to find a good book that can help with the "ghost" problem of Ouran. The book was to high...

Standing on my toes, hands stretch to grab the book, all this is was get closer to it. Sighs escaped me, making it sound as I was defeated. I don't understand why people call us small people "fun size"; it's not a fun size at all. I glare at the book, when a ghostly hand grabbed it, bringing it down to my level; I grasp in shock and scared, and turn to see not a ghost but a handsome man.

"I saw you trying to get this." His voice was a soft and monotone, but it was a soothing. His pale hands matches his skin, making him look dead, eyes were a blood rubies, with black eyeliner and thick eyelashes. They held happiness in his eyes, and his just as pale lips held a small smirk. "I didn't want you to work yourself over..."

I blushed as his eyes look me up and down. Hoping that he doesn't know that I'm not a he. "Thank you very much." my eyes looked him up and down, he was dressed in all black, making him seem to have the pale skin paler. His black hair was pulled up to a long pony tail, with skull pins. "I didn't mean to cause you to worry."

"Not at all." he grinned, as I felt the need to make sure he had no fangs... All he had is a noise ring like a bull, and two lips rings... "I own this book, very useful. It's a great thing that people in Ouran are looking this up, other than the black magik club."

My eyes widen, "You go to Ouran?!"

He chuckled, "Why yes, I'm in class 2C. We have lunch together. I usually sit alone though..." he frowned. "I can lend you the book; I can drop it off tomorrow morning."

"I-I would love that!" I stutter, and cursed myself for doing so. "I'm in class-"

"2A, Haruhi Fujioka." He smiled, happy that he knows me. A bit creeper out I nod. "I'll just leave it on your desk, or..." my eyebrow raised, "I just realized I have to get going." he looked down, fast. He licked his lips, "Tomorrow I'll get to you that book, and keep it as long as you like." he began to leave.

"Wait!" I shock myself that I said that, the guy is a bit of a creepy man. "What's your name?"

He slowly turns red eyes burn into mine, I blush, he was so intense and handsome then all the Host club members combine... Or maybe it's my eyes playing tricks on me. "They call me...Yuurei." then he left, a chill ran through me as I try to wrap my mind around what had happened.

Shaking my head, I leave to go home.

-Next day-

Screams could be heard from room 2A, a female mostly likely, a crying frantic screams leave her as she rushed to the first male she sees, who happened to be Mori-senpai, hugging him for her dear life. "I saw her!" The girl cried, "She was standing next to the teacher's desk, staring into the class!"

"The ghost?!" The twins jumped, both of them seem excited to know that the ghost was in our classroom as they both ran Hikaru with Camera and Kaoru with an EMF reader. I follow them to make sure they don't end up hurting someone. The twins enter the room like they were hunters, and the ghost girl was their prey, Hikaru opened the door fast, showing that no one was in the room. Just one book lay on my desk.

"Damn!" Kaoru cursed, and walked out. Hikaru following soon after with a pout.

I make my way to my desk, heart beating fast, as I lay my hands on the book. Turning it to me, I let go a shallow breath I didn't know I was holding. "Demons and Spirits of the Unknown" It read the book Yuurei said he'll let me use. I glance around me, seeing no female ghost and go met the others before class starts.


I place my hand over Kaoru whom had tears pooling at his eyes. "It's okay, brother..." I pull him close to me, feeling his breath around mine, our lips close in, so close for a kiss, when one of the girls fainted. This ending our game as all the girls rushed to help her from her fallen set. My twin grins, as he gets up to see how the girl is, and I trying to hold my pout down, watch them.

"Did you find the ghost yet, Hikaru?" One if my fan girls ask me.

"We missed her." I inform, "But we'll get her soon!" I send her a dazzling smile.

Kaoru helped the girl back to her seat, and then took his next to mine. "And when we do, we'll take her picture and show everyone!"

"It's quite excising to go to school that's haunted!" Another fan squeaks, while the others nod.


My head was beginning to hurt. I stare into Kaoru's eyes that were searching mine to see why I was in pain. I give him a small smile, as if saying it's nothing. He returns the gesture, and begins to bother Haruhi, whom was reading a book.

"What you reading?"

"Trying to find out about the 'ghost' we have." she replies in a monotone voice. "So far it's all not true..."

"Why...?" I ask.

"Just is, it's kind of lame how things can be a ghost." she shake her head, brown hair messes up. "I wonder why Yuurei reads this."

I was about to ask who that was, when I felt eyes on us. Turing my head to the corner of the lunch room, I see a girl. Uniform in the yellow dress, but it was eerie how she looked. Her long black hair covered most of her face, she was hunch over her food, but clearly staring at us for one red eye can be shown. I shudder, if that's the ghost...

My eyes widen, standing I point at her and scream, "GHOST!!!"

The whole room grower into a panic, they begin to search for her, some screamed and ran out, food flying everywhere. The ghost girl got some food on her, standing in somewhat of a shock, but since her face was cover I couldn't tell, she just stood there. Most people left, girls fainted, and guys not caring. Haruhi ran to her, with Kaoru and me following.

"Are you okay?" Haruhi asked, trying to help clean the spooky girl.

"...Fine..." The ghost looking girl says, voice was nothing more a whisper, sorta masculine in a way, with a hint of female. She chuckled, sounded like a vampire from a horror movie. Chills went throw my spine. "Shock is all, normally no one senses me around, quite a trip." she keeps her head down. "Rumors of me as a ghost was the most fun I have..."

Feeling bad for what I did, we help her to the music room in the third floor to clean her up.

-Music room 3-

With the whole club around, we waited for the girl, whom is not a ghost, just a spooky girl. Tamaki was eating commoner's ramen, as Kyoya types away on his computer, most likely to find out this girl, Mori and Hunny sitting having tea, and Haruhi, my brother and I staring at the door that has the ghostly girl. Haruhi stood, walking to the closed door.

"Does it fit?" she asked.

The door open, not revealing the ghost girl, but a handsome mysterious boy. Long black hair pulled away from a pale face, skull pins in place, and rubies for eyes stare at us, and the noise ring like a bull shined in the light. "Ummmm... Yeah..." The ghost... Girl said. "I didn't know we can order other uniforms..." She looked at us, and gave a smirk that pretty much said, Yeah, I'm a sexy. "Rather wear this then that ugly yellow shit." She, though sounding more a bit like a male, chuckled.

"Yuurei?!" Haruhi gasped, I gave her a questioning look, and so must have the others.

"Are you a boy?!" Tamaki interrupted.

"Senpai!" Haruhi hissed, glaring at him. Yuurei, I'm guessing is her/his name, grinned. Little fangs must be custom made, pointed. "Sorry for his rudeness."

"Quite fine, as a transmale, I'm glad he sees me as a male."

"A what?" Kaoru voiced with me. I felt a warm with knowing my brother and I think the same.

"Transmale?" Yuurei repeated, blinking in confusion. "It's like a transexual, transgender male. I'm a transmale because I believe I was born the wrong sex. I don't have any operations done on me and haven't start T yet, so I'm a transmale pre-op." She smiled, "So, I'm a he in a she body for short. Please refer me as a male." He gives us a bow.

"Like Haruhi's dad?" Hunny-senpai jumps up to Yuurei.

"I guess...?" She/he chuckled. Yuurei makes the world seem strange... "I would love to know more about your father, Haruhi."

"Well, the club will be starting soon." Kyoya said, closing his computer. "You're welcome to stay, though."

"Thank you, Kyo-kun." Yuurei grinned, as I gland to Kyoya to see a very faint pink blush on his face. Yuurei outstretch his arm to Haruhi to lead the way.

-30 minutes later-

Kaoru pulled me close, my hips buckle to his. His eyes burn into my soul, my heart beats fast just for him. "Hikaru... I..."

I lean close, over breath forms to one, my eyes lock to his. "Don't speak, brother..." I whisper, as I lean more, our lips graze each other. As a chill runs through me, a girl faints.

Braking apart, I mentally thank the girl for this act may have gone farther. My secret... My love... My brother...


I chuckle darkly at the Hatchi twins little show. Being a transmale doesn't make me attracted to females, I'm a pansexual, I love people no matter the sexual organs. So, this brotherly love thing turns me on. Shaking my head to get ride of thoughts of chaining them down, I turn back to Haruhi-chan.

"So, your father dresses like a woman? It makes him a she, then." I explain, "Transfemale or transwomen. It's quite hard to remember these when all you know was before the trans part. It's understandable, my first girlfriend thought she was a lesbian for dating me; I had to break up with her because she saw me a female. I couldn't pretend anymore, so left."

"I'm sorry, it must have been sad." Haruhi says, pouring tea into my third empty cup.

"Not really, we're still friends. She doesn't go to Ouran though." I shrug. We spend the next few minutes talking about Haruhi's father, Ranka. After that group of girls joined us.

"Are you new," A female with long curls asked me.

If I say no, they'll wonder who I am. As Yuurei the female, people in class 2C know me... Well by name not by face. "No." I say, mysterious is the best approach to this. "I tend to keep to myself, but Haru-kun has strike an interest in my heart." I flirt to the girls, my eyes looking the young cross dresser. "I just can't keep my eyes off such beautiful things." I end with a smile, some girls blushed. Standing, I give a bow to them, "Thank you Haruhi, but the time flies, and my mother will have my head if I'm anymore late." I grab the bag with my school uniform.

"B-but...!" He starts, his big brown eyes fill with concern.

"You can't just leave!" Tamaki glomps me, pulling me by the arms. "We would love to know more about you!"

I pull my arm out of the blonde Frenchmen's grasp. I glare at him, letting my fake custom real-like fangs show; Tamaki backs off, scared. I then take my leave.


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