Getting Kicked out of a Fair!

By: Readinangel

Sequel to GKOOWM, Alice finds another list... oh no. Join Al, Em, Ed, Bell, Jazz, and Rose as the encounter flirty belly dancers, freedom seeking Elephants, and a monkey named cat! Humorous fun, watch as chaos comes once again!

CHAPTER ONE- It starts again

Alice POV

I couldn't believe how boring the week had been. Ever since we had gotten back from Wal Mart, I had been incredibly bored; it was amazing how weird the real world seemed since last week, when it had all happened.

I honestly was about to just go back to Wal Mart, just for something to do, but I knew it wouldn't be the same, it wouldn't live up to my expectations…

Well, maybe there would be a new list to make it better, I should go ahead and check, right? I slipped quietly over to the computer, and logged on quickly to the special account I had made and, let out a happy squeal, there was a new message!! I read over it quickly, but quickly slumped in my chair, going over it again.

What not to do in a fair? There was no fair around here, and it wouldn't come for a while. What could I do?

My eyes slowly went out of focus, as I saw a flash of Bella, me, and Rosalie on some spinning ride, Rosalie loving it, while Bella turned a nasty shade of green. My eyes focused slowly back on the computer screen- but how was the going to happen.

I went to Google and typed in 'Fair's in Washington' and clicked on the search button. Several links appeared, but one that caught me eye said that there was going to be a county fair, and only a few hours away! I could drive that within an hour…

"GUYS!" I yelled excitedly, this was going to be fun!!!

Everyone came up around me, nervous. I have no idea why, didn't they trust my ideas by now, I mean.

"I have a new list!" I shouted out, excited. Emmett let out a whoop, but the rest of the groaned quietly.

"Hey?" I said. "We had fun at Wal Mart, didn't we?" I asked pointedly. They all sighed.

"Some parts were fun, but really Alice, sometimes your idea's get a little out of hand…" Rosalie trailed off, shrugging.

"No they don't!" I said indignantly, "name on time!" I argued.

"How about the time when you thought it would be a good idea to pretend to be devil worshipers, and wear blood red and back clothing." Edward asked, as Bella looked at as like we were about ready to make her join a cult…

"Or the time you convinced Emmett to eat some Bar-B-Q chips, saying they were blood flavored, and when they didn't come out of the vending machine, he threw it through a window, and we had to have Carlisle come and smooth things over." Rose asked.

"Or the time when you made us all play Risk, and Jasper got a little out of hand, and you threw the bored threw the wall, because you couldn't beat him… Esme was so mad." Emmett asked, determined to get the attention off him.

"I said name one." I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest.

"So are we going are not?" I asked after a moment of silene.

"I'm in!" Emmett shouted.

"Fine," Rosalie muttered.

"Since there's nothing better to do," Jasper said with a smile.

"I'll go, it's that or that English homework." Bella said with a shrug.

"Fine, if Bella's going." Edward agreed.

"Yes!" I smiled. "Let's go then!"


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