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Chapter 6- juggling

Emmett POV

I stood on stage proudly with my arms at my sides in my clown costume. Now, most people would think that this would be embarrassing, or something, but really, it was all good…

That is until I saw what we had to do. I gulped, mainly because some guy was bringing out some pins, knives, and lighter fluid. Oh, and a fire extinguisher. That was always good…

I looked at Jasper, who I could tell was trying his hardest to stay calm even though excitement was thick in the air as the ring master dude walked up on stage in front of us. Hey, he was blocking peoples' view of me!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, welcome to the Circus!" There was a roar of applause at these words, and I gulped again, seeing as I had just spotted the acts on the floor. Up first- Clowns, juggling, fire. Yep, that's all it said.

"Our first act is going to be spectacular… I give you, our very own, juggling clowns!!" The audience went wild, while I barely repressed a scream. I hadn't juggled in years… I was going to make a complete fool of myself!

I looked at Jasper, who looked like he was having a battle inside him- whether or not to be fearful or get all hyped up with the crowd. I wondered if he was going to run for it. I was about ready to.

And then, out of the crowd, a small voice belonging to a certain pixie like vampire called out, "why don't you take a volunteer to help you."

The crowd roared again, excited for this new advancement. I looked to Jasper, who was already smiling. We knew exactly who to pick…

"EDWARD!" I screamed, looking at my dear brother. He really shouldn't have turned against us.

Edward was frozen for just a second, before bolting into action. He started to try to escape, we couldn't have that.

"Edward, Edward, Edward, Edward, Edward, Edward!" Jasper started to chant, Alice, Bella, and Rosalie quickly joined in, along with the rest of the crowd.

"Can we get a spot light on Edward please?" I asked, and a light shone on Edward. He looked about ready to kill… but slowly he walked up on stage, his eyes glaring at me, Alice, and Jasper.

"Now that we have our volunteer, you boys ready to juggle?" The ringleader asked. I gulped, I had forgotten about the whole juggling with fire part…

Alright, I would have to suck it up, and just get it over with. I nodded at Jasper, ignoring Edward… who was probably considering the best way to get me back. But it wasn't my fault, if he hadn't set me up for this, he wouldn't be here.

I took one of the pins and threw it in the air for practice; it landed on the ground. The audience laughed, like it was some kind of joke.

I threw another one, this time it landed on my head before hitting the ground. The audience laughed even harder… hmm…

Three minutes later, Jasper and Edward had both been hit in the head at least two times, and I had fallen over. I was a great performer.

Jasper was laughing at my performance, while juggling the knives. Who knew Jasper could juggle, I certainly couldn't. And then it happened.

"Boys, ready to bring your act up to the next level." Said the ring master, walking over and opening the fence to something, while a volunteer went to get the lighter…

This was not going to be pretty.


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