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A/N: Stories I may never write. Idea's that have sprung into my mind and refused to leave until I had at least considered it. First one. I also use the american names as I have never watched the japanese versions and cannot get them and so feel more comfortable using the names I know.

Summary: What if it where Sam, not Ken who was the Digimon Emperor. A Defining Moment. There are a number of things I came up with for this, but I only keep getting little flashes of the storyline. Basically, Sam is alive and the digimon emperor, Ken originally was his lackey, but later joined the rest of the digidestined, hoping to save his brother after he left the real world to live permanently in the digital one.

A Defining Moment

"NO!" Ken cried out, rushing ahead to stand in front of his brother, afraid of what the digidestined would do to him. He could practically feel their hatred pounding away the closer they got. He had only come with them because he was afraid. Afraid they would hurt Sam for what he had done.

It wasn't Sam's fault!

"Ken!" Davis yelled, surprised. "What are you doing? That's the digimon emperor!"

Ken shook his head. "He's my brother! Please don't hurt him!"

There was a general ripple of surprise from the rest of the digidestined, and the hairs on the back of his neck raised as he felt his brothers cold stare land on him from behind. Before they could respond, Ken continued, pleading. "I know he did some awful things. But it wasn't his fault. I was just as bad, and you didn't do anything to me, so can you just not do this?" he was practically begging, but he didn't care.

"He was making you do those things Ken, you were never really bad. Remember that you helped us when he made you do his dirty work." Tai said, very seriously, eyes glinting hard. "We're not going to hurt him, just teach him a lesson."

Before Ken had time to find out just what kind of 'lesson' Tai and Matt in particular would be teaching his brother, he was jerked backwards, hard by his collar, and shaken.

"You think I need a worthless traitor like you to protect me?" Sam hissed menacingly.

"But Sam I--!" his words were cut off as his brothers fist slammed into his mouth and his shirt was released. He went crashing to the ground hard. He stared at Sam, frightened by the menace he could read there. The last time Sam had hit him had simply been frustration, entirely Ken's fault for not understanding what Sam meant to do, but now Ken could see that Sam actually wanted to hurt him.

"You are to address me as the Digimon Emperor you worthless traitor!" Sam hissed, kicking out hard and catching Ken's left knee. Pain spiked and Ken doubled up to hold it, only to have his hands kicked aside. "Let's see how good at football you are will a shattered kneecap, Kenny boy!" he smiled cruelly.

Everyone moved at once, but Wormmon was the quickest, and he managed to knock Sam to the side before he could do more than put a little pressure on the already injured limb, which had been more than enough to draw tears and a cry of pain from Ken. All but Tai and Matt rushed to Ken, the two older boys went to the Digimon Emperor.

Matt reached him first.

The blond singer grabbed the ridiculous lapels of the emperors cloak and yanked Sam to his feet and close to his face so he could peer coldly into the shaded eyes. "You think your so big don't you? You think you're the greatest ruler ever to hit the Digital World huh? Well let me tell you Sam Ichijoji. You. Are. Nothing!" he punctuated each word with a rough shake.

"No!" Ken cried out, his voice laced in pain and tears, but it was obvious to all what he was referring to.

Tai pulled Matt away before his friend did give into the temptation to punch Ken's brother. Matt shook him off. "You hear that? How can he think to defend you after everything you've done to him? Never mind what you did to us, but he's you brother Ichijoji. Your little brother!" It was something Matt could not comprehend, and all those who knew him understood that Matt had a very distinct way of viewing sibling relationships. You looked after your little brother or sister, you did everything you could to protect them, make them safe and happy. You did not hurt them, not on purpose.

"I don't have a brother!" Sam spat.

There was no need to look, the absolute pain and hurt on Ken's face could be felt the emotions were so strong.

Tai hit him, forgetting in that moment that he was supposed to be the rational cool headed one, who would stop Matt blowing his top too badly. But before anyone could say anything more, or do anything more, Ken was on his feet and limping over.

"Stop! Stop. Don't hit him. It's not his fault." Ken pleaded.

Matt turned to Ken, shocked and angry. "How could it not be his fault? Damnit Ken, no big brother, or sister, should treat their siblings the way he treats you!"

"But it's my fault!" Ken said earnestly, his left leg trembling as he tried to stay upright. "If I hadn't gone to the digital world that first time, and found Wormmon, none of this would have happened. It was because I used it first that Sam couldn't. It's my fault he doesn't have a digimon!"

Every stood stock still, staring at Ken in shock. "That's not how the digivices work…" Tai tried to tell him, but Ken ignored him, collapsing to the ground as he leg gave out, staring at Sam, blue eyes wide and tears falling freely.

"I'm sorry Sam. I'm sorry I touched the digivice. I'm sorry I got the digimon instead of you. I'm sorry for the accident. I'm sorry I'm not a better brother." Each word was said with the deepest sincerity and despair, until at last the tears came full force and Ken was forced to bury his head in his hands, shoulders heaving.

No one moved, or dared to speak or breathe as hey watched Sam staring at his brother. Each hoping that Sam would come round, for Ken's sake.

"If you want to you can take my digivice… I'll never come back here again. And, and I'll be really quiet at home, I won't bother you or mama, or papa… or if you want I'll… I'll run away. Mama and papa won't mind… They won't notice, and then maybe you'll be happy, and they'll be happy… You need to come home Sam, they miss you so much! I know it was my fault you did all the nasty things you did here. But Sam… I'll do anything… even go away forever.. Anything… Sam… I…" his voice broke on every other word, he was clutching his digivice close with one hand, and hugging Wormmon with the other, unable to go on.

Sam moved, and everyone watched in shock as the emperors clothes faded away and Sam looked normal once more. Ken shut his eyes tightly, thinking his brother was coming to claim the digivice, he shuddered a little, gave Wormmon a final squeeze and let go, holding out the hand with the digivice.

He felt Sam's hand cover his, and waited to have a very important part of himself ripped away. But Sam's hand merely pushed his fingers tighter around the digivice, and Ken opened his eyes in surprise, blinking at Sam. He opened his mouth to speak but Sam held up a finger and he stayed silent, watching his brother warily.

Sam seemed to be struggling hard for the words, something Ken had never seen before. Finally he got to his feet without saying anything and turned away. He was moving away from the group of digidestined. Ken looked after him in shock.

"Where are you going?" Matt practically growled.

Sam looked a him, and Matt was surprised to see remorse in his eyes before they looked away. "To think…"

"And then?" Ken asked, his voice small, and a little lost behind them.

Sam looked back for a moment. "I'll see you at home." he promised, before he continued to walk away, unobstructed this time.

Ken smiled, a simple, relieved smile.

"Can we trust him?" Yolei asked, worrying her lower lip.

No one said anything, this was not something to discuss with Ken among them.

The was a glow, sudden and two bright dancing lights shot out of the earth close to where Sam's castle had been, one a dusky pink that landed on the ground in front of Ken, and another, orangey brown in colour shot towards Sam, who stopped briefly to look at it before he continued on.

"Hey, it's a crest!" TK said, surprised.

"Crest of what?" Davis asked, peering at the little pink object.

"Kindness." Izzy said after a moments typing at his laptop.

Ken looked out after his brother. "I wonder what Sam got?" he asked softly, unheard by everyone else.

Uh, yeah, terrible ending, but the idea sort of tapered a little towards the end as another one sparked off, so I finished this one as soon as I could so I can work out what exactly the next spark wants to become.

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