Sooo… ikuto crazed friend (you know who you are :p) was being ikuto crazed and I realized I had NO Amuto fanfic….and I had the shiniest idea *.*

Character profiles for now….do I continue or no? I think I will :] suggestions? I love you :]

Amu: Guinevere, king Arthur's fair and lovely wife. Lonely because Arthur is too busy tending to his kingdom.

Tadase: King Arthur. Not only does he have to maintain his kingdom, which is falling apart, but his wife, who grows unhappier with each passing day.

Ikuto: Lancelot, the charming, handsome and most prominent Knight of the Oval table (Oval table=egg shaped for shugo chara XD thnx kosher for the idea).

Utau: Lady Shallot. In the original King Arthur, she kills herself because she cannot be with Lancelot.

The Chairman dude: Merlin, the wise wizard who can predict what will happen.

Nikaidou: Dagonet: The Court Jester, comic relief. However, he hears key information when in court.

Kukai: Sir Gawain, the strongest and most faithful Knight of the Oval Table.

Lady of the Lake: Mysterious woman, aids Arthur and many of the knights through their quests. Often referred to as "The Lady."

Lanval: Kairi, a knight falls in love with a fairy.

Ran: The mysterious wood fairy that entices Lanval (Kairi)

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