This is a two-shot! Wrote it quickly so it might not be that good. But the next few will! R&R :D


No one ever notices me, Kairi thought. Wandering around the countryside of his estate, gray rain clouds loomed overhead as he walked farther and farther away from home.

He never made a good knight. He only did it to please his mother. He was more of a poet- but there was no room for that on the egg-shaped table. Kukai, that brute of man, always got all the attention. How many arms he broke. How much of his enemies blood he drank. How many skulls he cracked and ate the brains out of. Disgusting.

It slowly began to rain, first, so light Kairi didn't even notice. Then it started pouring, buckets upon buckets of rainwater soaking him. But he merely walked on, his heavy heart dragging his feet away.

"You should get back inside." He heard a voice say. He looked around both ways, but saw no one. Must have been the wind.

Suddenly, lightning flashed across the sky, thunder booming and echoing across the valley. Kairi suddenly felt slightly scared. He should go back…

Kairi woke up to the most beautiful face he'd ever seen, white as porcelain with rose-colored hair.

"A-Are you an angel?" He croaked. The girl rolled her eyes.

"I'm Ran. You were struck by lightning so I brought you back here. You survived, god help us all." She turned around to tend to a pot on the stove. Kairi blinked twice, trying to focus his thoughts.

She was two heads shorter than him, slender and wearing…leaves?

But that wasn't it.

She had wings.


"Am I in heaven?" He thought aloud.

"A bit slow, are you?" She replied. "I just told you-"

"You have wings!"

She turned around, bringing him a bowl of soup. "I'm a forest fairy. Happy?"

He hungrily started eating the soup, nearly choking on it. This subsequently caused another eye-roll from Ran, who apparently did that a lot.

"But aren't you supposed to, like-" He started through mouthfuls.

"I was exiled." She said shortly. Normally fairies didn't show themselves to mortals.

Having nothing say, Kairi merely kept eating. Ran spoke again, answering the question hanging in the air.

"I had an affair with a knight. Maybe you've heard of him. Kukai?"

I keep losing out to that guy, Kairi thought. "I served with him in the war with the west."

She raised an eyebrow. "You're a knight?" She smirked. "Certainly don't look it."

A blush crept up Kairi's face, and he couldn't help noticing how she looked- almost a picture of perfection.

"Did you know that fairies can read thoughts?" She leered.

Kairi nearly choked. "What?"

"Just kidding. But I do know that you were noticing how divine I look right now."

Kairi scoffed. "I wouldn't call it divine." He shot back.

She sighed. "Sure. Now get to rest or you'll get sick."