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"I whooped your green butt BB!!"

"You totally cheated dude!!"

"Do you guys have to argue over every round?"

"Friends! I am making the pudding of friendship!"

"Azarath… Metrion… Zinthos…."

It was a normal evening at the tower… at least as normal as it could get with a martial arts master, an alien, a shape shifter, a half man half machine, and a half demon all living in a T-shaped tower.

Cyborg and Beastboy were playing Mega Monkeys 6 with Robin watching, Starfire was making some sort of Tamaranean concoction, and Raven, oblivious to it all, was meditating.

Ding Dong!

The doorbell rang, silencing all five. They never got visitors, considering they lived out on the water.

Raven stopped chanting and opened her violet eyes, Starfire stopped stirring the purplish 'pudding', the boys even stopped arguing over who won. They all exchanged glances. After a few seconds of silence and staring at each other, Raven sighed and headed out of the common room. It was obvious none of the others were going to get it. She felt the others' eyes on her until she was out of the common room.

The other four titans waited silently. Five minutes later the door swished open, revealing Raven holding a package that was about as big as a phone book, but the way she was holding it, it looked as light as a feather.

"There wasn't anyone there. Just this." she said, holding up the box. They all gathered around Raven.

"That's weird. Does it have an address on it?" Robin asked.

"No, but--"

"Cool! A package! Wonder what's in it!" Beastboy said as he made a grab for it. Raven moved the box out of his reach. She glared at Beastboy and he smiled sheepishly.

"As I was saying, No there's no address, but I sense... I don't really know how to describe it, like darkness emitting from it." Raven said. They looked at the brown box with puzzled looks. Cyborg lifted his arm and pressed a button.

"I'm not sensing a bomb or anything." Cyborg said.

"Yeah, it's safe to open, it's just… never mind." Raven started to explain but sweatdropped and gave up once Beastboy grabbed it and ripped it open in a heartbeat. They were now looking at… a feather?

"Dude!" Beastboy yelled and quickly gave it to Robin. "Keep it away from me! Some innocent bird was probably killed for that!"

It was a long, beautiful, black feather that almost seemed to be sparkling.

"Oh! It is gloriously beautiful! May I keep it?" Starfire asked with sparkling emerald eyes. Robin, being the cautious leader, turned to Raven.

"Do you still sense something?" Robin asked. Raven eyed it.

"Seems… familiar to me…" she said. Suddenly her eyes widened. "Hold on." she said. She turned into her soul self which was a Raven. The titans looked at her questioningly until they saw what she was doing. She stretched out her wing next to the feather Robin was holding out. A match. Raven changed back.

"It's a Raven feather from a soul self." Raven said.

"Is that why your sensing… whatever your sensing from it." Beastboy asked. Raven shook her head.

"No, a spell has been preformed on it." Raven said. She turned into her soul self again and spread her wings. Only this time, her eyes glowed slightly and a single feather fell from her extended wings. She changed back and picked it up. She took the other feather from Robin and held them side by side.

The one that Raven shed was pure black, but was outlined in a glowing white. The one that they received in the package was also a dark black, but it didn't have a white outline, and it was sparkling slightly.

"There's a spell that can be preformed only on a soul self feather and can only be preformed by a few spellcasters from Azarath; which means the person that gave this to us was from Azarath." Raven said.

"What does this spell do exactly?" Cyborg asked.

"The spell places energy into the feather that reacts to the soul energy. Once that's done, the feather is able to grant an unlimited amount of wishes. But… Don't even think about it." Raven growled. They all turned their heads to Beastboy. He shut his mouth.

"But the spell has been forbidden by Azar. Apparently, the energy placed in the feather is dark magic. When it grants your wish, it doesn't do it the way you expect it to." Raven explained.

"What exactly do you mean by 'doesn't do it the way you expect it to'?" Robin asked. Raven thought for a moment.

"It's hard to explain. For example, if you wish for someone out of their grave, their coffin might teleport next to you. If you wish to know something about someone, it might send you in the past so you can learn it. 'Be careful what you wish for' comes into place with this. In other words, none of us should use it." Raven said, glancing at a particular green changeling while saying the last bit.

"Just out of curiosity, how do you make a wish with the feather?" Beastboy asked with an 'innocent' look on his face. Raven glared at him. "C'mon Raven, tell me!" He whined.

"No. Now go back to whatever you were doing before we got the feather." Raven said teleporting the feather to her room. She walked back to her meditation spot in front of the window, sat down and crossed her legs as she floated up about three feet off the ground and started chanting her mantra as if nothing had happened. The other four stood there silently.

"Perhaps I shall continue the making of the pudding." Starfire said as she floated off too the kitchen area. Soon the boys were back on the couch playing Mega Monkeys 6 again. This time Beastboy was watching as Cyborg and Robin battled furiously. His thoughts wandered to the feather as his eyes wandered to Raven's meditating form.

'Just one wish' he thought to himself as he turned into a fly and flew off toward the empath's room. He squeezed under the door and changed back. He glanced around the dark room.

"Now, if I were Raven, where would I hide a magical wish-granting Raven soul-self feather?" he asked himself. He began searching her room. His eyes suddenly traveled to the locked chest in the corner. He smiled mischievously and went over to it. He eyed the lock and laughed to himself. "Geez, Raven really expects a lock to stop me from getting a wish-granting feather?"

"Perhaps, if it were in there." a voice came from behind him. Startled, the changeling squealed and whirled around to become face to face with Raven, who didn't look too happy. He scratched the back of his head, something he found himself doing whenever he was nervous.

"H-hey Rae! Wh-what brings you here?" he asked with an innocent smile.

"The fact that it's my bedroom." she said. Beastboy sweatdropped.

"Right! O-of course! I-I was just leaving." He said before dashing out her door and toward his own room. Once he got in he locked his door and put his back against it, sliding down it so he was sitting. "I'm not sneaking into her room ever again for that stupid feather!" he panted.

3 Hours later…

He glanced around Raven's room silently before eyeing the dark girl's sleeping form. C'mon Rae! Where'd you put that feather? he thought in his head. Just then he spotted something. Something he smacked himself mentally for not seeing earlier. Something black sticking out of a book. There was also a cloth that looked like Raven had put there to somewhat hide it. He tiptoed over to the oddly-shaped bookshelf.

Sure enough, the black feather was sticking out of a glowing black book-- wait… glowing? He looked closer and the book was indeed glowing faintly.

Heh, probably some silly spell Raven put on the book to scare me away. Beastboy thought as he grabbed the book. As soon as his fingers brushed the book's spine, a spark of energy flew from the book. Beastboy watched in horror as it headed straight for Raven. It gave her a small zap.

Raven yelped and sat up glancing around her room confusedly until her eyes landed on Beastboy who had the book with the feather in his hands. Her eyes narrowed.

"Put. It. Back." She said slowly as if speaking to a two year old.

Beastboy knew he should put it back. He knew he should listen to the half-demon with glowing eyes and hands, but he didn't. instead, he did something he knew he probably shouldn't have done; he pocketed the cloth she had tried to hide the feather with and bolted out her door, the book containing the feather grasped in his hands.

He could hear her yelling his name. He could hear her flying after him, but he couldn't stop running. It was as if his legs had a mind of their own. Before he knew it, he was in the common room.

"Beastboy. Give me the book and I won't throw you out the window." Raven threatened. The other Titans soon rushed in, having been woken up by Raven's yells at Beastboy.

"What's going on?" Robin asked after yawning.

"Please friends, why have you awaken us?" Starfire asked.

"Yah, it's like… midnight." Cyborg said after checking the time on the clock on the wall.

"C'mon Raven, one wish!" He asked, ignoring the other titans.

"No. It's dark magic." She said.


"It's dangerous."

"C'mon Rae! Take chances!"

"No. Give it to me."

"Geez! Your no fun!"

"No shit Sherlock."

"Well I wish we knew why!" He yelled. His eyes suddenly widened as he dropped the book and covered his mouth when the feather started to glow. There was a sudden flash of light and Raven fell over, unconscious. Before anyone could rush to her aid though, there was another blinding light.

They felt as though they were falling, yet floating around aimlessly. Suddenly they felt ground beneath their feet, but because they hadn't expected it, they lost their balance and fell. They felt dizzy and had to wait till everything stopped spinning before they could look around.

"Where are we?" Robin asked.

"Yeah, last I checked, we were in Titans Tower." Cyborg said.

"I am remembering friend Beastboy doing the wishing for us to acknowledge why friend Raven is not the fun." Starfire said crossly. The boys looked around, finally noticing Raven wasn't with them. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg turned their heads toward Beastboy.

"Oh crud." He said, his ears drooping.