It had been three days since Raven had run away. The titans were still staying with Arella, though she didn't mind, for they were the only ones helping her search for Raven. Meadowlark was grounded for three months, for everything she'd ever done to Raven. Meadowlark was the only one who hadn't been searching for Raven for hour after hour.

It was now 5:00 a.m., and everyone was sleeping lightly. They hadn't wanted to fall asleep, but they were exhausted from endless searching, save Meadowlark who just fell asleep out of boredom. They were all suddenly jerked awake by loud crashing sounds and screams. Everyone ran into the kitchen, except Meadowlark who hadn't been woken.

"Did everyone else hear that or am I just hearing things?" Beastboy asked, already alert.

"No, It was very much real." Starfire said.

"Where did it come from?" Arella asked. The crashes and screams sounded once again. They turned there heads to look out the window, afraid of what they might see. In the distance, there was a mass of objects flying everywhere. Things were being tossed and thrown around carelessly. The titans instinctively took action; Robin quickly turned to the team and shouted the infamous line, pointing out the window.

"Titans, GO!" They all burst through the door, ready for action. Starfire was carrying Arella, who wasn't as fast as the titans and would have quickly fallen behind. They flew/ran to the scene in record time, but had to stop at the risk of getting hit by flying objects.

"What do we do? We can't go any further without getting hit by something!" Cyborg yelled to be easily heard over the crashes, screams, and whirs of passing objects.

Things were flying through the air fast; so fast, in fact, they all seemed a blur, but Beastboy's sharp eyes were able to get a quick look at one of the objects. It was black, and outlined in white. He knew immediately who was behind this, and with this knowledge, he knew he had to find her.

Beastboy shifted into a hummingbird, and ignoring the calls of his friends, flew deeper into the tornado of objects.

He flew quickly, never getting hit once, but they were close; He'd almost lost his head to a shovel. That's when he saw her. He had to do a double-take to make sure it was her; it was. Raven was curled up in one of the alleys, her hands on her head, and by the looks of it she was crying.

Beastboy quickly swooped down, dodging a lawn chair along the way. He shifted back into a human. Cautiously, as if approaching an injured animal, he walked up to her small form, kneeling down in front of her to be eye level. She looked up at him with scared teary eyes.

"Be-Beastboy! What's ha-happening?! I-I don't know wh-what's happening!" She sobbed. Beastboy slowly pulled her into a gentle hug, rubbing her back softly.

"Raven, calm down." He said in her ear. She cried for a little while longer, the wretched tears not wanting to stop, but eventually they started to slow, which caused the whirl of objects to reduce in speed. Then, with one big breath, she stopped crying. The objects slowed to a hault before dropping to the ground, unable to defy gravity any longer. Beastboy smiled, relief washing over him as he looked at the young girl in his arms.

"Are you o… kay…" He trailed off once he realized she had dozed off. He smiled once more, kissing her forehead before gently lifting her up bridal style. He walked along the road silently and happily, a sleeping Raven in his arms, until he met up with the titans and Arella. Robin had scolded him for running off, but let it go once he saw Raven. Arella had rushed up to him once seeing her daughter in his arms, but stopped once she saw Raven was sleeping. Glad her daughter was now safe, Arella and the titans headed back to the Roth's home.


He hadn't noticed it before, but she had lost a lot of weight, and they all guessed she hadn't eaten since she'd run away. Her clothing was dirty and ripped, her hair was matted and tangled, and they were really worried about her.

Which is why, when she awoke, they'd pretty much shoved a piece of pizza down her throat and forced her to take a bath. They were now sitting in the living room waiting for her to finish up. She eventually entered, clad in a fresh clean outfit. She had combed through her wet hair which was now pin straight. She plopped down on the couch.

"Now, Raven. Do you know what happened back there?" Arella asked once Raven was seated. She knew the answer; Beastboy had told her what had happened, but she wanted to see if Raven knew. Raven shook her head.

"No, I'm not sure what exactly happened." she replied truthfully.

"Those were your powers Raven. You got your powers." Arella said. She had wished this day would never come, but it did. Raven wasn't too thrilled either.

"M-My powers?" Raven stuttered.

"Yes." Arella said.

"What does that mean? What do I do?" Raven asked, fearing what her mom would say. She had heard before that she'd have to go emotionless, but she's never really paid any mind to it; until now. Arella sighed.

"It means you will have to go through rigorous training to learn to control your powers, and your emotions. You mustn't feel any emotion ever, for the results could be similar to what just occurred, maybe even worse. You will also be living with Azar from now on. I can no longer see you anymore." Arella told her daughter. Raven stood up abruptly, shocked by what she'd just heard.


Just then, the titans felt… odd. There was a bright flash before everything around them froze. They looked around, confusion etched on their faces. What was happening? Arella was frozen in mid-sentence, Raven was frozen also, the terrified and shocked look still on her face.

Suddenly everything around them faded like a dream, and they were suddenly hurdling through nothing. The feeling sent chills up all their spines, and suddenly, ground was beneath their feet. They stumbled and fell, unable to keep their balance. They each landed with a thud. Eventually, their stomachs stopped churning and their heads stopped spinning. Sitting up slowly, they glanced around curiously.

They were back at the tower.

They stood up carefully, still dizzy from the trip. Almost at the same time they all noticed an unconscious Raven on the ground. Their Raven.

"RAVEN!" They hollered, half out of concern, the other of happiness. Raven groaned in response. Beastboy was the first one to reach her. He stumbled over to her, quickly kneeled down next to her and cradled her upper body. The other titans knelt down around her. She groaned again before her eyes slowly fluttered open. She was met with four relieved faces. Her violet orbs locked on the green shape shifter.

"You are so dead." She said in a hoarse monotone. The four grinned and hugged her in a big group hug. Once they released her she got up shakily. She leaned on Beastboy for support so not to fall down, but she didn't notice. Beastboy, however, did. And it sent a strange feeling through him, but he ignored it.

"So… how much did you learn?" Raven asked quietly, a bit afraid of their answer.

"We arrived into your past the day Meadowlark's ankle was sprained, and returned after you learned about your powers." Beastboy informed her. Raven raised an eyebrow, confusion showing on her tired face.

"Meadowlark sprained her ankle?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, you didn't know about it. It was the day before you ran away." Beastboy said. Raven nodded her head silently.

"Hey, how come we returned so soon. I thought we returned when we found out why… uh…" Cyborg trailed off.

"Well, why do you guys think I'm no fun?" She asked.

"Uh, Meadowlark?" Beastboy guessed.

"Your powers?" Starfire asked.

"Having no friends?" Cyborg questioned.

"Being forced to go emotional through training?" Robin asked.

"All of the above. See? You did learn the answer to your question. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to go to bed." Raven said tiredly. She slowly took he weight off Beastboy, walked over to pick up the book with the feather that started it all, and left without another word.

"We'd all better get to bed titans. Goodnight everyone." Robin said, leaving for his bedroom.

"Night y'all." Cyborg said, following behind Robin.

"Night of goodness friends." Starfire yawned, floating through the door in a daze-like state. Beastboy exited the common room soon after. He walked silently, turning down the dark hall that housed Raven's room, along with his. On his way to his bed, he passed Raven's room. He stopped in front of it, hoping she was still awake. His knuckles rapped on the door, echoing through the quiet hallway. After a few seconds the door was opened. Raven looked at him tiredly.

"Yes Beastboy?" She asked. He looked down at his shoes.

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I was the one who made the wish and stole the feather." He said, glancing up nervously at Raven. She ran her fingers through her hair, sighing.

"It wasn't your fault. Entirely. Actually, I knew it was going to happen, I just… I don't know, tried to stop it." She told him. Beastboy cocked his head to the side, his ears perking. Raven couldn't help but think he was adorable when he did that, but then mentally slap herself.

"What do you mean? How did you know?" He asked.

"Beastboy, it was my past. I remember you guys visiting me then." She said.

"You remember it?" He asked. She nodded. A grin suddenly etched itself on his face, which confused Raven slightly.

"What?" She asked.

"Does that mean you remember calling me cute? And the 'most coolest, funniest awesome green dude you've ever met' if I recall?" He asked. Raven's face turned a deep scarlet, which made her glad she'd put her hood up before she'd answered the door.

"N-no, I don't think I remember that." She squeaked. Great, she'd stuttered. Beastboy seemed to have caught it as well as his grin seemed to grow. He crossed his arms and leaned toward her slightly, making her lean back a bit.

"Oh, I think you do, Raven. And I think I know why you said it." He wiggled his eyebrows. She could tell he was enjoying this. She growled mentally. Okay, if he was going to have some fun, so was she. After all, who says she can't have fun?

Beastboy suddenly felt a pair of soft lips against his own. He was confused at first, until he realized Raven was kissing him… Wait, Raven?! Before he could respond in any way she pulled back, smirking at him before walking back into her room.

"Don't tell anyone." she said over her shoulder before she shut the door in the stunned boy's face. He slowly raised his hand to his lips, which had a tingly feeling running through them. He didn't know if she meant don't tell anyone about what they were talking about, or the kiss, but he didn't care. A slow smile spread across his face.

"Don't worry, I won't." He said it so quietly, you'd have to have your ear right in front of his mouth to hear it. He slowly turned, continuing his trek to his room, thinking one thing in his head.

'Yeah, chicks dig the ears.'