The Story Of A Boy.

Beautiful. Passionate.


All words to describe him.

That was how he was when I first met him.

His eyes shone, fringed with the most beautiful damn lashes ever there were.

Green. They were green.

He was happy, bouncing- buoyant amongst the teaming life of the world.

Different, exotic.

His talents lay with the arts and masterful he was.

Young though, 4 years my younger and better for it, for, when first I looked upon him I thought I might be but 2 years his elder. How I was wrong.


A word he doesn't use anymore. Because happy is not him.

Under the mask he slips over his head like a noose everyday, he plays upon lies like they were his lifeblood.

Merely surviving.

Were that this was all his own fault, then might emotion be swayed otherwise so as to be not so sympathetic to him yet,

Sticks and stones do break bones and words will kill you dead.

People who, unwisely in their tongue waggling, would condemn him now if they knew what thoughts their meaningless and scornful words did place in his most beautiful of minds.

Damn them and I will forever, forever hate them for it.

Unguided Fools!

Watch thou tongues about things that thou knowest not about in the most intimate of detail lest, by some 'happenstance' thou word becomes the root of a persons undoing for it was these words from these stupid people that did do this innocent such injustice.

And then these same fools go on and frolic about their lives because they have not the wit to comprehend the wager of a word on a beautiful soul.

Snap thy mouth closed and be sure that it is kept that way!

How fast that soul did turn upon itself and set itself in self-agony.

Now, never smiling unless in hangman's noose he is embraced.

Blood, ever so thick on the ground, is thicker when it clogs up thoughts.

Never functioning, never laughing.

Unless it is ripped from his throat.

His wishes that he had none to rip from would be easier set towards.


Ease and let ease.

Living a life that fast enfolds around him in a self-destructive blanket lined with TNT.

Ever I work to set his mind at rest and have him back.

But all I can do is ensure and love and trust.

Were that my words of millions could undo their word of one.