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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder:(1)

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to one or more traumatic events that threatened or caused grave physical harm. PTSD affects over 7.8 million people.

It is a severe and ongoing emotional reaction to an extreme psychological trauma. This stressor may involve someone's actual death, a threat to the patient's or someone else's life, serious physical injury, an unwanted sexual act, or a threat to physical or psychological integrity, overwhelming psychological defenses.

In some cases it can also be from profound psychological and emotional trauma, apart from any actual physical harm. Often, however, incidents involving both things are found to be the cause.

Uchiha Itachi glumly stared through the window. Being a man of little emotions, the moodiness displayed on his face was barely recognizable.

He wondered what was going on in Konoha.

It had been five years since he left his hometown. Ever since the "incident", everyone thought he just disappeared. Everyone except the elders and Sandaime.

He turned from the window and continued to finish his letter.

August 13th, 1991

Sarutobi Hiruzen,

I have successfully completed out your mission, with little trouble. Having penetrated the Akatsuki lair, I have now been assigned with Hoshigaki Kisame of the Land of the Waves. I shall be sending weekly reports on my investigation of this organization.

I shall be seeing you soon,

ANBU Codename: Weasel(173849)

Itachi looked up from his letter. He rolled it up and sealed it using his chakra. It will only be for Sandaime's eyes.

He returned to looking out the window. As the sun went down, he saw some birds flying south. In his opinion, they were lucky.

Sometimes he wished he was as free as them. That way, he could fly away from his problems.

But he was a practical man, and such things do not exist.

He got dressed for bed and took his medicine.

It was only a habit for him to look as though he was going to sleep.

Pulling up the covers, he waited. It was only a matter of time before the nightmares came back.

Sasuke ran through the Uchiha district. Suddenly he saw a figure on top of a telephone pole.

'Who was that?' he thought. Suddenly he remembered where he was going.

Opening the door of the main house, he ran throught the street.

And saw the scene.

Bodies. A lot of bodies. All of them were Uchihas.

'What happened here?' Sasuke was getting more scared by the minute. He turned to his house, sprinting down the street, tripping over bodies.

"Sasuke, don't come in!"

"Mother? Father?" Sasuke tried to blink away some tears. 'Open the door, open the door...' those words were plastered in his mind like a mantra.

Trembling ever so slightly, he opened the door.

"Father, Mother!!!!" he screamed. 'oh no, OH NO!! THEY'RE DEAD!' Sasuke looked around frantically.

In front of him was his older brother, Itachi.

"Nii-chan, we need to get help." He suddenly felt pain on the side of his arm.

"Foolish little brother." His brother had thrown a kunai to close the door.

Sasuke couldn't believe it! His own nii-chan...did this?

"You're not okay in the head, nii-chan. W-would you do something like this? WHY??" Sasuke felt decieved and desperate.

"To test my mettle..."

"DON'T GIVE ME THAT!! SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!" he rushed at his brother.

Itachi looked into his brother's eyes.

He saw pain and hate in them now. Nothing could ever repair it.

He revealed his Mangekyo sharingan.

"For the next forty-eight hours, you will feel true pain..."

"NO! ITACHI! STOP!.....MOM! DAD!....STOP! HELP! NII-CHAN! AAAGGGGGGHHH!" Sasuke's screams echoed through the whole house.

Finally Itachi stopped. Sasuke panted heavily, and fell right beside his dead father.

'Itachi did this? This isn't right!' Sasuke looked up at his brother. 'I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!'

"Don't k-kill me!" he screamed as he ran out the door.

They chased each other to the outskirts of the Uchiha compound.

Finally, Sasuke stopped. Itachi was facing him.

"You're not even worth killing, Sasuke-otouto. Live and hate me, like the coward you are. Only when you possess my eyes will you see me again."

Sasuke started to fall. He looked at his brother again.

'I-Is he...crying?" that was the last thoughts before Sasuke fell into a coma.

"ARGH!" Itachi woke up, sweating from the dream. That was it. He had enough.

He put on his Akatsuki robe and ran to Kisame's room.

Somewhere in Konoha, a young man with midnight eyes, around the age of twelve woke up to the exact same dream.

Frowning, he tugged at the back of his messy hair. He looked at his alarm clock. It read 5:30 pm.

"Well, I'd better start training now that I'm up."

"What the hell, Itachi?? It's 3:30 in the morning!"

"Exactly. We are going to capture the jinchuuriki today."

"AT 3:30 IN THE MORNING?? Ya gotta be kiddin' me!"

Itachi gave him a death glare.

"All right, all right. Which jinchuuriki again?"

"The nine-tailed fox."

"YAY! Mission, mission, mission!" yelled Naruto. "Where to now, ero-sennin?"

"I wish you'd stop calling me that." grumbled Jiraiya. He's just like Yondaime-san when he was younger.

"We're going to the outskirts of Konoha for some training!"

"YAYAYAYAYAYAY!" Naruto did some weird dance/running around type of movement.

Oh Kami, do I have to endure this the whole time?

Itachi and Kisame looked over Konoha. "You sure you want to do this?"


"Whatever, dude."

They jumped down and scanned the area.

"You go left, and I'll go right." They split up.

"HEY YOU THERE!" yelled a jonin. Itachi threw a paper bomb at the man. He exploded.

'sigh, cruel but efficient.' Another soul to torment him.

He headed towards the training grounds.

"Hinata? What're you doing here?" asked Sasuke.

The Hyuuga girl turned around and her face changed into different colors of red. "I-I'm t-t-training..."

"I see. Do you want to train together?"

She nodded shyly.

Sasuke didn't mind Hinata's company, because she wasn't as loud or obnoxious as other girls he knew. He knew that she wasn't part of his fanclub, because most of the girls in his fanclub were either annoyingly hyper or insanely talkative. Hyuuga Hinata was definitely not the talkative type. Being a shy girl, Hinata was the type who mostly kept to herself. Sometimes, when Sasuke would walk to the training grounds, he would see Hinata sitting in the Hyuuga garden, singing to the flowers. The mere thought of her confused himself.

And yet, here he was, training with her.

For five minutes, they danced a dangerous dance of kunai and shuriken.

Hinata activated her byakugan. Seeing this, Sasuke also activated his sharingan.

The Uchiha could see her movements, yet Hinata could see his pressure points.

In a matter of seconds, the Uchiha had mimicked her moves, but Hinata had pressed more than 20 of his tenketsu.

"Why don't we call it quits?" he said after a while. I should train more with Hinata-chan. I've had more of a workout than training with the dobe.

Hinata nodded. As she started to pack up, she heard a rustling noise.

"Wait a sec, Sasuke-san." She scanned the area quickly with her byakugan.

Someone was lurking in the bushes. Pulling out a kunai, she pounced onto the intruder.

It was only a rabbit. Phew, I thought it was something more dangerous. She put away her kunai, only to find herself face-to-face with a pair of shining, red eyes.

"HINATA! ARE YOU OKAY??" yelled Sasuke.

"U-uchiha...I-Itachi?" she whispered. Itachi looked at her.

She had short hair, with small bangs on her head. Her jacket was half-open. She was at least a foot smaller than Itachi.

Hinata gaped at Itachi. Hn. She looks so innocent.

He smirked. Konoha was definitely going to be interesting.

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