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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a human anxiety disorder characterized by involuntary intrusive thoughts. When a sufferer begins to acknowledge these intrusive thoughts, the sufferer then develops anxiety based on the dread that something bad will happen. The sufferer feels compelled to voluntarily perform irrational, time-consuming behaviors to diminish the anxiety. [1]

"Hinata-nii-chan!" an hyperactive eight-year-old girl yelled happily, bounding across the bedroom. All of a sudden, she tripped over a random book and fell, spraining her ankle.

"Huh, Hanabi-chan?" Hinata sat up from her bed quite suddenly. "Are you okay?"

Hanabi was on the floor, clutching at her foot and swearing at the top of her lungs. Neji, Hinata's older cousin, came running into the room.

He stopped when he saw the sight. "Hanabi-san! Stop causing such a racket!"

"I wouldn't be," she gritted through her teeth, "if Father would only let us learn medical jutsu!"

"Fair point," Neji admitted, "but you'll need at least a hundred points to prove to Hiashi-sama that you need to learn it." He grabbed Hanabi's arms, and stirred her onto her feet. "Let's get out."

Hanabi limped out of the room, but turned around to face her older sister. "Oh, I forgot," she took out a scroll from her pajama pocket. "It's for you." she explained, wiggling her eyebrows and grinning like a cheshire cat.

Neji grimaced at Hinata before herding his youngest cousin out of Hinata's sight.

Hinata unfolded the scroll and began to read:


I was thinking about what you said yesterday, and I would like to apologize.

I really never stopped to look around me before, and what you said to me made me rethink what I do.

Would you like to spar with me today? I'll be at training ground no.8 at around 9 am.

~Uchiha Sasuke

"ok..." she snuck a glance at the clock. It read 9:05.

"Oh kami! I'm late!" She grabbed some clothes and rushed out the door.


"This is the place?" Itachi looked at the hotel they were staying in. It was certainly not a five-star hotel, at the very least. "You sure you couldn't find anything else?"

"Yes, dammit." Kisame stared at his partner in disgust. "Stop being such a hime [2]."

"Shut up." Itachi grunted. "Why are we in this criminal organization anyways?"

The blue-skinned man laughed. It felt metallic and noisy to Itachi's ears.

"Because you got beaten up by Pein. And because you beat me up."

"*sigh*. Let's go in, imbecile."


"Where is she?" Uchiha Sasuke kicked at a rock, sending it sprawling across the dusty ground.

A midnight blue-haired girl rushed past him. "Hey, Hinata!" Sasuke ran in front of her.

"I'm not Hinata, punk. She just happens to be my sister." A scowling eight-year-old looked at him harshly. Every feature of hers was like Hinata, yet her hair and her height wasn't the same.

Someone in the distance called out her name. "Hanabi-san!"

"Oh, shit. Get out of my way, ja-ku [3]!" Hanabi pushed Sasuke, making him fall into a bush. "Leave me alone, Neji!" she cried.

An equally pissed Neji whizzed by Sasuke, oblivious to the fact that the Uchiha was there. "Hanabi! You have to train! Hiashi-sama said so!"

"I don't care about Father! He can go stick his shitty training into his shitty ass!"

"Watch your mouth, Hanabi! I don't think he tolerates your language!"

"Tolerates? He hardly fucking tolerates anything, pansy!"


Their voices grew softer by each tantrum and curse they yelled at each other.

"Sasuke-san?" At the voice, Sasuke got up from the bush, swivelled on the spot and promptly fell on his behind.

Hinata had been terrified of being late that morning that she forgot her usual jacket. She was wearing a light blue one instead. Sasuke gave up trying to stand up, and instead sat down, scowling at the dirt floor.

"Was that your sister?"

"Yeah. She's a-at a stage wh-where she sw-swears a lot." Hinata put her fingers together.

There it was. The stuttering. Sasuke wondered why it never pissed him off before.



"Please stop stuttering. It's irritating."


"Stop stuttering!"


"What the hell. Hinata, just stop stuttering!"

Hinata frowned at him. "This isn't about my stuttering, is it?"

"There! You stopped stuttering!"


"Hey, Kisame."

"What?!" Kisame was currently sleeping in his room, with only his Samehada to cover his grotesque blue body.

"Isn't that the nine-tails kid we're looking for?" Itachi was looking out the window, people-watching.

"What?" The mist ninja got up from the bed and looked out the window. "It is!!" A kid in an orange jumpsuit was running around a long white-haired old guy.

In the meantime, Itachi had a memorable view of Kisame. "Put some clothes on, imbecile!"

"Whatever, hime." Kisame disappeared, and in a flash, was donning the full Akatsuki gear.

Itachi rolled his eyes and ran out the door, with Kisame following him.


1. .org/wiki/Obsessive-compulsive_disorder, June 13, 2009

2. Hime : Princess

3. Ja-ku : Jerk

Sasuke's being ocd with Hinata's stutter. Just a clarification! LOL KISAME CALLS ITACHI PRINCESS!

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