Author Notes: I thought KyouHaru deserved some fluff from me, so I wrote this up for the latest challenge at LJ's ouran_contest. :3

Pairings or Characters: Kyouya/Haruhi
Word Count:
Kyouya is not good at preparing breakfast.

Even Kyouya Can't Do Everything

Kyouya stared down at the stove in front of him, entirely at a loss.

He had ruined the omelet. He wasn't sure how, as he had followed the instructions to the letter, but it had fallen out of the skillet and broken when he flipped it. He turned the flame off and placed the skillet down, pushing his glasses up with his free hand. This wasn't how he imagined spending his time today, and was thoroughly irritated that even with all his preparation, he had failed to make one properly.

"Kyouya? Are you still in the kitchen?"

He turned and spotted Haruhi in the doorway, looking at him curiously.

"I seem to lack a talent for this," he said, turning around and leaning against the counter. She walked around the island to examine the mess he had created in her kitchen.

"Hm... You flip either too hard or too lightly, and it breaks against the skillet or falls out completely, right?" He blinked, surprised that she'd been able to diagnose his problem so easily. She took the skillet over to the sink and began to rinse it. "Well, lets clean this up, and then try again," she smiled at him over her shoulder.

He wanted to think it was his own determination that made him want to continue until he perfected it, but he knew it was her smile that made him want to keep going, even when all he wanted was to quit.