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Chapter Eight: An Ass Grab and Some Drama

Normal Point Of View

"Ugh…holy shit, I can't believe I actually fitted into this damn thing!" Sakura stated, ecstatic knowing that she could fit into a small dress size, having just found out by finally putting one on.

Really ironic being a top clothes' designer yet never even attempting to put on one of their own dresses, pretty pathetic girls.

However, Hinata just clapped for her friend's enjoyment as she raced down the stairs with her heels in her hand. Sakura knew better than to attempt to go down the two flights of stairs to the living room of their huge home in heels, duh.

Once down there, she was met with four sets of male eyes focused onto her. She just grinned in their direction manically, knowing how awesome this was going to turn out.

They were all decked out in black, notably probably Naruto's idea to act ninja while on their revenge mission. The pink haired girl just laughed at their ridiculousness but otherwise approached them.

"Oi, Sakura-chan, TenTen's on her way over! She said she could damage their set enough to make it almost a disaster area to step out on! And…hehe, Shikamaru said that the surveillance cameras might be a prob so he suggested her anyways!" Naruto filled her in on the slight improvement in the plan.

Sakura knew as well as Hinata that none of the guys have ever seen her decked out in a dress, heels, and a lot of makeup before. She never really believed in the hourly rituals of patting on layer after layer of foundation and eye makeup but it did seem to highlight her perfectly.

She had on a tight, pale pink mini dress specifically designed for clubbing events, something the girls never really had the pleasure to do. Though, with the open chest design and black stripper boots, it would almost seem like it was quite a highly eventful hobby of the Haruno.

She had on thick, voluptuous mascara and a slanted cat-eye eyeliner technique thanks to Hinata where she looked nothing short of slutty. But, then again, wasn't that the goal?

Haha, get the guys drunk and so horny and hungover where they won't know what hit them…perfect arrangement.

Just then, there was a knock at the door which the Hyuuga girl went to answer while Sakura just dug around in the purse Hinata had prepared for her looking for who knows what.

The guys had taken it upon themselves to gather around the main table in the living room to talk about the plan when three people instead walked through the doorway.

Sakura just raised a perfect pink eyebrow at the sight of Neji, TenTen, and Temari. It surely was beginning to look like they were going to a gang fight or something.

Even the purple-haired girl chose to spot some black apparel which made Sakura feel as though she was a little less important to the success of the team and wished she could aide them in the destruction of what they hoped would be Deidara's and Ino's careers.

"Hey everyone sooo, why are you here Neji? Tem?" She asked, wondering what the other two might have to offer.

"Well, Neji here has the layout of the building and all that because he shot his first movie there and had donated money to have it extended so he got a blueprint of the place. I guess the guys have already told you why I'm coming and Temari doesn't like Ino, at all sooo, yeah she wants to be all bad ass for her own revenge against the blonde bitch." TenTen spoke all in one breath, something impressive even for her.

"Ahh, that sounds great! So, are you all going to divide up into squads and attack different points? Or, maybe you will all so in at the same time and take the place by storm! You all could even-." Sakura was stopped by all the looks she was getting from everyone.

"Aww, Sakura-chan, I'm sorry but you should just let us handle the sabotage part, okay? I mean, you have a pretty important role yourself and…I'm sorry you can't come." Hinata sympathized, trying to make Sakura feel a bit better about not getting to attend the event.

The pink haired girl just sighed and finally plucked out a compact mirror which she opened and start to play with her eyelashes, trying (and failing) to ignore the conversations going on about the annihilation of the movie set.

It was now nine thirty and she began to get that lurching feeling in her gut, knowing that there was no turning back and that she will ultimately get her victory. It was almost conceited, thinking ahead at the numerous headlines and cancellations of the damned duo's movie.

"Okay, we're heading out, see ya later Sakura!" Kiba yelled happily, not forgetting to take the full observation of the pinkette's very revealing dress.

With the eight people leaving, Hinata linked arms with Naruto and shouted, "away we go, down the road to bring mischief to the soon to be dickless fellow and his bimbo blonde baboon!"

Sakura giggled at the stupidity of her friend and felt the overcoming need to make sure this was foolproof, to make that bastard pay for all the shit that happened in the past and make it even.

She heard as their cars left, heading out the narrow paved road that extended numerous miles before finally hitting the highway.

Sakura stood; placing the mirror back into the purse Hinata had let her borrow and began pacing while thinking of ways to make the guys' lives even worse.

'Those dickweeds are finally gonna get what they damn deserve! Cha!' Her inner screeched loudly within the girl's mind, jarring her thoughts momentarily at the spontaneity of herself.

'Yeah, I know what you mean…I can't believe we never sought out revenge before!' She agreed, a devilish grin upon her well glossed lips. She may be beautiful on the outside but nothing could fathom the ugliness which was her reignited hatred for the Akatsuki, particularly Deidara.

It seemed like it was just a moment ago when her friends left but soon enough there was a knock on the door and she knew that she must push aside that abhorrence long enough to give them the time to destroy every damn thing.

She struggled at first to pick up her flawless stride in her black heels but soon enough felt confident to answer the door. When she did, her breath caught at the back of her throat…that fucking bastard had the damn nerve to bring along that bitch!

That was right; next to the tall golden blonde was Ino Yamanaka with her hand slipped in his front pants pocket in what Sakura perceived as that possessiveness the blonde had always had. She always got what she wanted, that was the end of the story; when she didn't, someone was going to pay heavily.

Taking a quick breath she knew that she'd have to make Deidara like her more, favor her so the blue-eyed bitch wouldn't stand a chance.

With that determination in mind, Sakura quickly flicked off the light switch and shut the door behind her as she done something she detested but knew otherwise it would set her apart from her competition-she slid her dainty hand into his back pocket, groping him slightly.

Deidara didn't bother to conceal his arrogant smirk as he held the emerald-eyed girl's ass as they walked toward the limo; Ino on his right, Sakura on his left.

He detached his arm from Ino's back to open the door, Sakura noted along with Ino as she just huffed and slid into the leather seat. She grinned inwardly at the favoritism he was already expressing towards her.

Sakura's Point of View

Well, at least I think I look better than the bitch…purple was so never her color and dammit, I'm converting over to the dark side! No…wait, fashion is my specialty so aren't I the devil worshipper of all fashionista remarks?

Okay, forget that…Deidara likes me more or else that simple gesture wouldn't have happened. I smiled lightly at him as I crawled in after him, him already aware of how me and Ino's rivalry shall be very competitive.

As I casted a sideways glance in the bitch's direction and saw her cuddling his pretty muscular arm, I had the sense of determination strike once again and it may be the death of me but, Deidara is so mine, whore!

I shrugged internally as my inner began to thrash around, pissed off at me for choosing a battle over the original goal but, seriously! I can't be outshined by her of all fucking people!

Not only was that my mission but I felt compelled to go through with it…only if Hidan didn't squeeze his sexy ass onto my other side and flash me a wicked smile. Then it finally came to me: Make Deidara jealous.

If they start throwing punches then that'll give me enough time to have a bitch beat down with Ino and kick her pig ass! Then…oh hell, no one will be witnesses and I could get away with an actual crime!

I mean…I did shoplift that spool of pricy four dollar golden thread but, really? Who charges four dollars for thread! I sighed at how that pissy worker kept looking me as if I was just there to shoplift a damn sewing supply store!

I scooted slightly away from Deidara towards Hidan which immediately made the blonde to turn his head my way. Then came that oh-so familiar glaring contest between the two…

"Hidan?" I asked in my false sweet voice towards the silver-haired man. I couldn't help but notice how well, hot he looked. Call it my designer eye or whatever but an unbuttoned silver and black pinstripe shirt, black pants, and his gorgeous face definitely were compatible and upmost complimentary.

It's sad knowing that they actually have people who basically dress their asses for them…

"Yeah, hottie?" He said while planting a firm hand on my upper thigh, playing with the stretchable pink fabric.

"I just wanted to let you know that you owe me a dance and by the way, you look pretty hot yourself." I charmingly said, hoping that he didn't ask why I owed him any dance because I have no damn idea…spur of inspiration, I blame Hinata!

Wait…my little buddy isn't here because, yeeeeaaah, she left me! But then again…this was my idea after all. I sighed deeply, knowing that I will one day be my own self-inflicted doom.

"Haha, that can be arranged, love." He said, taking it upon himself to call me 'love', something that made me want to spit since I knew how much he would've never said that back in high school.

I heard Deidara clear his throat before say, "Ah, Sakura-chan, when I invited you to come I was actually meaning you as my date, yeah," once he saw that I was paying attention.

When he did say it, I had to do a double-take. I mean, Ino and Deidara are together…the note implied it damn it! Then he tells ME I'm his date…oh fuck no! I shall not be a slut and he will not be a player tonight, absolutely not!

"Oh…but you're with Yamanaka." I said fiercely, but inside knew that if I pissed him off too quickly I might not get to be of any use to Hinata and the guys.

Finally looked around the limo while Deidara I guess tried to find out what to say to make me change my already set mind.

I saw Sasori next to this one girl…oh yeah! That's…the girl…Gaara was going out with...damn! Matsuri was her name! She fucking dumped Gaara! That's screwed up, seriously.

Then there was Itachi with that nasty bitch Karin…where the hell are all these random fucking chicks coming from! She was going out with SASUKE aka the dumbass with the chicken ass hairdo last time I checked.

I sighed, I needed to get out more…my social life has dwindled down to nothing in the past couple years…it's sad!

Tobi…where have I seen him before. Geez, I KNOW he's an Uchiha plus, his face is familiar sooo…where! Damn it, my memory is so blank! Well, at least he isn't with any girl.

'Wonder where Kisame and Zetsu are…they might be GAY.' My inner thought, making me think of the two weirdest Akatsuki members…together nonetheless. It was disturbing, definitely.

I didn't bother to reply since my mind was pretty much fried and disgusted knowing what might happen between the two behind hopefully closed doors.

About that time Deidara finally thought of a reply too.

"I'm not dating Ino, Sakura-chan. Our relationship is basically just for publicity, not anything serious, yeah. So, yeah." The golden blonde stated, acting like I would so believe that bullshit, no chance, fella!

"Really! Deidara, and here I thought we were together! You can drop me off now! I'll just head back over to the set since I need to get my precious banana cocoa lip gloss which is fyi, WAY more important than you!" Woah, woah, WOAH. Did she just say that she was heading back to the set' more so, the set my friends are at right now?

I knew I had to act quickly or else everything may be in jeopardy or completion. Today must be a day for miracles because in any other damned situation I'd rather chew off my arm or pluck my eyebrows with two toothpicks!

"Ino! Wait…how does it sound if you really were going out with Deidara and tonight you find out that he's dating his clothes designer behind your back? I mean, think of the publicity you both would get. It'll be on every Konoha and Suna paper around, not to mention every other city!"

With my little plot, I could see the light blonde's eyes lighten when I brought up having people notice her and her face on the covers of magazines…she is so fucking shallow, I swear I will never know why the hell I was ever her friend.

"That's great, Sakura! Geez, and here I thought you were nothing but a dumb sewing lady who has decreased her social status tenfold over the years! Was I ever wrong, you're a genius, Forehead Girl!" Ino cheered really loudly in a squealing voice that was SO. ANNOYING.

And, did she just call me Forehead Girl? A nickname that she dropped once we entered like, sophomore year? I could feel my eye twitching at how still annoying that was…my forehead isn't THAT big.

"Ah, yeah. That does sound great! Good job, Sakura-chan yeah!" Deidara applauded as well, landing me a kiss on the mouth as I fell back into Hidan's tensed, pissed off lap. Ino quickly snapped a picture and began to text it to all her friends, probably claiming Itachi or someone sent it to her…shallow I tell ya!

But, I was distracted at the moment anyways so who cares about Ino and her dumb drop-any-guy-at-a-moments-notice-for-anything-publicity-stunt-like.

Deidara broke away momentarily, long enough for both of us to catch our breaths before his mouth crashed onto mine once more. My eyes fluttered shut, my eyes last meeting Hidan's before they closed.

As we were kissing, I couldn't help but think of how broken and detached Hidan looked so, to make things seem a little reassuring I moved my arm from underneath Deidara and patted the jashinist's leg.

I could physically feel him start to relax himself, opting to just be glad my head was lying between his legs. Perv.

'I hope Hinata and the guys hurry the hell up.' I thought to myself, wondering how long they planned the sabotage to be.

'Yeah, really! I hope we both don't fall for one of the guys because Deidara is a bombshell when it comes to kissing and Hidan is pervalicious.' My inner randomly put in, creating another one of her often weird words.

Then again, she does have a point here. There's two guys right now who are really driving for me…one being a bastard that I. Can't. Like. And the other being the pervert that is probably a bit better.

There's Tobi too…he's interesting since he knocked one of the guys off of me and then kissed me as well. He even looked sincere when he smiled at me…something that I'm beginning to notice as a quality hard to find in a guy.

I never planned on just making out in a limo the whole way to the club probably with Ino texting, Karin and Itachi cuddling or whatever the hell it was they were doing, Sasori listening to Matsuri whisper things in his ear, Tobi watching us intently, and Hidan was pretty much riding out the storm.

I was never one for planning things without having to make some big imprecision along the way…things just never ever work out the way you intend them to because it's always bound to get complicated one way or another…

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