New Mobotropolis.

An exotic city made entirely from nanobots, renowned across Mobius for its pristine gardens and monarchy-republic diplomacy. Once upon a time it was ruled by the benevolent Acorn family, as they had done for so many generations past.

Until eight years ago.

In the year 3238, King Elias was assassinated six months into his rule, forcing Princess Sally to ascend the throne of Acorn and take a husband. There were many suitors but in the end she chose her long-time friend and fellow Freedom Fighter Sonic the Hedgehog. On the eve of the 165th day, the two were united in marriage.

Unfortunately that marriage would not be long lasting, for a year later, Queen Sally died giving birth to their first and only son, Manic Acorn. Not long after, the former King – Maximillian Acorn – fell ill and died during the night, and the former Queen – Alicia Acorn – was subjected to poison and died before the royal physician could find a cure.

At least, that's how the story goes.

With the kingdom left in King Sonic's care, he soon began changing the ways of life that had been the norm for generations. For example, every child entered the military on their eleventh birthday instead of attending school like they had done up until that time. Tributes to the king were to be made biweekly, and taxes were to be paid on time or the offending party would be prosecuted for defying the throne.

The Kingdom of Acorn's soldiers were ordered to invade Angel Island in the name of their king. The Chaotix rallied the inhabitants and fought bravely but after two months of maintaining the upper hand of the battle, they fell to the King's power. Knuckles the Echidna was executed in front of his people after giving one final outcry against the throne, and Angel Island became part of the Kingdom.

The Battle of Angel Island was used as an example, and the rest of Mobius soon fell under King Sonic's iron fist. Former members of the Freedom Fighters were given presiding over different sectors of the new world order, the group having fallen in line after something the King had done that remains a secret kept within the group.

Only Miles Prower refused to abide by his new King's orders and – after being held prisoner by his former hero and one of his tails cut off in punishment – escaped, living in hiding with his uncle Merlin Prower and learning his birthright powers. Over time, Miles gathered like-minded individuals who soon became a group known only as the Brotherhood of Aurelius.

Dasuku Hedgehog was found within the forest Merlin's home resided in, starving and dehydrated to the point of being on the brink of death. The two foxes nursed him back to full heath and, grateful for their help, he pledged his allegiance to Miles, becoming the first of the Brotherhood. It was revealed that Dasuku had been chased from his village for speaking against the king, and also for telekinesis powers that many viewed as 'freakish'.

Shadow the Hedgehog originally set out to kill Miles on orders G.U.N. received from King Sonic, but after a brief clash with the forming Brotherhood revealed that he did not desire to be used as an assassin by someone he had once respected. He became the second member of the Brotherhood of Aurelius, his powers presiding over the Chaos Force.

The next to join was Ice, a former Dark Legionnaire who had left the group of soldiers when they became the Dark Egg Legion. A strange mutation in an experiment had made his fur blue – a colour uncommon amongst echidnas – but not only that, the mutation had also given him the power to control fire, a mockery of his name. He became the third of the Brotherhood when a scuffle with Dasuku lead to Miles recruiting him after seeing his abilities.

The last to arrive was a cat named Sanae. A ninja by trade, her family had been killed when King Sonic's army invaded Cat Country. Seeking to avenge her kin and bring honour back to her family, she had heard rumours of the Brotherhood's existence and traversed the globe looking for them, believing they could help in her vengeance. She became the fourth and last member, her abilities lying in controlling the wind.

Now, after eight years of living in hiding and training under Merlin Prower, the Brotherhood of Aurelius is ready to take the Kingdom of Acorn and the world back from the once-hero that rules it so mercilessly.

And they will stop at nothing.

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