Summary: A sort of poem for 4x20. Dean's POV about Sam's…problem.

This is probably going to suck, since I'm a crappy poet, but my English teacher said it was good, so… Please let me know your opinion.

Brother of Mine

Locked away

Behind iron doors

Your heart is lost



Your mind, your soul

Withered away

You cannot see

The righteous ways


But here I kneel

And so do pray

A prayer indeed

To pass the day


I know you well

Your dreams, your will

You're just astray

Misled, not gone


To Heaven's above

I plea and cry

God, help me now

To cleanse your mind


Stay with me

And don't let go

I know you're there

Somehow, somewhere


Don't fall to perdition

Chaos or despair

I'm here with you

To show I care


Come back to me now

And forget all the lies

Be things as they were

Please, Sammy, don't die