Author Notes: Over on LJ, I did an Alphabet Meme, where people give me a one-word prompt for each letter of the alphabet, with a fandom and a pairing or character (I allowed a few doubles, so there will be more than 26 of these). Here is the first one, which is (unsurprisingly, lol) a KakaSaku fic!

Pairings or Characters: Kakashi/Sakura
Warnings: SEX
Word Count:
Prompt - Q is for Quickie.

Fine Art of Mattress Shopping

Sakura scowls as he drags her out of the small furniture shop, wondering why he was getting so agitated while all she was trying to do was pick out a new mattress. She grunts in a very unfeminine way as she trips down the entrance stairs of the store, clumsily dragged by Kakashi until she finds herself being shoved up against the back wall of the shop and feels his fingers clawing to drag down her shorts and underwear.

"What the hell?" she hisses, glancing around to see if anyone would spot them, but he'd done a very good job in finding a discreet place to take her.

He brushes her fingers away in slight irritation, again resuming his task of stripping her lower half. Before she can protest much, his mask is suddenly around his neck and his mouth is against her. She lets out a small squeak of surprise at the jolt sent through her as she feels his tongue dart in and out of her. Her hands quickly clasp over her mouth, hoping to prevent any more sounds from escaping, but he's already heard and she feels him hum against her slit and she's suddenly overwhelmed with heat.

Kakashi brings her to orgasm so fast with his mouth that it'd almost be unfair if it didn't feel so incredible. Sakura barely has time to regain her wits when she suddenly feels him, hard and pulsing, already beginning to enter her. A bite on her neck is the only warning she has before he thrusts into her, and even her hands can't muffle the moan that escapes her. His pace is fast and unrelenting, and her back is getting all scraped up through the thin fabric of her shirt, but she doesn't care because it feels so good and he's groaning against her neck and when he comes inside her the look on his face makes her fall in love with him even more.

But this time, just like every time, is over quickly and his mask is immediately pulled back up as he pulls himself out of her. She whacks him over the head once she has readjusted her clothing and hair and from beneath his mask he gives her a sheepish grin.

"Really. Can't you keep it in your pants for one errand?" she sighs, rolling her eyes as she heads back out to the street. Kakashi follows after her, licking his lips to make sure he gets the remaining taste of her on his tongue.