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Everything was going back to normal—or as normal as things could be when you cheated on your lover. It had been 3 weeks since "the incident" as I ended up calling it. Eiji remained completely oblivious to anything going on. That's just the kind of person he was, innocently oblivious. Besides, I don't think he was paying as much attention to me as he used to.

I think he was getting bored with me. I know that sounds bad, but I wasn't particularly offended. After all, he had stayed with me for 7 months—a little over half a year. For him that was an eternity. He may be oblivious but he understands people and concepts quickly once he's finally picked up on them. I love Eiji, but I have come to believe it's time to move on. He is my light and he always will be, but I think we might be better off as friends.

He needs a sturdy, caring, gentle person with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Someone who will let him fly off when need be, but will always be there for him to home to. Someone like Oishi, I should have picked up on it earlier. They were doubles partners, it would make sense of they were romantic partners as well. If they ever managed to realize they belong together I'd give them my blessing. I may have to resort to "helping them out" a little, seeing as they were both pretty dense in the romantic area—it took me 2 months to convince Eiji I was serious and wanted him in a romantic sense, 2 months to convince him I was attracted to him sexually.

As for me, I'm not completely sure of what exactly I want just yet. I have a fairly good idea though. I think I need someone more exciting, more dangerous, and more sensual. Someone I could have fun with, let loose on, someone who could talk to me and know what I really meant. I needed them to understand me, read beneath the lines when I talked.

This sounded a little like Yukimura, a lot actually. So I guess you're wondering why I'm not with him? Well, the main reason would be that we're too alike. I needed someone who was similar in the way we expressed feelings and ideas, but different in the way we lived. Different lifestyle choices, different career choices, different ways of thinking.

I guess the main thing I'm saying here is that Eiji and I need to move on. We need to break up. He needs Oishi and I'll help him with that and I need to look for someone new. So it's official then. I'll break up with him at school tomorrow. I only hope he understands.


"I think we should talk, Eiji." It was the next day, lunchtime. It was time to break up. I had called Eiji to the roof so I could explain to him the thoughts going through my head.

"Sure Fujiko! Watcha wanna talk about? Oh! Guess what? I got these tickets so see a concert tonight from Oishi! It was sooooo nice of him to them to me! He got two, one for me and one for you! And it's not to a crappy one; it's to a really awesome concert! They're gonna have a bunch of famous musicians and good food and we can—"

"Eiji." I cut him off. "I think you should go with Oishi."

"Eh?!?! You don't wanna go? Do you have to go somewhere or something? Are you sick?! Oh! I know! You don't wanna be in a large crowd `cuase you're claustrophobic! Right, right? Am I right?"

"No, Eiji. I don't have to go anywhere, I'm not sick, and I'm not claustrophobic. I think you should with Eiji because he loves you." I explained. I had to stop his rambling, it was cute, but I needed to get to the point before lunch ended—hopefully. "And you love him."

"EHHH!?!?!?! What're you talking about?! I love you! You're my boyfriend!" He was shouting now. He was franticly moving his arms around as if that would make me believe him. He was panicking now.

"Eiji, if the only reason you can think of for loving me if because I'm your boyfriend, then you don't really love me. Besides, I think we've both taken everything we can from this relationship. I still love you—as a friend, and I think you feel the same. But, we're going to regret this later in our lives if we stay together. I hope you understand." His face had fallen at the first part, than a determined look passed over his face before being quickly wiped away by a kicked puppy look. Eventually a look of understanding settled on his face.

"I think you may be right…as much as I hate to admit it, maybe we really aren't meant to be more than friends. Ok Fujiko. Since you seem to think Oishi and I should be together I'll try going out with him. Are you going to be dating anyone?" He was sad that the relationship was ending, but he understood what I was talking about. I knew he would, like I said, he was oblivious but once he picks up on something he understands it pretty fast.

"I'll be looking." I was going to say more but the lunch bell rang signaling the end of lunch period and the storm of kids frantically rushing to get back to their classes from the places they had chosen to eat lunch. But to me, it seemed to signal more, it signaled the beginning. Of what I didn't know, but I had the feeling it would be something significant—something I would remember for the rest of my life. Something big.

A storm was coming; a hurricane was in the ocean headed towards us. A tsunami of feelings about to erupt. But for now it was calm—the calm before the storm.


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