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Okay, I completely redid the story. I wrote it in a notebook months ago and lost it. I was playing it by ear, but then I found the notebook under my bed (surprise, surprise). The quality's bad, because I was writing for my own enjoyment. So, here goes!

Italy, 1432

The human girl was sitting at a crossroads.

Her brown-blond hair flowed down to her waist. She was wearing a stormy grey velvet gown, very expensive, so why was she sitting on her own?

She was writing something, so maybe that was why she was here: a project for her tutor.

But the person who was watching her had never seen her before. Alec had thought he know everyone in Italy. It was time to expand his knowledge.

As he edged closer, he caught her scent.

La Tua Cantata. A singer.

He forced himself to go closer to her. As he approached, she seemed to sense his presence. Her grey eyes, the color of the storm clouds overhead, widened when she saw him. She started to get up.

"Hello," Alec said to her. "I'm Alec." Her eyes, though it seemed impossible, got wider when he said her name. She glanced at her work.

"My name is Maddelena," she said.

"Maddelena. What are you writing?"

She looked nervous as she handed him her tablet. Here's what was written:

In the ancient room stood three ancient men. Aro, Marcus, Caius. They were part of the governing body of vampires.

Two young vampires, who looked to be about 14 or 15, were led in.

"Jane! Alec!" exclaimed the one called Aro. The other two ancients left to tend to their own business.

"I need a demonstration of your talents. Alec, you first." Alec stepped forward and Aro's eyes went blank.

"Excellent! Now, Jane."

Jane stepped forward and smiled angelically. In an instant, Aro was on the ground, screaming and writh---

Alec was silent for a time after reading it, then Maddelena felt nothing.

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