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Asuka's Story: a side story to Nurse Witch Kumugi
One of Two

Asuka Sakurai stuck her head into the office, watching with wide eyes as the two young women argued away. The taller, green haired woman was beautiful, but her most obvious feature was the full breasts filling out her tank top. The shorter, red-pink haired girl was far less developed,
but she had a cute manner that would easily win people over.

"Hah, the only reason that you get so many jobs is because of your cow-like breasts," the shorter girl complained.

Tossing her head the taller haired girl said, "You're lucky being a stuffed costume girl doesn't require looks, stick girl."

"It's cosplay, not stuffed costume," the other girl growled.

"Break it up!" the older woman demanded, the lovely lady loudly slapping her hand on the table in the comfortable meeting room. Yui Kirijara's
eyes zeroed in on where Asuka watched, "If you hadn't noticed, we have a guest." Softening her voice, "Welcome, Miss Sakurai."

Both girls jumped, clearly not having seen her there. The smaller girl bowed quickly, her cheeks red. "I'm sorry," she said, "you may not
remember from when we met on the set that time, but I'm Komugi Nakahara."

"I know," Asuka returned the bow as she drew on the research she had done before coming here, "I heard your new single, it's very catchy."

"Thank you," Komugi beamed.

Giving her a wary look the taller girl said, "Megumi Akiba."

"Nice to meet you," Asuka smiled pleasantly, "a friend of mine has one of your calendars, you do very good work."

Relaxing a bit Megumi flipped her hair back, "Of course I do."

Hiding a smile Yui ordered the two girls, "If you'll excuse us, Miss Sakurai and I have to talk some business." Both girls left the room
quickly, still quietly snipping at each other as they did, then Yui waved Asuka over to the couch. "I'm sorry about that," Yui said as she
sat down gracefully, careful to keep her skirt neat.

"It's quite all right, Ms Kirihara" Asuka said, feeling Yui's studying gaze on her. Her black hair was neatly tied in two ponytails on either
side of her head, her simple dress suit neat as usual. 'Too bad my life is so much less neat, now,' she thought.

"I was pleasantly surprised when you made the apointment for this meeting," Yui said, pouring them both some tea.

"I've heard a lot about your agency," Asuka said, being careful not to say exactly what she had heard, "and I was curious if you'd consider
managing me."

"Normally I'd leap at the chance," Yui said to her honestly, "but there are some lingering questions that bother me."

"Oh?" Asuka tensed a bit, wondering what she might have heard.

Yui drank her tea thoughtfully, "You're a capable action actress who might not still be on the rise but is still quite successful. You are a
valuable commodity in our world, and your agency wouldn't be letting you go without good cause." Reluctantly she added, "And moving to Kiri Pro will likely hurt your career in the long term."

"You're as sharp as I heard," Asuka drank some tea to settle her nerves.

"I'm willing to take you on, I'd be a fool not to," Yui gave her a serious look, "but I also need to know why you're coming to me."

Asuka looked down into her teacup, turning the traditional round cup in her hands uncomfortably. "When my previous management found out they decided I was a scandal waiting to happen," she confessed.

"Found out what?' Yui asked gently.

"It won't leave this office?" Asuka asked.

"I promise," Yui said promptly.

Asuka studied Yui a moment, but knew she had no choice but to trust her, not if she wanted her as a manager. "My prevous management found out about my sexuality," Asuka said reluctantly, "I'm a lesbian."

"That had to have been uncomfortable," Yui noted without batting an eye.

"You have no idea," Asuka sighed. "Once word got around the agency no one would even be in the bathroom with me..."

"That's foolish," Yui said dryly, "I doubt you were interested in every girl you saw."

Asuka felt a bit of amusement at how capable Yui was at getting her to mention the type of women she liked. "I think a few of those models
would have been disapointed," she admitted, "as I prefer older women."

"Hmm," Yui seemed entirely unbothered by that revelation. She drank some tea silently then said, "All right, I'll manage you but there's a

"Yes?" Asuka asked warily.

"I'm not asking you to give up sex, I'd be a fool to even try," Yui said briskly, "but I would request that you be descrete. I think we can avoid
a scandal, especially if we're all careful."

"That's your condition?' Asuka hesitated, "I expected a order to stay away from your other actresses, at least."

"I have a little girl, a cosplay idiol who looks fourteen and a centerfold model on staff," Yui shrugged, "I doubt any of them would be
to your taste." Her eyes hardened like ice,. "And if I found out you had slept with any of them I'd kick your ass and fire you."

"Understood," Asuka bowed, hoping her gesture would hide her now faintly red cheeks. The surprisingly butch attitude from Yui had set her heart beat to racing, almost as much as the older woman's beauty had.

Yui stood, offering her hand after Asuka echoed the gesture. "Then welcome aboard to Kiri Pro," she said, "we'll sit down and discuss
contracts whenever you're ready."

"Later this afternoon?' Asuka asked hopefully, anxious to be under management once again. Privately she admitted she wanted to see more of
Yui, too.

"All right," Yui nodded, "One o'clock. I'll have Shiro Mibu there too, he'll be handling the day to day affairs of your management."

"I'll look forward to meeting him," Asuka bowed before excusing herself.

A few minutes later Yui used the intercom to call Shiro, the light blue haired woman sitting back thoughtfully. "Yeah?" Shiro asked casually as
he entered, his own blue-gray hair roughtly styled.

"What have you heard about Asuka Sakurai?" Yui asked promptly.

"A rising action starlet, having problems with her management," Shiro shrugged. He looked almost bad boy like, even in business wear as he
said, "And there a few murky rumors floating around about her in the background."

"Like?' Yui asked promptly.

Shiro slouched in a seat, "She may or may not have had an affair with a assistant manager, though since her last one was a lady I kind of doubt
it. A few older starlets have quietly complained of her snubbing them, too."

'Which fits if she was drawn to them and afraid,' Yui mentally noted. "Well, we've just taken her on as a client," she said to him briskly,
"so I want you to start digging into the rumors as much as you possibly can. I want names, backgrounds, the whole nine yards."

"Got it. Signing her is quite a coup for Kiri Pro," Shiro nodded thoughtfully, "but what does she get out of it?"

"As you said, she's having trouble with her old management," Yui waved it off.

Shiro gave her a look, "Sure, don't tell me. I'll figure it out eventually, you know."

Yui just smiled slightly. "We'll be meeting with her again at one, and I expect you there," she ordered calmly.

"Will do," Shiro waved as he left.

'Dating with a manager,' Yui thought as she looked out over the city, faintly surprised by the pulse of excitement she felt. With a firm shake
of her head she dispelled that thought, she knew the sort of harm a manager dating a starlet could do, she had learned that personally.