Learn to Fly
Chapter 7

Authors Note: A few people have mentioned how Mori talks to much in some of the earlier chapters. I really don't feel that he does. Just watch ep 18 "Chika's "Down with Honey" Declaration!". Mori has a whole bunch of lines. The way I see Mori is that he just doesn't feel the need to talk, hunny talks for him most of the time but he does respond to direct questions. Also like everyone he will want his say in things when it is important to him, it might not be a lot but Mori is not a mute that can only grunt "ah" to everything.

On her way to the bathroom in the morning she was slightly surprised to see her dad already awake and sitting at their living room table. "Morning dad." He just grunted in response. He was not a morning person. "What are you doing so up so early?"

He looked up from his tea and picked a long thin package up off the floor next to him, placing it on the table. "Damn package man, first thing this morning." He yawned. "It's for you."

She frowned. "For me?" She sat down across from her father and slid the package closer. It was indeed addressed to her. She unwrapped the box and carefully lifted the lid. Inside sat a note. She picked up and read over it.

"To replace the one that was ruined." Signed Mori.

Her father leaned over to get a better look. "What is it?"

She pulled the neatly folded dress from the small box. "It's a dress."

"A dress?" Her dad jumped up and snatched the garment from her hands, holding it up. This one was a halter dress. It was a soft pastel green with white flowers painted around its skirt. "Oh~ How cute." Her father smiled widely at the dress then looked down at his daughter. "You should wear it today!"

"But I'm just going out to the market today." She protested, getting up to head to the bathroom.

"But it's so cute~ And it was a gift, so you should wear it!" He held it out to her.

She took the dress from his hands. "Fine, but only cause I hadn't decided what to wear yet."

Her father beamed as he waited for his daughter to back out of the bathroom in her new summer dress.


The market that Sunday had been transformed into a street wide flea market. Many shops had setup all small booths or carts along the road, that had been closed down for the day. People moved around the street from one vender to another. She smiled happily to herself. She loved the flea market. Not only would she be able to find great deals on produce, she also enjoyed looking at the many handmade crafts that were on sale.

Haruhi thought about what she wanted to make for dinner that night. She didn't have much homework to finish that weekend so maybe she could do a little baking. It had been a while since she had made cookies. She knew her dad would love to take some to work with him.

She slowly walked past an old lady selling handmade stuffed animals. Haruhi smiled as she looked at the cute little dolls.

"I take requests too, if you don't see the animal you're looking for." The lady smiled up at her.

Haruhi smiled back. "No thanks. I was just looking. They are very good though." The lady bowed her head in thanks and Haruhi moved onto the next stall. She browsed over the heads of lettuce and bunches of carrots they had on sale for a very nice price. She had thought about making a nice soup later in the week, so maybe she should pick some carrots up just incase. She would always make something else and the carrots would keep till then. She bought a bunch put them into her shopping bag.

She saw a stand full of red fruits across the street and wondered if they might have any nice strawberries. They would be in season right now, so it was a good time to get some. Moving through the crowds she zones in the juicy red fruits. She licked her lips. They looked so ripe and red. Maybe she should make a strawberry shortcake or something. She decided to buy a carton.

"Here you go."

She thanked the vender as he handed her a bag and frowned at the weight of the small page. She opened it up and noticed a second carton of strawberries. She looked up. "Excuse me, you gave me an extra carton. I only paid for one."

After helping the lady next to her, the young man turned back with a bright smile. "Nope. No mistake."

She frowned again, looking back down at her bag. "But I-"

"It was Fujioka, right?"


He smiled, his green eyes shinning with mischief. "It's the least I could do. You seem to really like those strawberries from the way you were drooling over them and I still kind of feel bad for nearly hitting you with the cart the other night." He rubbed the back of his neck. "So really, take them."

Her eyes widened as she remembered the night when Kasanoda had walked her home from the store.

It had been dark and she hadn't been able to get a good look at this face that night but now in the daylight she had no problem seeing. Her eyes widened a little. He was handsome. She instantly knew he could easily compete with the host club for looks, and they were all gorgeous men. Even in his work uniform he still had an air about him and his smile was a lot like Tamaki...

"... Fujioka?"

She smiled, looking down at her bag again. "Thank you. I think this makes us even."

He gave her another smile and she felt her heart flutter. "I hope to see you around then, Fujioka, take care!" He gave her a small wave before turning to help his next customer.

She said goodbye and continued with her shopping. She tried to keep from frowning as she worked on slowing her heart. He had only smiled at her but she had suddenly felt so light. She realized suddenly that she hadn't even asked his name and wondered if she really would run into him again.

She was almost done her shopping when she noticed something that shouldn't have been at the market at all. She saw the rest of her peaceful day fly off without her as she walked up to Tamaki as he was looking at some small caved wooden statues.

"So you made all these yourself?" He asked excitedly as he held onto a small carving of two birds on a branch.

The man nodded. "Yep, that's right."

Tamaki looked down at the carving and then back up at the man. "Really, all of them?"

The man laughed. "Yes, sonny. I made them all."

Tamaki opened his mouth to asked if he was sure that he really made them. They were all so well done that he must have had help or workers or something.

"Sempai, please stop bugging the poor man."

"Eep!" Tamaki jumped, throwing the small statue which the artist thankfully caught before it could be damaged. "Haruhi?! What are you doing here?" He turned to see the brown-eyes girl standing beside him. His eyes traveled down her light green dress. It was so cute~! He felt himself blush a little. She looked so adorable out shopping in that little outfit.

She looked around as a few people stopped to look at them. "I'm shopping." She lifted her bag full of various goods. She narrowed her eyes on the blond prince who paled slightly. "The real question is, what are you doing here, sempai?" She glanced around again but didn't notice any of the other club members in the crowd. Was he alone then? Was he following her?

He smiled then, coming back to his senses. "Ah... Well you see, I was driving past and then I noticed all the people and I wanted to see where everyone was going. So I asked my driver to pull over so I could go see and then I found this lovely place! It's like the commoner's market but it's all outside." He looked around with bright eyes. "And look at all the stuff they are selling. It's wonderful!" He turned to her. "Can you really believe that his gentleman really made all these lovely little carvings himself?"

"Yes, I can." She thought over his story. "Where were you driving to anyways?" She had a feeling that she already knew.

"Ah..." He gave her an innocent smile. "No where in particular."

Right... "Uh-huh." She gave him another piercing look before she started her walk along the stalls again. She didn't need to asked Tamaki, she knew he would follow along with her like a lost puppy now that he knew she was here. She was sure he must have been heading over to visit her when he noticed the crowd. "Are the others here also?" She asked as she stopped to look at some yams.

Tamaki shook his head. "No, they couldn't come today."

She turned to him slowly. "So you had been on your way to my house."

He took a step back. "Ah..." He was caught. His shoulders slumped. "Yeah."

She didn't say anything to him. She picked out two good sized yams and paid for them.

Tamaki walked next to her as she continued her shopping. He was trying to stay out of her way since he didn't want her to be angry at him. He hadn't expected to run into her here and wasn't quite sure what to do. In truth, he hadn't asked the others to come along today. He had hoped to be able to spend some time with her alone. He wanted to talk to her and ask her a few things, but he wasn't sure how to ask or even how she would react, let alone where to start.

"Sempai, you've been a little quite lately." She asked she browsed over the good at another shop.

"Have I?" She had noticed? That was his Haruhi for you. She always was able to tell when something was on their minds.

She nodded, looking up at him briefly. "Yeah. For one, you were unusually calm about you not winning the contest. I kind of expected you to have a fit."

He opened his mouth, then closed it. He had been disappointed but also relieved in some fashion that he hadn't been chosen. For some reason he couldn't be upset about Mori being chosen. He wasn't sure why but it just didn't seem important enough for him to get angry over.

Haruhi stopped, give him a searching look. Even his reaction to her question was off. Either there was something very heavy weighing on his mind right now or he was having some kind of troubles that he was trying to keep from them.

He turned away from her eyes that seemed to be trying to see right into his soul. He slowly started to walk again. Things in his life were not moving how he had hoped that they would. He was having an easier time seeing that now, which was causing him to have a harder time hiding behind his smile. The events with Éclair had brought to light the importance of the club to him and how much he really valued his friends. It also forced him to think over his feelings about Haruhi and his current situation as potential heir to the Suoh family. His feelings, once he realized them had been easy. He was in love with their little hostess. It was how to show her this, that he was lost.

However this bright to light brought with it new problems. His grandmother. He knew she didn't love him. It broke his heart every time she called him horribly degrading names or belittled his mother. It hurt knowing that no matter how hard he tried he could not get her to love him but it hurt even more when she used his mother as a bargaining chip to get him to do what she wanted. He had, however, little choice. His mother had always been in weak health, and if his grandmother were to cut her off from the support of the Suoh family, then she would be in trouble. He felt that no matter what he did, that his grandmother might never name him heir, which was quite likely. She did everything she could to punish her son's bastard child... If he ever wanted to be happy, he would have to leave the Suoh name behind, but he wasn't sure if he was capable of it. There was so little he knew about the world, that it scared him.

Éclair had promised him his mother, and for that he nearly left all his friends behind. If there was some way for him to even visit her, to know that she was alright, he would feel a lot better, but his grandmother held the reins on his allowance and made sure to never give him enough to allow him such freedom.

He looked over at Haruhi as she munched away on something from her bag. He frowned. "What are you eating?"

She looked up at him, licking her lips as she swallowed. "Strawberries. Want one?" She offered him the small red fruit.

He smiled. "Sure, thanks." He plucked the fruit from her fingers and popped it into his mouth. He might not know what to do about his situation as of yet, but he was sure he would figure it out. He always did.


"You have to be kidding. You were really attacked by a rabid dog?" Haruhi and the twins sat together outside before school. It was very nice out that day and they had felt like soaking in some sun before heading inside for class. The twins had eagerly wanted to know all about her date. Even Hikaru seemed happy again. He laughed. "Of all things."

"Yeah I know. I was more then surprised to see it just standing there. Though if it hadn't been for Mori-sempai, I'm not sure what might have happened." She thought back to the large cut on his arm and made a note to asked him about it later at the club.

Kaoru placed his hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry about it, it could have been worse."

She frowned at the twin. "How so?"

Hikaru chuckled to himself. "It could have been a bear."

His brother laughed. "Now that would be something to see. Sempai versus a bear!"

Haruhi couldn't help but smile a little at the though. "Okay guys, but really, I don't think a planetarium was the best place for a date. What were these girls thinking?" She changed the topic back.

Hikaru put an arm around her shoulders. "You should have seen the other choices."

His brother nodded. "Yeah, trust us, it was the most normal out of all of them."

She frowned, looking between the two. "What were the other options?"

"Under an erupting volcano."

"On a deserted island at sea.

"Camping in the mountain tops."

She shook her head. "You have to be kidding."

"But we aren't!" They laughed at her expression. She couldn't believe it.

Kaoru calmed himself back down and smile brightly. "So if you think about it, you did very well. Could you even imagine if they had put you two out on a island together?"

Haruhi decided she really didn't want to think about it. What was so romantic about any of those choices anyways? Damn these rich girls. She sighed. She better have a chat with Renge about this, just in case she decided is would be fun to have 'Haruhi's Dream Date 2'.

The warning bell went, signally that classes would be starting soon. The twins stood up and offered her their hands. She took them and let them pull her to her feet. "Come on." - "Let's not be late for class." The brother's looped their arms around her and they headed inside.


The twins raced ahead of her down the hall. "Hey guys! Come on, wait up!"

Hikaru looked back at her down the long corridor and yelled over his shoulder. "If we do that, it's not a race!"

She took a few deep breaths, trying to keep pace with the brothers as they all ran towards the music room for their club. "Why does it have... to be a... race?" She stopped and leaned her hands on her knees. A pair of shoes came into view.

"Awww, come on Haruhi." - "It's fun."

She painted. "Says you guys." She looked up at them as they smiled like cats down at her. Her eyes flicked between them. Something was going on...

They reached down and grabbed her arms, walking her forcefully towards their clubroom. "We don't have all day you know!" - "Yeah, we need to get you ready after all."

She looked back and forth again. "Woah, wait a second. Get ready for what?"

They grinned. "Today's Renaissance themed Host Club!"

"Huh? Since when was there going to be a theme today?" She asked as they reached the large doors of their clubroom.

"Since Kyouya text us about it over lunch. He said to make sure you were ready."

They walked in to the currently empty clubroom. The brothers steered her towards the prep-room. "This was Kyouya's idea?" She asked not liking the idea one bit. Couldn't they have had lease warned her?

Hikaru shrugged. "I'm not sure but either way, we need to get you ready!"

The dragged her into the prep-room which was currently full of renaissance outfits. She looked at the large gown setup on a female mannequin in the center of the room. "You have to be kidding." Kyouya wanted her to where that?

The brothers grinned. "Now you can see why you need our help! Now let's hurry before the others get here."


"This is so uncomfortable." She stood with her back straight, as she looked at herself in the heavy and very elaborate dress. It was a rich brown dress that hung off her shoulders with gold and jewels embroidered into the hem. A small and very tight corset was over the dress which perked her already small breasts to their full potential. She frowned. They normally never showed any skin when it came to her outfits, but this one seemed to be the exception to the rule and it had been the style for the time.

The twins circled around her like sharks, making sure she was all jeweled up. At some point while she had been getting into her dress, they had taken the time to put on their costumes. The twins moved around in the tights and tunics like they wore them everyday. The also had matching hats, but they had decided not to put them on yet and had left them next to the door. At first she wasn't sure what they were suppose to be dressed up as but then figured out that they were musicians. She wondered what the others would be dressed as. There were so many costumes still in the room.

There was a knock at the prep-room door before it slowly opened. "Is Haruhi ready yet?" Kyouya frowned from the doorway, seeing her still in front of the mirror while the twins argued over what tiara or head piece she should wear with the dress. He sighed and walked past the bickering brothers. He picked one of the large flowing brown wigs that had more curls then she was used to and handed it to her.

She had seem all the wigs sitting around the room when they had come in but since the brothers hadn't picked one out yet she had assumed she would not be wearing one. "I hate wigs..." She mumbled as she slipped it on over her still quite short hair.

He smirked at her snide remark but didn't say anything. He ran his large fingers over some very costly jewelry till he found what he was looking for.

Haruhi adjusted the wig, running her fingers through it to smooth it out. She titled her head as she looked at herself in the mirror. She normally wore straight haired wigs, but this one did look quite nice.

Kyouya stepped up behind her and she watched through the mirror as he laid a thin gold chain around her head. A simple but very beautiful pendant rested on her forehead. "There." He gave her a cool smile in the mirror. "All done. Now get out, so the rest of us can get ready." He put his hands lightly on her bare shoulders and turned her to the door.

Having noticed Kyouya in the room, the brothers had stopped their arguing. Kaoru frowned. "Gez, we get the hint." He took Haruhi's hand while his brother grabbed their hats and left the prep-room, leaving Kyouya alone to change.

Hunny and Mori were sitting at a nearby table. Hunny jumped up when he say the girl come into the room. "Wow, Haru-chan! You look so nice in that dress." The small man run up to her, looking her over with approving eyes.

Mori set down the book he had been reading and joined the small group. He too looked Haruhi over in her off-the-shoulders gown. She did look beautiful, even with the long curly hair but still, to him, he was happy with her the way she was and wondered why Tamaki and the others felt the need to dress her up so much.

Haruhi sighed then smiled slightly at the small blond. "That's good, cause this thing weighs a tone and I feel ridiculous in it."

Hikaru fixed his round hat onto his orange hair. "Come on, Haruhi, that's no way for a lady to act." He teased.

"Lady my-"

The prep-room door opened and Kyouya walked out in a scholars outfit done out in deep purple hues. "I would suggest you hurry and get ready. The guests will be coming shortly." He brushed some unseen dust from his outfit and scoped up his notebook from the table.

Hunny looked around. "But Kyo-chan, Tama-chan isn't here yet."

Kyouya pulled his small black phone from a hidden pocket on his custom. "He told me that he will be a little late. He is busy showing a new student around the campus." Seeing that he had no new missed messages from their kingly leader, he out the phone back.

The twins looked at each other. "New student? It's it getting a little late into the school year for new transfers?"

Kyouya shrugged. "This one seems to be an exception to the rule. Anyways, I need you two to finish getting dressed." Hunny and Mori nodded as they moved into the prep-room to get ready.

Haruhi slowly walked up to Kyouya has he wrote things down in his notebook. "That outfit suits you very well. sempai."

He looked up and gave her a sly smile. "And the same to you, Haruhi."

She looked down at her outfit. "Wasn't there something less bulky I could have worn for this?"

He snapped his book closed. "Not according to your leader's wishes. You are to be the Lady of the host club and the rest of us are your court." He looked her over again and frowned. Setting down his book he stepped up to her. "At least act the part, Haruhi." He put his hand on the small of her back. "Shoulders back." With his other hand he gave her bare shoulder a small push till she stood straight. "And just fold your hands neatly in front of you." She did so. Kyouya smiled. "Good, now just remember to smile and welcome our guests." He took a step back and gestured over to the large ornament couch that had been setup in the middle of the room. "Your seat, my Lady."

She frowned at his sarcastic remark but took her place in the center of the room. The twins sat themselves on either arm of the chair, each held a lute. "Do you two even know how to play those?"

The shook their heads and strummed a few very out of tune notes. "They are just for show."

She could hear that. "But what if a client really wants to hear you play?" She looked up at Kaoru, who just shrugged.

Mori and Hunny stepped out of the prep-room then. They were dressed to match as a knight and squire pair. Mori had a light set of chainmail over his thick tunic and belted tights. While Hunny, in similar colours, had his own long tunic over his loose fitting pants with many large pouches attached to his belt. Together they looked really cute and Haruhi could help but smile as Hunny showed her his outfit. "Aren't I cute, Haru-chan? And me and Takashi match!" He smiled brightly and he looked back up at his larger cousin.

Kyouya clapped his hands. "Alright everyone, Tamaki is going to be joining us as soon as he's done showing the new student around, till then it's business as usual. Now, to your places, here come the girls." And he opened the doors to the third music room.


Host club was also over for the evening when Tamaki threw open the doors to the music room. "And this, is the host club!" He announced, causing many of the guests to look in his direction.

The girls turned to each other and then back to look as Tamaki brought the new student into the room. "It's him!" They whispered excitedly. "Isn't he so dreamy?" – "Yeah I know." – "I think he might even be hotter then Tamaki." – "Oh, no way but even still!"

Tamaki swept into the room, turning back to his new friend. "This is where all the lovely ladies with too much time on their hands come to play with us hosts, who also have too much time on our hands." He smiled brightly.

The young man behind him smiled. "Is that so?" He smirked and looked around the room. Several of the girls swooned. He was as tall as the blond prince and just as handsome. His messy hair was light brown with highlights of blond and gold. His bright eyes were an equal shade of bright green. His smile was charming and even under the uniform the girls could tell he had a bit of muscle on him. What a hunk! They all decided.

Tamaki laughed lightly. "It is! Now, my new friend, you must meet the other hosts."

By this point the other hosts had taken notice in their new guest but in the interest of their own clients, had yet to greet the new visitor. Haruhi had her back to the door when they had entered. Her costume prevented her from turning but she clients had gone silent as they moved to get a better look at the new comer. She wondered briefly who the new student was.

One of the girls leaned closer. "Haruhi-chan, have you met the new student yet?"

She shook her head. "No, I didn't know that there were any new transfers."

The girls looked shocked. "How could you not?! Everyone has been talking about him."

Tamaki came up behind the couch. "Now ladies, I hope it has all been good talk. Wouldn't want to upset our friend here on his first day at Ouran." The girls blushed but Tamaki just gave them a wink. Leaning over the back of the coach he smiled at Haruhi. "Come now Haruhi, meet my new friend."

She nodded and excused herself from her guests. Carefully she stood, with a hand from Tamaki as he rounded the couch. Why did woman every wear such heavy and cumbersome dresses, she wondered.

Tamaki looked her over as she stood up and decided that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. He found his eyes going from her face, down to her neck and then lower. Catching his glaze he blushed and looked away. Who knew that such period style dresses would be so… revealing.


Removing the image from his head he took lead her hand and lead her around the couch and over to their new guest who was still talking with Kyouya.

"Leon, I'd like to introduce you to the shinning star of the Ouran Host Club, Ms Haruhi Fujioka."

She bowed her head. "It's a pleasure to meet you…" She looked up into the bright green eyes of the new student. She blinked. "It's you!" She pointed in surprise.

"Fujioka," He smiled. "Now, this is a pleasant surprise." He took her hand and bowed. "Haruhi is it…?" He placed a light kiss on the back of her hand. "It suits you."

Despite herself she blushed. "Le-Leon, was it?"

He slowly let go of her hand and straightened back up. He smiled then, bright and shinning. "I guess it was rude of me, not to give you my name the last time we met."

Kyouya pushed his glasses back into place. "So you two know each other then, interesting." The other hosts moved closer together, wondering what was going on.

Tamaki moved closer to his dark friend. "But I thought he was new?" He whispered, his violet eyes moving between Haruhi and the new student, Leon.

Leon smiled. "I am, to the school anyways." He cast another look at Haruhi, still looking at him with slightly wide eyes. "I've been in Japan for about three weeks now."

Hikaru and Kaoru frowned, narrowing their eyes on the newcomer. "So how did you meet Haruhi?" Hikaru crossed his arms as he glared at him.

He laughed. "Well, you see, that's kind of an interesting story."

Haruhi turned to him. "I'm not sure if interesting was the right word for it. It could have ended very badly."

He nodded with a solemn look, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked at the floor. "I said I was sorry for that. Didn't the strawberries make up for that?" He looked back up at her then.

Mori and Hunny looked from the pair to the rest of their friends. Hunny wondered what they might be thinking and looked up at his cousin whose thoughts were unreadable even to him behind his masked expression.

She folded her arms under her chest. "They did and I'm not holding it against you but if it hadn't been for Kasanoda, I might not be standing here right now."

Tamaki frowned. "What happened and why wouldn't you be standing here?" He asked, looking quickly between the two.

Hikaru glared. "And what does Bosa Nova have to do with this, anyways?"

Haruhi sighed and turned back to her friends and was slightly taken back by the various looks they were giving her. She looked nervously at Leon before turning back to her friends. "I went out to the store one night to get something for dinner and since it was getting late, I decided to cut through an alley-"

"And you were jumped by thugs?!" Tamaki jumped in.

She glared at him. "No." He settled back down.

Leon waved his hand. "It was more like a runaway shipping container."

The twins looked at each other. "A runaway." – "Shipping container?"

Haruhi and Leon nodded. He continued. "I was unloading the truck at work and the cart go away from me and rolled away. Unfortunately, Haruhi happened to be walking by and if he hadn't been for… Kasanoda?" He looked to Haruhi to make sure he had the name right. She nodded and he continued. "If he hadn't been there to knock her out of the way…" He looked at the brown-eyes girl with a small frown. She might have been seriously hurt or worse had it not been for her friend. He was very thankful for that.

Tamaki and Hikaru went to open their mouths but were drowned out by the cheers of the girls within the club. They had been listening intently from the start. There was the sound of moving gears before Renge suddenly appeared. "Wow! Did you hear that girls? It's like something from a romance novel!" She clasped her hands over her chest. "A new prince as come to steal her heart! Will Haruhi be able to resist his advances? Only time will tell! And what will the other hosts do now? Ha-hahaha" She continued to laugh as she disappeared again just as quickly as she had arrived.

Leno laughed as he looked about. "Who was that?" He turned back at the hosts.

Kaoru frowned. "That's Renge, she's the club's Lady Manager." He explained.

"Oh?" He looked back to where the girl had just been. "She seems to be quite a character."

"They are all quite the characters." Haruhi mumbled with a sigh and she walked away from the small group.

Leon blinked and looked after her. He wondered if he had said something wrong.

Kyouya cleared his throat. "Where are you running off to, Haruhi?"

She looked over her shoulder. "I'm tired, so I'm going to call it an evening." She paused, thinking that she wanted out if her dress and back into her normal close as soon as possible and that she was going to need some help… She turned back slowly. "Hunny-sempai, do you think you could give me a hand?"

All the men looked with shock at the smaller blond. Hunny smiled brightly and bounced after her. "Okay, Haru-chan~!"


In the prep-room, Hunny helped Haruhi unzip the back of her dress and unlace the corset before she moved behind one of the changing room curtains to undress. Hunny sat down in the only chair and kicked his feet back and forth. "Are you feeling alright, Haru-chan?"

Behind the curtain she shrugged off the dress, letting it fall heavy to the floor in a heap. She didn't care if it cost a small fortune. She just wanted it off. Again she cursed the person who invented such a garment. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Hunny frowned. "Are you sure?" He asked not, now totally convince.

She poked her head out from the curtain and looked at the smaller man. "Maybe?" She sighed and returned to changing.

Hunny decided to try from a different angle. "I heard all about the date from Takashi. When are you two going to go out again?"

She pulled her pants back on and picked her top off from the hanger nearby. "I'm not sure, we haven't talk about it yet." She answered from behind the curtain. "I figured another date was the least I could do, seeing as how this one ended so horribly."

Hunny giggle. "Yeah, getting attacked by a rabid dog can do that to a date."

Haruhi came out with the large gown over her arms, happily back in her own uniform. "But it wasn't that bad…" Hunny looked her with questioning eyes. "It was nice, getting to talk with sempai like that."

The small blond nodded. "Yeah, I guess you guys don't get to spend much time together."

Haruhi put the dress back onto its mannequin. "Yeah, there is so much I still don't know about you guys."


Leon had left the clubroom along with the other guests. Kyouya, Tamaki, Mori and the twins sat around one of the larger round tables.

"So who, exactly, is that guy?" Hikaru asked the Shadow King as he worked on his laptop.

Kyouya pulled up the newcomers file. "Leonardo Hoffman, age 18. Heir to the Hoffman Shipping Corporation located primarily out of the Netherlands, it is currently run by his father. They are strictly merchants and deal in anything that will bring in a profit." He adjusted his glasses. "It seems that Leon has been busy traveling the world for the last few years. He recently moved here from Australia."

Tamaki leaned his elbows on the table. "Why did he decide to move here? Does his father have dealings here?"

Kyouya shrugged. "They own businesses all over the globe from what I can tell but as to his reason, I have no idea."

The twins frowned. Not sure if they liked this new guy. He already seemed too familiar with Haruhi for their liking. They were going to have to keep an eye on him.

"I do know one thing, however." They looked back of their cool Vice-president. "He has an usually arrangement with his father."

Tamaki frowned. "And what would that be?"

"It seems, that he has to work for his living while away from home."

The brothers looked at Kyouya with mild confusion. "What do you mean work?" – "You're not allowed to work while in school here."

Kyouya nodded. "It seems that the Chairman has made a few exceptions for him." He closed the lid on his laptop. "He has to keep in the top class while working evenings and weekends to pay for his rent and food."

Tamaki frowned. "But why?'

"My understanding is that it is to learn how things work from the bottom, to better run the top."

The blond prince frowned. "I don't get it."

Kaoru sighed. "Forget about it. I'm not sure who this new guy is yet, but I'm not sure if I like him."

Tamaki turned to the twin. "He was nice enough…"

Hikaru stood up. "Aren't you worried at all, boss?"

"Ah… about what?"

The angry twin hand a hand over his face. " About him and Haruhi? Aren't you worried that they might be a little to familiar with each other already and he only just moved her? What if she falls in love with him or something?!"

Tamaki looked down at the table with though but it was Kyouya who nodded. "There is always the chance." The others looked at him sharply. "So we might want to keep an eye on him."


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