Title: Stupid Newspaper Questions
Prompt: Easy
Words: 100
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: This disclaimer will be for all chapters--I do not own Harry Potter, and expect no recompense for my forays into the wonderful universe that JKR is letting us play in.


"Yes, thank you, Amanda Birdshaft from Witch Weekly. Mr. Potter, what was the most difficult thing you've ever had to do?"

Harry took a moment to reflect as myriad scenes assaulted his memories—walking into the Forbidden Forest alone, killing a Basilisk, facing an enraged dragon.

"I'd have to say... leaving my loved ones behind so they'd be safe."

"Okay, then, what was the least difficult thing?"

Once again, surrounded by memories, Harry paused. But the smile on his lips left no doubts as to his sincerity when, looking at the redhead by his side, he responded, "Loving Ginny Weasley."