Title: Drawing Murals
Words: 234
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Written for the hpgw-drabbles (on LiveJournal) prompt for October 2012:
Your challenge is to write a drabble of no more than 350 words. The drabble must incorporate autumn in some way or another. You may use a seasonal holiday (Halloween comes to mind), a harvest (apples and pumpkins, anyone?), or simply a walk through the woods looking at the fall foliage.


Autumn was a season of colors for Harry.

Until he was eleven, it was the dark, painfully dull green of wishing he could get candy too.

After finding out exactly when his parents had been murdered, it had been a bleak season of grey skies and a greyer heart.

On the run from Death Eaters, camping and quarreling, cold and loneliness meant that the greys became an almost impenetrable black.

The summer after. . . well, after everything . . . promised a brighter fall season, but with Ginny at school, the bright red highlights he'd been experiencing with her turned to the dark red of missing, of wanting, of wishing.

And then, slowly, he forged his will with the steel blue of resolve, determination, and an utterly complete understanding of what (who, really) he desired, wanted, craved, and needed in his life.

A Halloween wedding, while shocking to the world, was their preferred method of white-hot raging against the blackness of the past.

And the bright pink and yellow and orange and russet and turquoise of the ensuing years with Ginny colored his memories with their brilliance, and the grey, and the dull green, and the black faded into nothingness.

And, at the end, as all colors were fading into silver and grey, he took comfort in knowing that, in whatever other adventure awaited them, Ginny and he would imbue it with all the colors of their love.


A/N: Surprisingly enough, only AU in that I don't envision Harry being an Auror during this time, although there's nothing overtly-specific about that thought.