Title: A Fiery Conclusion

Words: 248

Ratings: PG

Author's Notes: Written for the hpgw-drabbles (on LiveJournal) prompt for July 2013:

The challenge for this month is HOT. To make it more of a challenge the drabble must be exactly 248 words. Also, the words HOT and HEAT cannot be used in the drabble. Good luck. ;)

Also, this is a sequel to A Less-Warm Embrace, although you shouldn't HAVE to read that first.


Suitably attired, Harry and Ron raced to the pond and threw themselves in.

Surfacing, Ron got a faceful of water, Ginny's revenge for their having splashed her.

Harry, conversely, got a faceful of Ginny, and froze. The thoughts that had slipped into his brain when he'd first seen her today now trampled throughout every part of his mind, and body, as he realized how beautiful she'd grown. Even with wet hair, and (perhaps especially) with water cascading down her body, she was gorgeous.

"Merlin, she's . . ." Harry whispered, not sure what exactly he was saying, but knowing that whatever it was, she was it.

Not quietly enough. Ginny turned to face him, smiling. "What was that, Harry?"

Harry hemmed and hawed, but the incandescent sultriness of the day had affected his thought processes, and he just gave in. "You're beautiful, Ginny. Seeing you today, and here, and, well, I just never noticed before, and maybe it's the h-" he stuttered to a stop. Ginny had given him such a radiantly torrid smile that he lost all his brainpower.

Which didn't really matter, because Ginny had waded over to him, and was kissing him.

"Harry!" yelled Ron, as he finished wiping the water out of his eyes. "Are we gonna let Ginny win?" He stopped, suddenly, as he saw the two of them kissing. "Oh," he mumbled. "I guess, I'll just swim around for a bit, yeah?"

Caught up in the fire of the moment, neither of them bothered replying.