Subject Line:: Challenge (December 2013): Christmas Cards

Title: Christmas Cards

Words: 697

Rating: PG

Characters/pairings: Harry/Ginny (of course), Ron/Hermione, Molly Weasley

Summary: Ron's interference is no match for Molly's mothering, which was on the right track all along.

Author's Notes: Entry (belated) for the December 2013 Christmas challenge on the LiveJournal hpgw_drabbles community . We were given a table of twenty Christmas suggestions, and told: "Your challenge is to write a drabble about Harry and Ginny using at least 3 prompts from the table above. The word count? Must be less than 700 words."

I used 13 of the suggestions. Maybe I should have tried harder, for 14, or been lazier, for 12.


The first Christmas after the Battle of Hogwarts was a strange one. Harry couldn't help thinking (as he had almost constantly over the last however-many-months it had been) about those who wouldn't be celebrating Christmas with their friends and loved ones.

And, as always, when Ginny found him sitting by the chimney and staring, she'd cheerfully invade his personal space and kiss him. Harry always found himself somewhat taken aback with her behavior, but the taken-abackedness was always rapidly swept away in the whirl of love and joy that Ginny's mere presence provided him. Her kisses-the only really effective way of keeping at bay his dark thoughts-were a marvel to him. Each one made him remember that it was okay to kiss her, that they were together, that there was no reason to be apart. And after each wonderful refreshing of memory (Ginny could always tell when they hit, because he'd smile while kissing her back) he'd respond with all of his heart, and they'd end up disheveled, panting, and cuddled up about as close as two people could be.

Ron had mentioned that perhaps they might tone down their displays of affection, but Molly did her best to interfere; she approved of her daughter's magicking away the war's aftereffects. It became rather humorous for everyone (except Ron):

"Harry, would you and Ginny stop kiss-"

"Ronald! Would you come baste the turkey? And no nibbling!"


"Don't you ever come up for air-"

"Ronald, shovel the snow from the walk, please! And remember, no magic-those carolers might see us again! Merlin, Obliviations on Christmas morning!"


"Get your hands off her-"

"Ronald, we're making cookies. And we shouldn't eat so much of the dough this time-your father was rather sad that he only got one for dessert."


"Ginny, can you please stop-"

"Ronald, we need some eggnog. Yes, I know you hate it, but it always sets the right tone, doesn't it. What do you mean you don't know how? Get in here and help me, then, and you can make it this weekend when your cousins come."


"Can you even go two minutes without snogging? Merlin, Harry, I thought I'd get to at least talk to my best mate!"

"Ronald, here's another stack of Christmas cards to address. We completely forgot the Weasley-Peabodies!"


"Ginny! Where did you get those, those, those stockings! Has Mum seen them? She's going to-"

"Ronald! Go. . . go. . . go. . . " Molly threw her hands in the air. "Just go out and, I don't know, build a snowman or something-just leave them alone, all right?"


Ron finally got the point, and just ignored Harry and Ginny, no matter what they looked like they were doing. It helped that Hermione showed up towards the end of the hols, although Molly had to send her up to the attic to store the fairy lights when she too expressed concern that her friends might get chapped lips.

Molly's help (subtle and not-so) meant that Ginny was able to elevate Harry's mood somewhat more permanently-she could sit with him longer, test the mistletoe more often, and share hot cocoa without worrying about interruptions.

The holidays had to come to an end, though, and Ginny found herself wondering and worrying about her Happy Harry turning into Sad Harry. But at the station, Harry's behavior just made her confused.

"Harry, we don't have a lot of time, so will you please let me kiss you?"

Harry grinned, took her hand, and pulled her onto the train. "I'll always let you kiss me, Gin, you know that. But really, we have all the time in the world, yeah?"

"Well, yeah, I mean, after I graduate and . . . why are you laughing?" she demanded, slightly put out.

"Gin," Harry turned serious. "I don't want to go without you any longer, okay? Christmas was fantastic-better than I'd ever thought possible. And having to send you off to school would kill me. So. . . "

"So, what?"

"I'll be taking over the DADA lessons for the rest of the year, since Professor Dumpling had to leave, and then. . ." He gulped nervously. "I thought, maybe, we could send out our own Christmas cards next year. You know. From the Potters?"


A/N: For those who are interested, the suggestions (with the ones I used in bold) were:


Mulled Wine



Christmas Cards

Hot Cocoa


Yule Ball


Ice Skating



Fairy Lights







Wrapping Paper