Title: "Primal Cries"
Author: Pirate Turner
Rating: R
Summary: Logan faces his greatest fear in Sabertooth.
Warnings: Slash
Challenge/Prompt: Peja's "You know we've be amazing, and that scares the Hell out of you."
Disclaimer: Logan/Wolverine, Victor "Sabertooth" Creed, and the X-Men are & TM Marvel comics, not the author, and are used without permission. Everything else is & TM the author. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

These were the moments he lived for, the moments that thrilled him all the way through to the very darkest recesses of his savage soul. He leaned over his prey, their hot breaths assailing each other's panting faces. He had Logan beneath him, curved against his body just as he belonged. They were a perfect fit, even if the runt would never admit it.

He grinned, his fangs glistening in the moonlight reflected off of the bloody snow. Wolverine wasn't fighting at the moment. He was panting hard beneath him, gasping for breath, but wasn't trying to push him off. His eyes glared up into his, but Sabertooth knew the truth. He knew he wanted him as badly as he wanted him but would never admit it because of the fear he could smell wafting off of him in waves.

"Don't become ya, runt," he murmured against his sweaty flesh. "Fear ain't yer style."

"I ain't -- "

Victor stopped Logan's words of denial by running his tongue across the cut he'd made in the arch of his throat. He licked his lips as he grinned back down at him. "Always the tastiest, babe," he growled.

Wolverine was starting to struggle again, but Sabertooth held him pinned tightly beneath him. "You know we'd be amazin'," he growled, "an' that scares the Hell out of ya." He leaned down, his mouth angling over Logan's, when Wolverine suddenly broke free and sliced his claws into Victor's gut. He kicked him off of him, and Sabertooth went flying over his head and down the side of the mountain.

He howled as he fell but it was not from fear. Instead it was the primal, angry cry of lust and love denied. Then his words floated back up to Wolverine, chilling him to his bones. "I'LL NEVER STOP TRYIN' TO STRIP YA O' YER FEAR, BOY!"

The rest of his words disappeared in the roar of the river fall below, and Logan rolled to sit up. He howled with the pumping of his blood and the emotions that tore at him. His wounds ached, but what hurt far more was the need that refused to stop burning between his legs or searing through his heart. The two men's voices rose in one howl even as the river carried Sabertooth far away.

The End