Word Count: 100
Genre: Angst? Romance?
Disclaimer: I'm not Masashi Kishimoto
A/N: Damn, 100 words is hard haha.

Day and Night

She likes the night.

More so than yellow suns and blue skies, she likes the dark. If she looks deep enough into the mysterious twilight, its velvet ceiling is speckled with fragments of light from distant stars.

In his eyes, she sees that light. And even though daytime sits beside her, brightly guiding her way with his sky-coloured eyes, she waits for evening. At sunset she watches day's leave and sometimes even dares to feel the dark envelop her like wind from the sea. That sea is turbulent, unruly… She will wait until it calms.

Patience is a virtue, after all.


Get it? Yellow sun / blue sky is Naruto's hair and eyes; black night is Sasuke's hair and eyes? Yesh? No? Haha. This probably doesn't make any sense at all.

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