A/N: The first in a series! I've got the ideas for one through seven already laid out, and one (this one here), two (it feels short, but i spent all weekend on it), three (sort of), and four (nearly) done.

I hope you like them.

By the way, they'll be their own little side-universe; also, Liu Yee may end up slightly OOC after a while, but worry not, he'll be back to the ice prince we all know and love before you know it. These are sort of a prequel to the actual game; it's just laying out the basic structure for some other things I'm going to do with them, hee hee...

Enjoy, yeah?

The first time it happened, it took Atsuki by surprise.

He and Liu Yee had been told to keep themselves busy while they waited on the results of a test, so Atsuki decides to walk around a bit. The slightly taller teen goes with him, apparently for lack of a better idea.

Seemingly out of nowhere Liu Yee pivots on his right foot and slams Atsuki up against the wall, kissing him fiercely. Atsuki is too busy being winded to protest or fight back or really do much of anything but respond, so respond he does, red flaring up in his cheeks and across the bridge of his nose.

When Liu Yee finally pauses for air, Atsuki pants heavily, eyes still closed. He doesn't notice that his aggressor is nearly as affected as he is, does not notice the hungry gaze leveled at him, does not notice that their lips are mere centimeters apart, that they are breathing the same air.

Liu Yee notices.

Oh, does he notice.

In fact, it is these things and then some that push him to kiss Atsuki again.

This is it, he thinks. Any minute now, he's going to push me away.

But Atsuki doesn't.

Instead, he brings up his hands and grips the lapels of Liu Yee's vest, pulling him closer as he tilts his head to one side and deepens the kiss.

Liu Yee smirks triumphantly at his reaction and pulls away. "That's enough for now, Saijo," he murmurs, studying his comrade, kiss-bruised lips and all. "I'll see you later."

And he slinks away.

As soon as he's around the corner, Atsuki, in a rage of confusion, betrayal, and still-tingling skin, turns and punches the wall, hard, leaving a small crater in the drywall, swearing under his breath.